Board Changes and New Organisational Structure at Vodafone

Oct 13, 2004, 01:00 ET from Vodafone Group Plc

    LONDON, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Vodafone Group Plc ("Vodafone")
 announces Board changes and a new organisational structure which will enable
 continued improvement in the delivery of the Group's strategic goals. This
 structure will become effective as from 1 January 2005.
     The new organisation is designed to:
      * Focus more attention on customers in Vodafone's local markets;
      * Enhance Vodafone's ability to deliver seamless services to
      * Facilitate co-ordinated delivery of 3G across all markets;
      * Function as an integrated company, delivering on One Vodafone; and
      * Simplify decision-making, accountabilities and governance structures to
        speed up execution
     Vodafone will simplify its existing regional structure with major
 countries and business areas reporting into the Chief Executive. All first
 line management functions in the Operating Companies will have a dual
 reporting line to the respective functions at Group level.
     Arun Sarin, Chief Executive said: "We are creating an organisation that is
 better positioned to respond to the high expectations of our customers. Faster
 execution will enable us to extend our lead within the mobile industry and
 deliver the benefits to our customers, our employees and our shareholders."
     Sir Julian Horn-Smith will be appointed Deputy Chief Executive with effect
 from 1 January 2005.
     Vodafone  separately  announces  that  Andy  Halford  has  been  appointed
 Financial Director Designate. Andy will succeed Ken Hydon when he retires on
 26 July 2005.
     Vodafone's operating company structure will be streamlined to ensure
 effective and fast decision-making, enabling improved time to market across a
 number of business initiatives. Consequently, the following operating
 companies and business areas will report directly into the Chief Executive:
      * European Affiliates (Belgium, France, Poland, Romania and Switzerland)
        and Non-European Affiliates (China, Fiji, Kenya, South Africa and
        United States), led by Sir Julian Horn-Smith;
      * Germany, led by Jurgen von Kuczkowski;
      * Italy, led by Pietro Guindani;
      * United Kingdom, led by Bill Morrow;
      * Other EMEA Subsidiaries (Albania, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Ireland,
        Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden), led by Paul Donovan;
      * Asia Pacific (Australia, Japan and New Zealand), led by Brian Clark who
        will also be appointed Group Human Resources Director Designate
     Vodafone's Group functions will be strengthened to support the delivery of
 seamless global propositions and Vodafone's continued integration. The
 following functions will also report directly into the Chief Executive:
      * Marketing, led by Peter Bamford, the Chief Marketing Officer. This
        function will be reinforced by a newly created Multi National
        Corporates unit which will assume full accountability for serving
        Vodafone's global corporate customers. Group Marketing will also manage
        the global handset portfolio and procurement;
      * Technology, led by Thomas Geitner, the Chief Technology Officer. In
        addition to standardised network design and global supply chain
        management, this function will introduce the concept of shared service
        operation for IT and service delivery;
      * Business Development, a new function led by Sir Julian Horn-Smith. Sir
        Julian will be responsible for driving Vodafone's product and services
        portfolio into Vodafone's affiliates and the Partner Networks. In
        addition, this function will assume responsibility for expanding and
        consolidating Vodafone's footprint through the Partner Network
        programme and any Corporate Finance activities
     Vodafone also announces changes to its governance process. The Group will
 have two management committees which will oversee the execution of the Main
 Board's strategy and policy.
      * The Executive Committee1
        Chaired by Arun Sarin, this committee will focus on the Group's
        strategy, financial structure and planning, succession planning,
        organisational development and Group-wide policies.
      * The Integration and Operations Committee2
        Chaired by Arun Sarin, this committee will be responsible for setting
        operational plans, budgets and forecasts, product and service
        development, customer segmentation, managing delivery of multi-market
        propositions and managing shared resources.
     The Group's financial reporting for the year ending 31 March 2005 will
 reflect this new organisational structure while the Group's interim results,
 to be announced on 16 November 2004, will be reported under the current
 structure. The Group will provide proforma results for the new structure on 16
      Notes to editors:
      1. New organisational structure as of 1 January 2005
      2. Representatives of the Executive Committee as of 1 January 2005:
         Arun Sarin, Chief Executive
         Sir Julian Horn-Smith, Deputy Chief Executive
         Ken Hydon, Financial Director*
         Peter Bamford, Chief Marketing Officer
         Thomas Geitner, Chief Technology Officer
         Jurgen von Kuczkowski, Chief Executive Germany
         Pietro Guindani, Chief Executive Italy
         Bill Morrow, Chief Executive United Kingdom
         Paul Donovan, Regional Chief Executive
         Brian Clark, Chief Executive Asia Pacific and Group Human Resources
         Director Designate
         Shiro Tsuda, Chief Executive Japan
         Alan Harper, Group Strategy and Business Integration Director
         Phil Williams, Group Human Resources Director*
         Stephen Scott, Group General Counsel and Company Secretary
         Simon Lewis, Group Corporate Affairs Director
         * Due to retire July 2005
      3. Representatives of the Integration and Operations Committee as of 1
         January 2005:
         Same as Executive Committee with the addition of:
         Fritz Joussen, Chief Operating Officer Germany
      4. Country Breakdown for Financial Reporting Purposes*:
     United Kingdom
     Other EMEA subsidiaries
     EMEA Affiliates
        South Africa
     Asia Pacific:
     Other Asia Pacific
        New Zealand
     Total Mobile
     Total Group
     * All countries in italics will not be disclosed separately

SOURCE Vodafone Group Plc