Boom Boom Boomers: A New Sexual Revolution for Baby Boomers

New Article from lavalifePRIME Says Boomers are More Likely to Have Sex on

a First Date than Younger Singles

Jan 22, 2008, 00:00 ET from Lavalife Corp.

    TORONTO, Jan. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Baby Boomers across the world are
 ringing in the New Year by creating a new sexual revolution. A recent
 article on lavalifePRIME, a social dating site
 exclusively for single Boomers, states that a recent study done in the UK
 found that more than one-third (37 percent) of 1,000 respondents ages 50 to
 65 surveyed about their sexuality and dating habits said that they would be
 willing to sleep with someone on the first date. That's twice the number of
 Generation X singles (just 18 percent of the under-40 crowd) who would also
 say yes to a casual intimate encounter.
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     Most experts interviewed by lavalifePRIME believe that Boomers are more
 open to sex because they grew up in an era of free love, sexual freedom,
 swingers, feminism and the introduction of the birth control pill.
 Generation Xers, on the other hand, grew up in an era based on the
 awareness of the consequences of casual intercourse, such as STDs. Another
 important fact is that most Boomers are past their reproductive years and
 are no longer interested in finding someone to start a family with or
 provide for them financially. Although they do want a little romance
 first...76 percent said they'd be willing to go for it the first night if a
 man took them to dinner first and picked up the tab.
     lavalifePRIME is a groundbreaking, must-visit social dating resource
 exclusively for single Boomers. "What's fascinating about this study is
 that it shatters the stereotypes around people becoming less sexually
 active as they age or the idea that older singles are too prudish to seek
 out intimate encounters with their dates simply for the sake of sex," says
 Agneta Owen, lavalifePRIME's Boomer Lifestyle Expert. "Boomers are
 experiencing their own sexual revolution. With past relationships and
 child-bearing years behind them, this set of singles is looking to add
 passion and new experiences to their lives, and they are not typically
 dating with the goal of marriage at this stage in their lives."
     lavalifePRIME also found that most of the Boomers surveyed are not
 particularly worried about what their friends might think of their bedroom
 antics. They're comfortable enough in their own skin to live without fear
 of disapproval. "This is probably the only time in my life when I would
 consider sleeping with a Denzel Washington look-alike who's dumb as a rock.
 You can always kick them out before breakfast," says Linda, a Boomer
 interviewed for the story.
     While the beat of the sexual revolution goes on, sometimes there are
 still hurt feelings the day after. Boomer women may go into a sexual
 encounter thinking they just want sex, and find themselves emotionally
 attached once the morning comes around. This is due to the fact that all
 women (regardless of age) are more likely to feel attachment after sex
 because of the oxytocin released in their bodies during the sex act --
 something scientists call "the cuddle hormone." Men have significantly less
 oxytocin released in their bodies during sex, and its effects are
 counteracted by testosterone which is why they seem uniquely able to sleep
 around and not feel attachment afterwards.
     In most cases, lavalifePRIME finds that single Boomers are just looking
 for companionship and fun - they are not necessarily in the market to find
 someone to spend their life with. Boomers need to decide for themselves in
 advance of going on a date what they are really looking for, be it a quick
 intimate encounter or a deeper relationship. Think about what is most
 important and move comfortably in that direction. No matter what Boomers
 are looking for in a companion, they can find it at lavalifePRIME
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