Brocade Unlocks Intelligence in the Storage Network with Release of 2 Gbit/sec Enterprise Fabric Switch

Brocade Intelligent Fabric Services Architecture Backed

By Forty-five Industry Leaders;

Advanced Features Enhance Storage Applications and Simplify Fabric Management

Oct 22, 2001, 01:00 ET from Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

    ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- STORAGE NETWORKING WORLD --
 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. (Brocade(R)) (Nasdaq:   BRCD), the world's
 leading provider of infrastructure for Storage Area Networks (SANs), announced
 today the general availability of the Brocade SilkWorm(R) 3800 Enterprise
 Fabric Switch, the first in a family of 2 Gigabit per second (Gbit/sec)
 products designed for the unique requirements of enterprise storage
 environments.  Using Brocade SilkWorm fabric switches, companies can connect
 servers with storage devices through a SAN, creating a highly reliable,
 scalable, secure, and manageable environment for storage applications.
     Based on the company's Intelligent Fabric Services Architecture, the
 16-port SilkWorm 3800 increases SAN scalability and reliability, enhances the
 security of the SAN fabric, and simplifies storage network management.  The
 SilkWorm 3800 is the industry's first fabric switch to deliver the advanced
 fabric services needed for enterprise storage applications, such as business
 continuance, storage and server consolidation, and centralized data
 management, allowing companies to optimize IT assets and increase operational
 efficiency.  More than forty-five industry leaders support Brocade in driving
 market adoption of 2 Gbit/sec SAN infrastructure.  Refer to attached quote
     "Enterprises are looking for ways to maximize the return on their IT
 investment by extracting greater efficiencies.  The storage environment is now
 a leverage point for more efficient management of information resources," said
 John Webster, Senior Analyst at Illuminata, a leading IT research firm.
 "Today's announcement by Brocade and further announcements by its OEM partners
 should be viewed by enterprise users as evidence that SAN fabrics can be the
 nexus of a centralized, efficient information management strategy."
     Next-Generation Architecture Enables Advanced Fabric Services
     The Brocade Intelligent Fabric Services Architecture defines a networking
 foundation to support the unique requirements of enterprise storage
 applications.  The advanced capabilities of the underlying architecture,
 available today with the SilkWorm 3800, deliver unique new features such as
 2 Gbit/sec data rates, aggregated trunking to deliver 8 Gbit/sec speeds
 between switches in a fabric, and content-based analysis based on the new
 Brocade Frame Filtering capability.  These advanced fabric services automate
 configuration and operation of the SAN fabric, optimize performance, and
 increase application availability.
     With the SilkWorm 3800, Brocade is delivering a new level of unique
 advanced services:
     --  Brocade Advanced Zoning allows hardware-enforced, logical partitioning
         of storage and servers in a SAN.  This delivers the highest level of
         security and prevents unauthorized access to switches.  With the
         SilkWorm 3800, Brocade SANs now support hardware enforcement of zoning
         by World Wide Name.
     --  Brocade Inter-Switch Link (ISL) Trunking aggregates bandwidth between
         switches in a fabric, quadrupling the speed of the links from
         2 Gbit/sec to 8 Gbit/sec.  ISL Trunking increases fabric performance
         and fault tolerance, and simplifies administration.
     --  Brocade Advanced Performance Monitoring enables administrators to
         track SAN resource usage, proactively plan network capacity, and
         maximize performance.
     --  Brocade Fabric Watch(TM) proactively monitors Brocade SAN fabric
         health and passes threshold alerts and notification information to
         Brocade or third-party management applications.
     Both the Brocade SilkWorm 3800 16-port Enterprise Fabric Switch and the
 SilkWorm 12000 Core Fabric Switch, announced earlier this year, are based on
 the same next-generation architecture.  The SilkWorm 12000 is scheduled for
 shipments to OEM partners before the end of 2001.
     "As a global leader in telecommunications, Deutsche Telekom recognizes the
 value of the Brocade Intelligent Fabric Services Architecture as a safe,
 secure, and easy-to-manage platform.  Because of the flexible and reliable
 Brocade approach to networking storage, we have selected the Brocade SilkWorm
 3800 as the foundation of our strategic SAN infrastructure to enable mission
 critical applications," Guenter Linsner, Executive Vice President, Systemline
 Storage at T-Systems, a division of Deutsche Telekom AG.
