Borland Joins Gnome Foundation Advisory Board

Borland to Support Linux(R) Desktop With Upcoming Kylix(TM)

Development Platform

Nov 15, 2000, 00:00 ET from Borland

    LAS VEGAS, Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Inprise Corporation (Nasdaq:   INPR),
 herein referred to as Borland, today at the Linux Business Expo announced its
 reaffirmed commitment to open-source development by joining the GNOME
 Foundation Advisory Board.  Borland teams with firms such as IBM,
 Hewlett-Packard, Red Hat and Helix Code to foster development of the GNOME
 desktop environment and application framework.
     "The GNOME Foundation is pleased to have the support of Borland," said
 Miguel Icaza, founder of the GNOME Project.  "Borland's long history of
 component architecture experience will be invaluable to helping further the
 Bonobo component project in creating reusable software components and compound
 documents.  We are looking forward to their contributions to GNOME and their
 work to help developers bring their applications to the GNOME platform using
     Borland is introducing the first rapid application development (RAD)
 platform, Kylix, which aims to enable users to quickly and easily build and
 deploy native Linux(R) applications.  Kylix will be based on the design of
 Borland's award-winning Delphi(TM) and C++ Builder(TM).
     "We're delighted to become a part of the GNOME Foundation and to help take
 GNOME award development to RAD developers," said Michael Swindell, director of
 product management of the RAD Tools group at Borland.
     "Borland's participation in the GNOME foundation aims to help developers
 build great GNU/Linux applications that look, feel, and behave natively in
 multiple desktop environments,"continued Michael.  "A significant part of this
 effort will be working closely with GNOME's Bonobo component project and
 companies like Eazel and Helix Code to deliver Bonobo component support to
 Kylix developers."
     About Kylix(TM)
     Kylix is intended to be the first high-performance rapid application
 development (RAD) platform for the Linux platform.  Kylix is a component-based
 development environment for two-way visual development of graphical user
 interface (GUI), Internet, database and server applications.  Kylix will be
 powered by a new high-speed native Delphi/C/C++ compiler for Linux and will
 implement a native Linux, and cross-platform version of the Borland VCL
 (Visual Component Library) architecture called CLX(TM).  CLX is designed to
 radically speed native Linux application development and simplify the porting
 of Delphi and C++ Builder applications between Windows(R) and Linux operating
 systems.  To learn more, visit:
     About GNOME and the GNOME Foundation
     The GNOME project has built a completely free and easy-to-use desktop
 environment, as well as a powerful application framework for software
 developers on Linux and other Unix-like operating systems.   The GNOME
 Foundation will provide organizational, financial and legal support to the
 GNOME project, and help determine its vision and roadmap.  GNOME is part of
 the GNU project, an effort to build a completely free Unix-like operating
 system better known as GNU/Linux or Linux.  Additional information is
 available at
     About Borland
     Inprise Corporation (referred to in this press release as Borland) is a
 leading provider of award-winning e-business application development,
 deployment and management solutions and services for all major platforms,
 including Linux, Solaris(TM) and Windows.  Founded in 1983, Borland is
 headquartered in Scotts Valley, California, with operations worldwide. To
 learn more, visit Borland at, the community site at or call Borland at 800-632-2864.
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 Corporation with the SEC.

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