Bob Crandall, Former Chairman, AMR Corporation and American Airlines Addresses Gathering at The Wings Club

- Crandall Calls for Improving Airline Security and

Profiling Based on Objective Criteria -

Mar 20, 2002, 00:00 ET from The Wings Club

    NEW YORK, March 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Today in New York City at the monthly
 luncheon for The Wings Club former Chairman, AMR Corporation and American
 Airlines Bob Crandall shared his thoughts on the current state of affairs in
 the airline business and what can be done to better optimize the industry's
     Speaking to a gathering of high profile airline industry executives and
 guests Crandall, while acknowledging the strides that have been made to
 improve airline security since September 11th, stated that "we need to do a
 great deal better with our security system than we have -- and soon -- if we
 want to facilitate the recovery of the airlines and the travel and tourism
     Outlining his plan Crandall called for the incorporation of "new
 technologies and new approaches, which will either enhance security, improve
 convenience of both."  In particular Crandall noted that the Transportation
 Securities Act (TSA) should take measures to integrate the use intelligence
 information into the security process.
     "Intelligence about people -- rather than inspection of things, is in my
 view, the key to both enhancing security and maximizing traveler convenience.
 Additionally, I think it's time to get over the notion that all profiling is
 inherently bad.  Profiling based on behavior, patterns of travel and other
 objective criteria is clearly a positive step -- and even subjective
 profiling, given the magnitude of the threat, seems only sensible."
     Continuing, Crandall stated that while some people might be "offended,"
 "most sensible people -- even those who might be selected for more intensive
 scrutiny on the basis of appearance or dress -- will recognize that access to
 the airline system is a privilege -- not a right; that selective interrogation
 and search is not the equivalent of a presumption of guilt; and that focusing
 our security resources on those most likely to be a threat is nothing but
 common sense."
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SOURCE The Wings Club