Broadcom's e-Commerce Security Adapters and Processors Are First Open Source SSL Accelerators Supported in Red Hat(R) Linux(TM)

Plug-and-Play Support for Broadcom's SSL Security Solutions In

Red Hat's Linux 7.2 Allows Automatic Configuration of Accelerated SSL Security

In Linux/Apache/OpenSSL Web Servers

Nov 07, 2001, 00:00 ET from Broadcom Corporation

    IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Broadcom Corporation
 (Nasdaq:   BRCM), the leading provider of integrated circuits enabling broadband
 communications, today announced that it has integrated support for its
 e-Commerce security solutions into Red Hat(R) Linux(TM) 7.2, enabling
 automatic configuration of the fastest open-source web server platform
 available for secure web applications.  Broadcom's CryptoNetX(TM) SSL adapters
 and BCM5820 and BCM5821 e-Commerce chips are the first open source Secure
 Socket Layer (SSL) accelerator solutions with Plug-and-Play drivers integrated
 into the latest release from Red Hat, Inc. (Nasdaq:   RHAT), allowing fast, easy
 configuration of accelerated SSL solutions up to 4000 transactions per second.
     By providing built-in Plug-and-Play support for Broadcom's SSL
 accelerators, as well as the popular Apache Web Server application software
 and OpenSSL cryptographic command library, Red Hat Linux 7.2 offers the
 world's fastest open source web server platform for secure web applications.
 Although secure web sites are essential for protecting information during
 e-Commerce transactions, deploying security on servers can severely impact
 performance.  By speeding up secure web transactions, Broadcom's CryptoNetX
 adapters and e-Commerce processors enable peak e-Commerce transaction volumes
 with no performance impact and provide a vastly improved e-Commerce experience
 for the end-user.
     Developments in open source software are pushing web server deployment.
 The Netcraft web server survey, which tallies use of web servers on the
 Internet, shows that the open source Apache HTTP Server, supported by the
 Apache Software Foundation, has steadily increasing market share that now
 exceeds 50 percent of the market.  Open source software, such as Linux, Apache
 and OpenSSL, promotes software quality by supporting independent peer review
 of rapid evolution of source code.
     "The rapid adoption of open source web servers based on Linux, Apache and
 OpenSSL has created growing demand for appliances utilizing these software
 components combined with web server platforms from leading OEMs," said David
 Kranzler, Senior Director of Broadcom's Secure Networking Business Unit.
 "Adding a powerful PCI-based adapter capable of up to 4000 transactions per
 second to this software and server package provides the highest performance
 open source, secure web server available today.  As an added benefit, the
 solution is simple to configure and affordable to deploy."
     "Better SSL transaction performance enables more web transactions to be
 handled in a secure manner, further protecting privacy in online transactions
 and improving user satisfaction," said Michael Tiemann, Chief Technology
 Officer for Red Hat.  "For this reason, we have added drivers in our latest
 release to support Broadcom's advanced CryptoNetX SSL adapters, thus making it
 very easy for systems administrators to deploy a plug and play secure web
 server based on leading components -- Linux, Apache, OpenSSL and Broadcom
     Red Hat Linux 7.2 includes drivers to support Broadcom's CryptoNetX SSL800
 and SSL4000 adapters, as well as Broadcom's BCM5820 and 5821 e-Commerce
 security processors.  This Plug-and-Play support for Broadcom's SSL
 accelerators in Linux/Apache web server solutions includes support for key
 features such as load balancing, which automatically allocates CryptoNetX
 cards for peak transactions, and automatic fail-over to another CryptoNetX
 accelerator to insure fault tolerance, increased reliability of the security
 subsystem and SNMP management.
     Broadcom's e-Commerce Security Solutions
     The CryptoNetX product family includes PCI 2.2-compliant adapters that
 provide a range of performance from 800 to 4000 Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and
 Transport Layer Security (TLS) transactions per second (TPS).  The CryptoNetX
 SSL800 and SSL4000 adapters are OEM-ready and provide the industry's most
 attractive combination of Plug-and-Play integration and price-to-performance
 ratio of any offering in the SSL accelerator market.   The CryptoNetX adapters
 increase the ability of e-Commerce platforms to execute SSL transactions by
 greater than 600 percent over software-only solutions and by 400 percent over
 competitive board-level products.
     The CryptoNetX adapters accelerate the public key encryption functions of
 SSL and TLS, the de facto standards for secure Web transactions, thereby
 offloading these functions from the host CPU and eliminating bottlenecks
 created by the computationally-intensive encryption processing of secure
 transactions.  The adapters provide all cryptographic functions necessary for
 high-performance SSL/TLS-encrypted connections, which rely heavily on
 computation-intensive RSA public-key transactions.
     The SSL800 and SSL4000 accelerators support 800 and 4000 RSA computations
 per second, respectively.  For even higher performance, multiple adapters can