     "Brocade is pleased to lead the industry in bringing 2 Gbit/sec storage
 networking infrastructure to market for our partners and customers," said Jay
 Kidd, Brocade Vice President of Product Marketing.  "As end customers deploy
 and grow SANs to increase operational efficiencies in the datacenter, they
 look to Brocade to provide the intelligence required by today's storage
     Seamlessly Compatible with World's Largest Installed Base of Storage Area
     The Brocade SilkWorm 3800 is forward and backward compatible with the
 entire installed base of Brocade fabric switches -- more than 1,000,000 Fibre
 Channel ports -- allowing existing Brocade customers to seamlessly migrate
 from 1 to 2 Gbit/sec SAN environments and deploy a highly scalable and
 reliable core-to-edge storage networking infrastructure.
     A Highly Available Platform for Business Continuance
     True business continuance relies on creating a highly available, redundant
 network architecture that enables continuous availability of data.  Storage
 environments based on a single, monolithic switching device are at risk of a
 single point of failure, whether it be a device failure, site failure, or
 human error.  Unlike legacy, monolithic approaches, the Brocade networking
 model, combined with Advanced Fabric Services, enables 99.999 percent
 ("five nines") availability within the storage network.
     With the Brocade networking model and Advanced Fabric Services, companies
 can easily implement highly available storage network architectures and manage
 them as a single entity.  Availability is enabled on multiple levels in a
 Brocade-based SAN -- from "hot-swappable" hardware components to completely
 redundant SAN fabrics.  In addition, by internetworking Brocade SANs across
 metropolitan area networks (MANs) over distance, companies can implement
 cost-effective business continuance solutions such as data mirroring, data
 replication, electronic tape vaulting, and remote server clustering.  Brocade
 supports a wide array of solutions for internetworking SANs and has defined
 solutions with leading vendors such as Cisco Systems, LuxN, Nortel Networks,
 and ONI Systems.
     Simplifying the Management of Brocade Fabrics
     Brocade is also announcing today the availability of Brocade Fabric
 Manager(TM) 3.0, a software application that configures, monitors, dynamically
 provisions, and manages multiple Brocade switches and Brocade SAN fabrics from
 a single console.  Fabric Manager extends the suite of management tools for
 managing Brocade-based SANs and complements enterprise storage and host
 management applications from Brocade application partners.  Using Fabric
 Manager, administrators can automate common switch and fabric management tasks
 thereby simplifying the maintenance of the storage area network.  Fabric
 Manager is available today across the entire Brocade SilkWorm product family.
 Functionality provided in Fabric Manager is also available to Brocade partners
 through the Brocade Fabric Access(TM) API, which allows easy integration of
 full Brocade SAN management into third-party SAN applications.
     Pricing and Availability
     The Brocade SilkWorm 3800 Enterprise Fabric Switch is generally available
 today through select Brocade OEM partners.  Pricing varies by OEM partner and
 SAN solution configuration.
     About Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
     Brocade (Nasdaq:   BRCD) offers the industry's leading intelligent platform
 for networking storage.  The world's leading systems, applications, and
 storage vendors have selected Brocade to provide a networking foundation for
 their SAN solutions.  The Brocade SilkWorm(R) family of fabric switches and
 software is designed to optimize data availability and storage and server
 resources in the enterprise.  Using Brocade solutions, companies can simplify
 the implementation of storage area networks, reduce the total cost of
 ownership of data storage environments, and improve network and application
 efficiency.  For more information, visit the Brocade website at or contact the company at .
     Brocade, Extended Fabrics, Fabric Aware, Fabric Integrator, Fabric OS,
 Fabric Threads, Fabric Watch, Fabric Weaver, QuickLoop, SilkWorm, SilkWorm
 Express, and SOLUTIONware are trademarks or registered trademarks of Brocade
 Communications Systems Inc., in the United States and/or in other countries.
 All other brands, products, or service names are or may be trademarks or
 service marks of, and are used to identify, products or services of their
 respective owners.
                             Industry Endorsements
     OEM Partners
     "Compaq's ENSA vision is to deliver a fully virtualized global SAN that
 enables customers to reduce their storage management costs, increase the
 impact of data access on their business velocity, and leverage this increased
 power and efficiency into expanded revenue streams," said Mark Lewis, Vice
 President and General Manager of Compaq's Enterprise Storage Group.  "The
 intelligence in Brocade fabrics provides the key elements required for these
 kinds of super-robust, high-value enterprise-class storage networks, and the
 new Silkworm 3800 is an archetypal example of Brocade's commitment to the
 high-end customer.  Compaq expects to begin shipments of this product in
 December of this year."
