Boise's Environmental Statement Sets New Industry Standard

Rainforest Action Network Recognizes Statement as Important Step for

Endangered Forest Protection

Sep 03, 2003, 01:00 ET from Boise Cascade Corporation

    BOISE, Idaho, Sept. 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Boise Cascade Corporation
 (NYSE:   BCC) announced today a new environmental statement marking significant
 progress in helping to protect endangered forest areas throughout the world
 and old-growth forests in the United States.  Rainforest Action Network has
 applauded the policy as an expanded commitment to sustainable forest
 stewardship for the industry.
     With this announcement, Boise becomes the first major U.S. forest products
 company to adopt a comprehensive environmental statement for its operations
 and the first distributor of wood and paper products to extend an
 environmental policy to its suppliers.  The statement reflects the company's
 heightened commitment to environmental leadership and was developed with input
 from groups including Rainforest Action Network, American Lands Alliance, and
 the National Forest Protection Alliance.
     The statement highlights the major areas of Boise's environmental
 commitment.  It affirms Boise's commitment to work with environmental groups
 to successfully eliminate the purchase of wood products from endangered areas.
 Boise also commits to give purchasing preference to suppliers who provide wood
 products from certified, well-managed forests whenever feasible.  Among other
 provisions, the statement includes Boise's assurance that its purchase of
 logs, pulpwood, and chips will strengthen efforts to thwart illegal logging.
     "This statement formalizes Boise's commitment to environmental stewardship
 by linking the company's broad and varied environmental activities into a
 unified statement," said George Harad, Boise's chairman and chief executive
     John Bender, senior vice president, Boise Building Solutions, said, "We
 are proud of the progress we've made, and gratefully acknowledge the support
 of our customers in this effort.  Their dedication to constructive dialogue
 has helped us achieve the high standards this policy reflects."
     "We congratulate Boise for joining the growing number of U.S. companies
 that have taken steps to protect the world's last remaining endangered
 forests.  Boise's leadership will be an important catalyst in ensuring that
 these areas are protected for future generations," said Michael Brune,
 Rainforest Action Network's Executive Director.
     Jennifer Krill, Old Growth Campaigns Director for Rainforest Action
 Network, said, "Boise has become the first American forest products company to
 adopt an international policy to help protect endangered forests.  With such
 strong leadership from Boise and its customers, we expect it's only a matter
 of time before the rest of the industry follows suit."
     Randi Spivak, Executive Director, American Lands Alliance, said, "Boise's
 new environmental policy offers new hope for the world's endangered forests.
 We applaud Boise for their commitment to completely phase out of endangered
 areas and to protect these vital, life supporting forests around the world."
     Boise's environmental statement is available on Boise's website at .
     Boise delivers office, building, and paper solutions that help our
 customers to manage productive offices and construct well-built homes -- two
 of the most important activities in our society.  Boise's 24,000 employees
 help people work more efficiently, build more effectively, and create new ways
 to meet business challenges.  Boise also provides constructive solutions for
 environmental conservation by managing natural resources for the benefit of
 future generations.  Boise had sales of $7.4 billion in 2002.  Visit the Boise
 website at /.

SOURCE Boise Cascade Corporation