 be used together to provide scalability to tens of thousands of RSA
 transactions per second.  This powerful family of SSL accelerators has been
 granted Retail Classification by the Bureau of Export Administration, the most
 lenient classification allowed for the export of cryptography technology out
 of the United States.  This classification, along with native interfaces
 embedded in server operating systems from Microsoft and Red Hat, supports easy
 deployment, installation, and setup.  Simple Network Management Protocol
 management and system diagnostics are also included as standard features.  A
 32/64-bit, 33-66 MHz PCI 2.2-compliant interface makes the adapters easy to
 integrate into an OEM's hardware platform.  For trouble-free installation and
 setup, an end customer HTML user guide and installation documentation are
 available, localized in multiple languages.
     About Red Hat Linux 7.2
     Red Hat Linux 7.2 adds significant new capabilities, both for use as a
 workstation and use as a server.  Key new features enhance the viability and
 value of the Linux OS as a server in the corporate environment.  These include
 the 2.4.7 Linux kernel for increased scalability; Ext3 Journaling file system
 for data reliability; Network Configuration, User Management and Hardware
 Viewing tools for infrastructure and development; and Firewall Configuration
 during installation and Red Hat Network for added security.
     Price and Availability
     CryptoNetX adapters are available to qualified server and networking OEMs
 from Broadcom, with prices available upon request.  Consumer packaged SSL
 adapters that incorporate Broadcom SSL technology are also available from
 nCipher and will soon be available from a major server supplier, configured
 with Red Hat Linux 7.2. Red Hat Linux 7.2 is also available at
 and at retail stores including Best Buy, CompUSA and MicroCenter.
     About Broadcom
     Broadcom Corporation is the leading provider of highly integrated silicon
 solutions that enable broadband communications and networking of voice, video
 and data services.  Using proprietary technologies and advanced design
 methodologies, Broadcom designs, develops and supplies complete system-on-a-
 chip solutions and related applications for digital cable set-top boxes and
 cable modems, high-speed local, metropolitan and wide area and optical
 networks, home networking, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), carrier
 access, residential broadband gateways, direct broadcast satellite and
 terrestrial digital broadcast, digital subscriber lines (xDSL), wireless
 communications, SystemI/O(TM) server solutions and network processing.
 Broadcom is headquartered in Irvine, Calif., and may be contacted at
 949-450-8700 or at
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 of 1995:
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 from those expressed in any forward-looking statements as a result of various
     Important factors that may cause such a difference for Broadcom in
 connection with its SSL 800 and SSL 4000 products and BCM5820 and BCM5821
 e-Commerce processors include, but are not limited to, general economic and
 political conditions and specific conditions in the markets we address,
 including the recent significant economic slowdown in the technology sector
 and semiconductor industry; the timing and successful completion of technology
 and product development through volume production; the rate at which our
 present and future customers and end-users adopt Broadcom's technologies and
 products in the markets for security processors and acceleration adapters;
 delays in the adoption and acceptance of industry standards in those markets;
 the timing of customer-industry qualification and certification of our
 products and the risks of non-qualification or non-certification; the timing,
 rescheduling or cancellation of significant customer orders and the ability of
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 transition to volume production new products and technologies in a timely
 manner; the effects of new and emerging technologies; the risks of producing
 products with new suppliers and at new fabrication and assembly facilities;
 problems or delays that we may face in shifting our products to smaller
 geometry process technologies and in achieving higher levels of design
 integration; the risks and uncertainties associated with our international
 operations, particularly in light of recent events; our ability to retain and
 hire key executives, technical personnel and other employees in the numbers,
 with the capabilities, and at the compensation levels needed to implement our
 business and product plans; the quality of our products and any remediation
 costs; the effects of natural disasters, international conflicts and other
 events beyond our control; the level of orders received that can be shipped in
 a fiscal quarter; and other factors.
     Our Annual Report on Form 10-K, recent and forthcoming Quarterly Reports
 on Form 10-Q, recent Current Reports on Forms 8-K and 8-K/A, and other
 Securities and Exchange Commission filings discuss some of the important risk
 factors that may affect our business, results of operations and financial
 condition. We undertake no obligation to revise or update publicly any
 forward-looking statements for any reason.
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