     "Brocade's forward and backward compatibility helps ensure that what
 customers buy today will work with the technology of tomorrow," said Bruce
 Kornfeld, Director of Product Marketing, Dell Enterprise Systems Group.  "The
 Brocade SilkWorm 3800 represents a significant value to businesses, protecting
 existing IT investments while empowering them with the very latest
     "The Brocade SilkWorm 3800 will deliver the 2 Gbit/sec connectivity to
 support the bandwidth requirements of the storage enterprise," said Chuck
 Hollis, EMC Vice President, Markets and Products.  "As these new products
 complete our comprehensive interoperability qualification and acceptance
 testing, we look forward to making them available to EMC customers worldwide."
     Fujitsu, Ltd.
     "We are pleased to work with the market leader, Brocade, as it drives
 2 Gbit/sec SAN infrastructure to the marketplace," said Tsutomu Ando, General
 Manager, File Systems Division of Fujitsu, Ltd.  "As companies in the Asia
 Pacific region build out and scale their storage infrastructure to keep pace
 with the monumental growth of data, they are now able to take advantage of
 higher throughput at the core of their storage networks, increasing the
 capabilities of applications running on them."
     Fujitsu Siemens Computers
     "Fujitsu Siemens Computers is pleased to endorse the SilkWorm 3800 as a
 switch optimized for the unique requirements of enterprise storage
 environments," said Dr. Helmut Beck, Vice President Line of Business Storage
 at Fujitsu Siemens Computers.  "As companies migrate from direct-attached to
 network-attached storage architectures and scale their existing SANs, they are
 looking for a SAN infrastructure that will be compatible with the latest
 technology.  The Brocade SilkWorm 3800, with forward and backward
 compatibility with the complete Brocade product line, is a natural choice."
     Hitachi Data Systems
     "The availability of the Brocade Silkworm 3800 Enterprise Fabric Switch is
 an important event for Hitachi Data Systems and its customers," said Steve
 East, Vice President, Solution Engineering, Storage Solutions Business Unit,
 Hitachi Data Systems.  "We are now able to offer a complete end-to-end SAN
 solution based on 2 Gbit/sec Fibre Channel technology, and customers will be
 able to take better advantage of the technology, which is already built into
 our Freedom Storage products."
     Hitachi, Ltd.
     "The Asia Pacific region is one of the fastest growing SAN markets, and
 Hitachi, Ltd. is pleased to work with the market leader, Brocade, to bring SAN
 solutions to this fast paced market," said Kiyoshi Hisano, General Manager,
 Strategic Business Planning, Disk Array Systems Division, Hitachi, Ltd.  "We
 are providing customers with RAID systems, under the SANRISE brand name, in
 Japan.  We are currently working to verify interoperability of the SilkWorm
 3800 with each Hitachi RAID system model to provide the latest SAN technology
 to our mutual customers."
     "HP is pleased to see Brocade expanding their switches to the 2 Gbit/sec
 Fibre Channel technology," said Mark Thompson, Worldwide Fabric Marketing
 Manager, HP Network Storage Solutions Organization.  "High performance 2
 Gbit/sec HP storage solutions integrated with HP OpenView Storage Management
 software complements HP's FSAM strategy to offer customers solutions for
 availability, disaster recovery, backup, and information sharing."
     "IBM is pleased to extend its strategic business relationship with
 Brocade," said Barry Rudolph, Vice President Disk Storage/Software, IBM
 Storage Products Division.  "The IBM TotalStorage SAN Switch F16, which became
 generally available on October 12, 2001, is the industry's first
 end user version of the Brocade SilkWorm 3800 technology.  IBM is the first
 storage provider to offer an end-to-end 2 Gbit/sec solution designed to
 exploit this next-generation Brocade fabric technology.  Because this
 end-to-end solution is up to twice as powerful as previous solutions, it
 can reduce the total cost of ownership, simplify SAN management and enable
 more scalable, larger enterprise SANs."
     "As an innovator in data storage and data management solutions, MTI has
 always been pleased to offer the reliability and availability of Brocade-based
 SANs to our customers worldwide.  Brocade's new 2 Gbit/sec SilkWorm 3800 is an
 attractive networking infrastructure for our next-generation enterprise
 storage solutions," stated Tom Raimondi, President and CEO of MTI.  "The
 combination of MTI Vivant solutions and Brocade SAN infrastructure provides an
 ideal environment for all storage applications -- from departmental through
 the enterprise."
