BMC Software Expands Platform Management Strategy

New Cost Saving Solutions From BMC Software Bring Additional Management

Capabilities to the Desktop and Deliver Cross-Enterprise Support of Linux

Oct 23, 2001, 01:00 ET from BMC Software, Inc.

    HOUSTON, Oct. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- BMC Software, Inc. (NYSE:   BMC), the
 leading provider of enterprise management, today announced solutions for Linux
 and desktop management that Assure Business Availability(R) for customers with
 diverse IT environments.  By expanding its enterprise management capabilities
 for Linux and the desktop, BMC Software continues to offer the industry's
 broadest and deepest support for all platforms in the enterprise -- giving
 customers extensive cost savings through centralized intelligent platform
 management.  PATROL(R) for Desktops, PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers and
 PATROL for Unix by BMC Software go beyond managing the operating system to
 ensure that the customer's entire enterprise is available and performing as
     "BMC Software is committed to delivering monitoring and management
 solutions for all of the top-tier platforms," said Carl Coken, vice president,
 PATROL Platform solutions, BMC Software.  "Our new Linux and desktop
 management solutions continue our leadership in delivering infrastructure
 management giving our customers control over their entire enterprise -- from
 the desktop to the server."
     BMC Software Simplifies Desktop and Windows Management
     PATROL for Desktops extends BMC Software's extensive management
 capabilities from the enterprise to the desktop, centralizing management and
 deployment so it will not impact performance of the desktop.  The solution,
 which installs, configures and deploys in minutes, monitors key operating
 system health indicators such as registry changes, services, printers, memory
 and disk.  It also features intelligent recovery actions, which will restart
 processes when they fail.
     "As an online financial services company, we need to ensure that our
 traders' desktops are available and at peak performance at all times," said
 Eric Lesatz, vice president of Information Systems, A.B. Watley, Inc.  "We are
 looking forward to evaluating PATROL for Desktops to optimize our traders'
 desktop availability which will enable us to deliver the highest level of
 reliability and the quality of service that our customers demand."
     Recently updated, PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers ensures the
 availability of Windows Servers, providing the ability to fix problems before
 they affect the customer and provides a rapid return on the investment
 customers are making in Microsoft Windows systems.  It also automates
 monitoring and management to provide optimal Windows Active Directory
 operations, which enhances application interoperability.  Windows Active
 Directory management is intelligent, out-of-the-box and offers a centralized
 view of the entire domain.  PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers supports both
 Windows NT and Windows 2000, providing simplified management of mixed Windows
     Linux Support Provides Simplified, Cross-platform Management
     PATROL for Unix, which ensures server performance and availability for a
 wide variety of Unix platforms including Solaris, HP and AIX now supports
 Linux.  BMC Software also has a variety of solutions for Linux which provide
 operating system management, Web server management, Linux zSeries platform
 management, advanced performance analysis capabilities for optimizing an
 organization's Linux environment and advanced prediction capabilities for
 proactively planning for changes, including capacity planning.
     BMC Software offers Linux solutions that span multiple platforms,
 including mainframe and Intel systems.  Working together, PATROL and
 MAINVIEW(R) allow customers to intelligently manage key Linux systems --
 regardless of platform.  These solutions simplify application management by
 monitoring, managing, controlling, optimizing and predicting the impact of
 changes on all technologies from a single view.  The solutions are scalable,
 interoperable and provide application-centric management that ensures
 availability of an organization's mission-critical enterprise.
     Pricing and Availability
     PATROL for Unix and PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers are available
 worldwide with prices starting at $815.  PATROL for Desktops is available
 worldwide with prices starting at $170.
     About BMC Software
     BMC Software, Inc. is the leading provider of enterprise management
 solutions.  By Assuring Business Availability(R), BMC Software delivers
 control over infrastructure management costs, control of market advantage and
 differentiation via service management and growth of business value with
 solutions for business optimization.  BMC Software is a member of the S&P 500,
 with fiscal year 2001 revenues exceeding $1.5 billion and offices worldwide.
 For more information, please visit BMC Software's Web site at .
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