Brash Entertainment Partners with Game Republic, Inc.

Mar 12, 2008, 01:00 ET from Brash Entertainment

    HOLLYWOOD, Calif., March 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Brash Entertainment
 announced a game development deal with Game Republic, Inc., the Japan-based
 studio led by famed game producer Yoshiki Okamoto. Under the terms of the
 worldwide agreement, the partners will collaborate on an unannounced game
 based on a popular Hollywood film. The game will release in 2010.
     Game Republic, Inc. was founded in 2003 under the leadership of
 industry visionary, Yoshiki Okamoto. A 20-year veteran of the game
 industry, Game Republic, Inc. CEO Okamoto has had a dramatic impact on the
 styles of gameplay prevalent in modern titles and is credited with
 pioneering new genres including "one-on-one fighting" with Street Fighter
 II and "survival horror" with Resident Evil. In addition, his teams have
 delivered such popular franchises as Lost Planet, Devil May Cry, Onimusha,
 Darkstalkers and many more.
     "As a gamer, I am extremely excited to work with Okamoto-san, who has
 produced some of my favorite games," said Brash co-founder and CEO Mitch
 Davis. "The Brash business gives us the luxury to match the best Hollywood
 IP with the skills of the most talented independent game developers; our
 partnership with a strong studio such as Game Republic, Inc. is an
 excellent example of that."
     "One of my goals with games is to do something revolutionary with
 something that has been never been seen before. The opportunity to
 re-imagine a fictional world provided by a compelling Hollywood IP using
 the interactive medium of games is very exciting to me," said Okamoto. "In
 collaborating with Brash, we were introduced to a very compelling fictional
 world and given the freedom to expand it through the game. We are working
 directly with the creative talent from the film, and feel that the close
 collaboration will result in an amazing game play experience that immerses
 the player in an incredible fantasy world."
     About Brash Entertainment
     Brash Entertainment is a video game company focused on developing
 compelling, high-quality games based on theatrical and entertainment
 properties. By collaborating closely with top creative talent from both
 Hollywood and the game industry, Brash delivers deeply satisfying games
 that extend the fictional world into the best possible entertainment
 experience for gamers. The company has long-term partnerships with leading
 Hollywood studios including Lions Gate Films, Twentieth Century Fox
 Licensing and Merchandising, Universal Studios Licensing, Vanguard
 Animation, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Currently, Brash has
 more than 40 licenses and 12 games in production across all genres
 including kids, horror, action, and adventure games. Launched with
 significant investment from a group of investors lead by Abry Partners LLC,
 Brash is committed to opening creative avenues for filmmakers and game
 developers, and providing gamers with exciting new ways to engage with the
 stories, characters, and drama of their favorite movies and entertainment
     About Game Republic, Inc.
     Responsible for making some of the highest rated and most successful
 games of all time, the Game Republic, Inc. development team is technically
 proficient and creatively equipped to make AAA titles from any project they
 take on. Game Republic, Inc. Studios emerged under the leadership of
 Yoshiki Okamoto, previously COO of Capcom and COO of Flagship Studios;
 Okamoto is now CEO of Game Republic, Inc. An industry veteran for over 20
 years, Okamoto has achieved remarkable success. While with Capcom, Okamoto
 and other key members of the Game Republic, Inc. team developed many
 worldwide hit titles, including the STREET FIGHTER II series, the RESIDENT
 EVIL series, the DARKSTALKERS series, the ONIMUSHA series, the DEVIL MAY
 CRY series and many more. After leaving Capcom, Okamoto established an R&D
 studio named FlagShip. FlagShip's first initial goal was to improve the
 text and stories appearing in video games, and RESIDENT EVIL 2 and ONIMUSHA
 were achievements with respect to this goal. Thus, Okamoto takes great
 pleasure in discovering talent and giving gifted individuals an appropriate
 stage from which to work. When Okamoto established Game Republic, Inc. in
 2003, one of his motives was a desire to create great games that would be
 respected all over the world and to energize the Japanese industry. Game
 Republic, Inc. works towards a much broader appeal standing within an
 international market. For example, one of the key improvements that the
 Game Republic, Inc. team has initiated is better localization
 implementation. Okamoto and the entire Game Republic, Inc. team understand
 that creative development is as crucial to a gameplay experience as the
 need for R&D. Okamoto has pioneered many genres, including the genre of
 one-on-one fighting with STREET FIGHTER II and that of survival horror with
 RESIDENT EVIL. He is one of those very rare industry pioneers who can
 create new genres and markets with an appropriate combination of
 originality and market research. Game Republic, Inc.'s most recent success
 is the PlayStation 3 exclusive FOLKLORE!

SOURCE Brash Entertainment