     "With over one million Fibre Channel ports installed worldwide, Brocade is
 the de facto standard in storage networking infrastructure.  NEC is pleased to
 make this world-class technology and the Brocade intelligent model for
 networking storage, available to our customers in Japan," said Yuzo Oomori,
 General Manager, System File Products Division of NEC.
     "In keeping with our commitment to deliver high-performance solutions, the
 new SilkWorm 3800 fabric switch is a strong complement to our complex data
 management strategy," said Dr. Eng Lim Goh, Chief Technology Officer at SGI.
 "The combination of SGI TP9400, the CXFS truly shared clustered filesystem,
 2 Gbit/sec host bus adapters, and the Brocade SilkWorm 3800 will enable
 superior throughput performance for big-data and high-bandwidth applications.
 This consequently translates into increased productivity for our customers."
     "The addition of the SilkWorm 3800 to our extensive line of SAN offerings
 is the latest example of StorageTek's dedication to joining efforts with other
 storage industry leaders to offer greater choice and complete cutting-edge
 solutions for addressing the fast-changing needs of our customers," said John
 LoPorto, StorageTek Vice President, Storage Networking Business Unit.  "We are
 actively working with these partners and leaders in promoting a common vision
 for heterogeneous SANs in multi protocol environments to help our customers
 seamlessly upgrade for increased storage growth, while maximizing usage of
 their legacy technology."
     "We are pleased to support Brocade's announcement of the new SilkWorm 3800
 and Fabric Manager products," said Kathleen Holmgren, Solutions Group Vice
 President, Sun Network Storage.  "Because Sun is committed to an integratable
 stack that supports open industry standards, our customers gain the benefit of
 using a broad range of products from companies like Brocade."
     Partners and Analysts
     Agilent Technologies
     "As a pioneer in 2 Gbit/sec Fibre Channel, Agilent is excited to be
 working with Brocade in moving forward 2 Gbit/sec Fibre Channel technology.
 Agilent and Brocade have collaborated through the Brocade Fabric Threads
 Developer Program to verify interoperability between Brocade fabric switches
 and Agilent HBAs," said Julian Elliott, Vice President and General Manager,
 Agilent Technologies Storage Networking Division.  "The announcement of the
 SilkWorm 3800 and Fabric Manager establishes that the technology required for
 scalable and manageable 2 Gbit/sec storage networks in the enterprise is
 available today."
     "The Brocade approach to providing an intelligent platform for storage
 networking enables BMC to more easily deliver SAN-designed management
 applications for our mutual customers, and the SilkWorm 3800 builds on that
 approach," said Chris Gahagan, Vice President and General Manager, Recovery
 and Storage Management, BMC Software.  "Customers can gain simplified SAN
 management while protecting and securing business critical data.  The entire
 Brocade family of products, including the SilkWorm 3800, is supported by the
 application storage management capabilities that BMC is delivering for Brocade
 networked storage environments."
     "We are pleased to support the Brocade Intelligent Fabric Services
 Architecture and the newest addition to the Brocade product family, the
 SilkWorm 3800 with our BrightStor family of storage management solutions.  The
 Brocade Intelligent Fabric Services Architecture and their 2 Gbit/sec fabric
 switches meet the requirements for enterprise class storage networking," said
 Phil Treide, Vice President of Marketing, Storage Solutions, CA.  "2 Gbit/sec
 infrastructure, like the SilkWorm 3800, provides robust throughput for backup
 and recovery applications.  The product provides an intelligent platform that
 helps enhance the performance of applications for mission critical business
     Crossroads Systems
     "We realize the Brocade Fabric Aware(TM) Program illustrates the highest
 standards for interoperability and Crossroads is pleased to be part of that
 program," said Rich Lautzenheiser, Vice President of Marketing at Crossroads
 Systems.  "Brocade and Crossroads will continue to work together to deliver
 end-to-end SAN interoperability to our partners and customers and accelerate
 SAN implementations.  We look forward to working with Brocade as it delivers
 its next-generation intelligent switching platform to the market."
     "Emulex and Brocade share a common vision to enable scalable,
 heterogeneous SANs and are committed to providing our customers with
 intelligent, high performance storage networking solutions," said Mike Smith,
 Emulex Executive Vice President of Worldwide Marketing.  "Emulex's 2 Gbit/sec
 HBAs, combined with the new SilkWorm 3800, expand the SAN options for our
 mutual customers by providing twice the bandwidth while maintaining full
 compatibility with existing 1 Gbit/sec infrastructures."
