Borland Moves to Support Wireless Application Development With JBuilder Development Environment

Borland Licenses All Currently Available Components of Java 2 Platform, Micro

Edition (J2ME(TM)) Technologies from Sun Microsystems

Jan 31, 2001, 00:00 ET from Borland Software Corporation

    NEW YORK, Jan. 31 /PRNewswire/ --
 Borland Software Corporation (Nasdaq:   BORL), today at LinuxWorld Expo
 announced its licensing of all currently available components of
 Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME(TM)) technologies from Sun Microsystems.
 This agreement furthers Borland's commitment to provide Java(TM) technology to
 developers for the Linux (R) platform with solutions to rapidly build
 applications for connected and disconnected wireless devices.
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     "Our J2ME technologies provides one of the most dynamic and flexible
 solutions for creating state-of-the-art networked products and applications in
 consumer and embedded markets," said Bob Tennant, group marketing manager,
 Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition, Sun Microsystems.  "We are pleased that
 Borland plans to use J2ME technology to enable device manufacturers, service
 providers and content creators to gain a competitive advantage and capitalize
 on new revenue streams by rapidly and cost-effectively developing and
 deploying compelling new applications and services to their customers
     According to the specifics of the licensing agreement, Borland licensed
 all currently available components of Sun's J2ME technology, including the
 Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC), Mobile Information Device
 Profile (MIDP), and PersonalJava (TM) components.  Together, the CLDC and the
 MIDP provide a complete J2ME application runtime environment targeted at
 mobile information devices such as cell-phones and two-way pagers.  The
 PersonalJava platform targets applications for home, office and mobile
 consumer devices; applications connect a consumer device, such as a mobile
 hand-held computer, to networks, often downloading and executing applets.
     "Borland is committed to providing development solutions in the wireless
 market space and finding ways to best integrate new wireless technologies
 using J2ME and J2EE(TM) technologies, such as Borland(R) AppServer(TM) and the
 JBuilder(TM) development environment," said Tony de la Lama, vice president
 and general manager of Borland's Java Business Unit.  "Furthermore, as a
 licensee of J2EE, J2SE(TM) and now J2ME technologies, we are excited to
 continue to strengthen our relationship with Sun."
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