Borland Speeds Linux(R) Into the Mainstream With Kylix(TM)

Millions of Developers and Applications Push Linux Corporate Acceptance

Jan 31, 2001, 00:00 ET from Borland Software Corporation

    NEW YORK, Jan. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Today at LinuxWorld Expo (booth #1603),
 Borland Software Corporation (Nasdaq:   BORL), a leader in e-business
 implementation platforms, announced its highly anticipated Borland(R)
 Kylix(TM).  Kylix is the first native rapid application development (RAD)
 environment for the Linux(R) operating system (OS) combining an intuitive
 visual design environment, optimizing compiler, interactive debugger and
 comprehensive component suite to give developers the tools they need to
 deliver Web, desktop and database applications on Linux fast.
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     "To bring Linux into the mainstream, it needs professional applications,"
 said Bill Claybrook, research director for Aberdeen Group.  "Linux developers
 need a simplified and standardized environment for creating these applications
 faster, and Kylix meets this need like no other development environment has.
 Kylix builds on the existing skills, and maintains the same development
 paradigm that Windows developers already have, to considerably speed their
     Kylix will have a dramatic impact on the Linux marketplace.  Millions of
 users developing today with Borland Delphi(TM) and Microsoft(R) Visual
 Basic(R) will now easily move their skills, knowledge and applications to the
 Linux platform and quickly catapult Linux into the corporate mainstream.
     With Kylix, developers will quickly and easily create sophisticated
 high-performance Linux applications with the ease of drag-and-drop
 development.  Kylix includes CLX(TM), the component library for cross-platform
 development.  With CLX, developers will exploit the power of component-based
 development to radically speed their time-to-market for high-performance web,
 database and desktop applications.  Modeled after the award-winning component
 library of Borland Delphi and C++Builder(TM), CLX will simplify the migration
 of today's Windows-based applications onto the Linux platform.  Kylix delivers
 a comprehensive palette of over 165 reusable, customizable and extensible CLX
 components for immediate productivity out of the box.
     "Corporate and individual developers now have an ultra high-performance
 high-productivity RAD environment to build applications for the Linux
 platform," said Dale L. Fuller, president and CEO, Borland.  "Software
 developers will take advantage of native code performance and the flexibility
 of cross-platform development.  Our objective is to make Kylix the standard
 for Linux application development."
     Apache developers will accelerate their web server development with
 NetCLX(TM).  NetCLX combines browser, server and database development
 technologies to quickly deliver scalable Web applications that support a large
 number of users and large volumes of data.  With DataCLX(TM) and
 dbExpress(TM), developers will easily integrate corporate information into
 applications via high-speed database drivers for IBM(R) DB2(R), Oracle(R) 8i,
 InterBase(R) and MySQL(TM).  Kylix supports major Linux distributions, RedHat,
 SuSE and Mandrake.
     About Borland(R) Kylix(TM)
     Borland Kylix, the first native-code rapid application development (RAD)
 environment for the Linux platform, is a component-based development
 environment for two-way visual development of graphical user interface (GUI),
 Internet, database and web server applications.  Kylix integrates a leading
 edge development environment, interactive debugger, intuitive visual designer
 and a comprehensive component palette to give developers the tools they need
 to deliver Linux applications fast.  Kylix's state of the art optimizing
 compiler is seamlessly integrated to produce high-performance applications at
 high-speed.  For more information about Kylix, visit .
     Borland Professional Services Organization
     Borland Professional Services Organization will offer customized training
 courses and materials to fulfill customers needs, including a seminars series,
 eLearning programs, classes and materials to help developers get up-to-speed
 quickly with Kylix.  For more information on training, please visit Borland's
 Web site, .
     Pricing and Availability
     Kylix is available in three versions:  Server Developer for professional
 and corporate Apache Web developers for $1999, Desktop Developer for
 professional application developers for $999, and  Open Edition for open
 source and free software (GPL) developers will be available for free download
 or for purchase at $99 (with hardcopy documentation and CD).  Kylix Server
 Developer and Kylix Desktop Developer will be generally available before the
 end of the first quarter 2001.  Kylix Open Edition will be available by
 mid-2001.  For more information about Kylix, please visit the Borland Web
 site, .
     About Borland
     Borland is a leading provider of high performance e-business
 implementation solutions. Borland is the vendor of choice for professional e-
 business solution providers who demand a vendor-independent implementation
 platform that supports rapid time to market, high productivity, performance
 and availability.  Founded in 1983, Borland is headquartered in Scotts Valley,
 California, with operations worldwide.  To learn more, visit Borland at , the community site at
 or call Borland at 800-632-2864.
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