     Eurologic Systems
     Nick Thickins, Director of Applications Marketing for Eurologic Systems,
 said, "The availability of 2 Gbit/sec storage technologies like Eurologic's 2
 Gbit/sec Fibre Channel SANbloc(TM) network storage system and Brocade SilkWorm
 3800 Enterprise Fabric Switch is proof positive that 2 Gbit/sec storage
 networking capability has arrived.  Through participation in Brocade's Fabric
 Aware(TM) Program, Eurologic's 2 Gbit/sec Fibre Channel SANbloc was our first
 2 Gbit/sec-ready product verified as interoperable with Brocade SAN
 infrastructure, ensuring our customers the confidence of a pre-tested,
 certified, and interoperable solution."
     "Backward compatibility is a highly beneficial characteristic in a new
 product.  This investment protection combined with the ability to provide next
 generation intelligence is a winning combination," said Robert Gray, Research
 Manager, IDC.  "Brocade with over one million Fibre Channel ports installed,
 is well positioned to please existing customers with the new SilkWorm 3800
 Enterprise Fabric Switch and its ability to integrate intelligence into
 existing SANs."
     "In uncertain economic times, enterprises are looking for ways to maximize
 their return on IT investment by extracting greater efficiencies.  The storage
 environment is now seen as a leverage point for more efficient management of
 information resources," said John Webster, Senior Analyst, Illuminata.
 "Today's announcement by Brocade and concurrent announcements by its OEM
 partners should be viewed by enterprise users as evidence that SAN fabrics can
 be the nexus of a centralized and efficient information management strategy."
     "We are delighted to support the SilkWorm 3800 with our application-based
 storage area management (SAM) solution," said Karen Dutch, Vice President of
 Marketing, InterSAN Inc.  "As a result, our mutual customers can more
 efficiently manage large, globally distributed SANs by taking an
 application-oriented view that simplifies management and enables them to
 realize the full potential of their investments in compute, server, personnel,
 and applications."
     JNI Corporation
     "JNI and Brocade have worked very closely to assure the smooth transition
 to open, standards-based 2 Gbit/sec Fibre Channel technology," said Shaun
 Walsh, Vice President of Marketing with JNI Corporation.  "From the start,
 products such as the Brocade SilkWorm 3800 2 Gbit/sec switch and JNI FibreStar
 family of second-generation 2 Gbit/sec host bus adapters have been tested with
 each other to assure compatibility and interoperability in the storage area
     "We are pleased that Brocade is delivering yet another breakthrough in SAN
 technology, providing Kanatek customers with advanced capabilities that make
 SANs safer, more secure, and easier to deploy and manage," said Kevin Germann,
 Senior Manager of Technology at Kanatek.  "With the 2 Gbit/sec platform,
 Brocade's next-generation fabric switch makes it possible for companies today
 to support their current SAN environments, as well as future requirements for
 higher throughput and increased performance of the storage enterprise.  We see
 the value of integrating the SilkWorm 3800 into our solutions."
     KPMG Consulting
     "Storage networks represent significantly increased efficiencies in the
 datacenter, empowering enterprises to optimize storage resources and
 personnel, and often paying for themselves in less than a year," said Doug
 White, Managing Director, KPMG Consulting.  "KPMG Consulting has worked
 extensively with Brocade to quantify the increased efficiencies that
 Brocade-based SANs make possible and is committed to helping enterprises
 realize the value of deploying the networking model for storage."
     Legato Systems
     "The Brocade Intelligent Fabric Services Architecture and their 2 Gbit/sec
 fabric switches are important developments in the delivery of next generation
 storage networking," said Scott McIntyre, Vice President Product Marketing and
 Management, Legato Systems, Inc.  "Information protection and management
 applications like Legato NetWorker, Celestra, and AlphaStor are critical to
 achieving the benefits of the large, internetworked SANs that our customers
 build with Brocade fabric switches.  Legato is pleased to work with Brocade to
 enhance the management and delivery of these environments."
     LSI Logic Storage Systems
     "LSI Logic Storage Systems is pleased to once again work with Brocade as
 leading edge Fibre Channel technology is delivered to market," said Flavio
 Santoni, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Sales, LSI Logic Storage
 Systems, Inc.  "The SilkWorm 3800 is a key component of the infrastructure
 required to support high performance storage systems such as LSI Logic's new
 MetaStor E4600."
