Broadcom Co-Founder Henry T. Nicholas, III, Donates Additional $1.5 Million for Final Media Campaign to Defeat Proposition 66

Nicholas Finances Bi-Partisan Effort to Prevent the Release of Dangerous

Felons Across California

Liberals, Moderates, and Conservatives Unite in Effort to Stop Prop. 66,

Including Governor Schwarzenegger, Former Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, and

Popular Rock Bands Orgy and Korn.

Nov 02, 2004, 00:00 ET from Dr. Henry T. Nicholas, III

    IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Henry T. Nicholas III,
 Co-Founder and retired Co-Chairman, CEO and President of Broadcom Corporation
 (Nasdaq:   BRCM), has doubled to $3 million his commitment to defeat Proposition
 66. This proposition, which former Governor Pete Wilson calls the most
 significant threat to public safety California has faced in decades,
 significantly dilutes the state's "Three Strikes" law, stripping it of most of
 its value in deterring future crimes. However, the most dangerous aspect of
 Proposition 66 is that by significantly watered down the standards for what
 qualifies as a "strike," and then applying that standard retroactively, Prop.
 66 triggers the release of thousands of dangerous felons across the state. The
 California District Attorneys Association estimates that 26,000 dangerous
 criminals, more than half of the total number kept off of the streets by
 "Three Strikes," will be released into our communities by the passage of
 Proposition 66.
     Until recently, the Proposition's deliberately misleading and legally
 complex language has prevented the general public from understanding the
 catastrophic effect its passage would have on public safety. The danger posed
 to California by Proposition 66 is so great that it has united every living
 governor -- Arnold Schwarzenegger, Grey Davis, Pete Wilson, George Deukmejian,
 and Jerry Brown -- in opposing it.
     Dr. Nicholas said, "This unprecedented bipartisan support represents the
 last 50 years of gubernatorial leadership. It marks the first time that every
 living governor, across the entire spectrum of political orientations -- from
 Republican to Democrat and Conservative to Liberal -- has rallied behind a
 single cause."
     "If this Proposition becomes law, you're going to cut loose thousands of
 people who should be locked up for the rest of their lives.  This issue is not
 about politics, but about public safety," said Brown, the current Mayor of
     Former Governor Pete Wilson said, "I believe that I can speak for anyone
 who has ever taken the oath of office as Governor, that the importance of
 defeating Proposition 66 transcends any party affiliation or political agenda.
 Each one of us feels an obligation to the citizens of California to do
 everything we can to stop Prop. 66 and prevent the release of thousands of
 violent criminals into our neighborhoods."
     Last week, Dr. Nicholas donated $1.5 million to Gov. Schwarzenegger's
 California Recovery Team to fund additional time for television ads exposing
 the measure's true nature and deceptive messages.
     "Special interests have had a harder time hiding the inherent dangers of
 Prop. 66 following an August 9th Court ruling that they rewrite the ballot's
 arguments to make clear it could force the release of thousands of convicted
 murderers, rapists, child molesters, and other violent criminals," Dr.
 Nicholas said. "Now, with the support of the Attorney General, Law
 Enforcement, the California Deputy District Attorney's Association, as well as
 a 100%
 bi-partisan gubernatorial endorsement, we believe it is obvious that the
 opposition lacks credibility. Our only challenge is getting our message to as
 many people as possible so that they can make an informed choice."
     Dr. Nicholas donated an additional $1.5 million over the last several days
 to create and buy time for new radio ads, telephone calls, and the
 door-to-door distribution of information materials. The new commercial spots
 feature Gov. Schwarzenegger, former governor Brown and Dr. Nicholas.
     This cause has also drawn support from the music industry, spurring
 alternative/heavy-metal bands Orgy and Korn to actively join the fight to
 defeat Proposition 66. Both bands donated equipment and technical consulting
 resources for the recording and final mixing of the ads.
     In addition, Ryan Shuck of Orgy, and Dave Silvera of Korn recorded
 commercial radio ads with Dr. Nicholas, which began airing today on rock
 stations throughout the state.
     Silvera and Shuck said in a joint statement:
     "Whether you support three strikes or not, once you discovered how
 dangerous this proposition is to California and how it seeks to deceive the
 public you can't help but be angry.  When we understood the 'fine print,' we
 were so enraged that we felt we had to be proactive in supporting this

SOURCE Dr. Henry T. Nicholas, III