     "SAN internetworking provides an infrastructure that enables new business
 continuance solutions by mirroring data over long distances," said Agnes
 Imregh, LuxN Vice President of Marketing. "Using the LuxN WavSystem DWDM
 technology to transport and protect business critical data over Brocade SAN
 fabrics demonstrates the efficiency and scalability of optical networks in a
 SAN environment.  We are proud to endorse the SilkWorm 3800 and look forward
 to continuing to work with Brocade to bring solutions for long distance SAN
 internetworking to market."
     META Group
     "Continued information and storage capacity growth has forced IT
 organizations to seek simpler and more effective ways of designing,
 implementing, and managing their computing infrastructure while optimizing IT
 resources," said Sean Derrington, Senior Program Director with META Group.
 "Tools and capabilities by giving IT organizations more granular access to
 configure, manage, and administer its switches within a fabric and across the
 enterprise will be increasingly important."
     "Micromuse's Netcool suite and Brocade fabrics are highly complementary,
 so we are pleased to provide our customers with comprehensive network
 management of Brocade SAN environments.  The announcement of the Brocade
 SilkWorm 3800 reaffirms the value of our partnership.  Micromuse will continue
 to expand our network management scope and capabilities for our mutual
 customers," said Katrinka McCallum, Micromuse Executive Vice President and
     Nortel Networks
     "Brocade and Nortel Networks understand the value of internetworking SANs
 over distance for business continuance and remote access to the data center,"
 said Peter Evans, Vice President, Optical Metro, Nortel Networks.  "Combining
 Brocade's leadership in intelligent infrastructure for SANs with Nortel
 Networks Optical Metro solutions, we are able to achieve a new standard in
 performance, management and information availability.  The increase in data
 throughput to 2 Gbit/sec, represented by today's announcement, gives more
 bandwidth to applications, enhancing network efficiency and helping break
 through the metro bottleneck."
     ONI Systems
     "By internetworking SANs using high-speed metropolitan access and core
 networks, storage customers may now implement new applications that facilitate
 the mission-critical data management processes of storage, backup, and data
 recovery," said Andrew Page, Vice President of Business Development at ONI
 Systems.  "The ONI ONLINE7000 transport platform provides the crucial optical
 infrastructure for metro access and metro core networks.  We are pleased to
 announce that this proven architecture-enabled internetworking of the Brocade
 SilkWorm product family, including the Brocade SilkWorm 3800."
     Oracle Corporation
     "Oracle continues to reduce the complexity and cost of deployment and data
 management through Oracle Certified Configurations.  Brocade's products are an
 important part of Oracle Certified Configurations and enable simplified
 storage management with increased performance and overall cost-savings.  We
 are pleased to see Brocade bring 2 Gbit/sec data speeds to the SAN
 environment, thus improving data access and availability," said Doug Kennedy,
 Vice President, Global Partnerships, Oracle Corporation.
     Overland Data
     "The emergence of key 2 Gbit/sec infrastructure, like the Brocade SilkWorm
 3800, complements the arrival of the new breed of super tape drives like the
 LTO and Super DLT," said Lee Payne, Senior Systems Technology Strategist,
 Overland Data.  "The SilkWorm 3800 provides the throughput at the core of the
 fabric needed to stream eight or more of these super drives in the compressed
 mode with in the Overland 2 Gbit/sec Fibre Channel Neo library.  Add
 serverless backup software, and customers can take advantage of a single pipe
 backup capable of 720 GB per hour."
     Prisa Networks
     "Prisa Networks has been working closely with Brocade to ensure
 VisualSAN's support of the new Silkworm 3800," stated Rael Morris, Vice
 President of Marketing for Prisa Networks, Inc.  "Prisa's VisualSAN software
 leverages Brocade's Intelligent Fabric Services architecture to provide a
 powerful management console that allows the end user to gain the full benefit
 of their investments in SAN infrastructure."
     "At SICORP, we continually aim to provide our customers with leading
 technology and storage networking expertise," said Craig Hendren, Outside
 Sales, SICORP.  "Our relationship with Brocade reflects our commitment to
 offer higher-performance, easy to manage SAN solutions, based on the SilkWorm
 3800.  With the 2 Gbit/sec platform and software intelligence of the Brocade
 SilkWorm 3800, enterprise companies can now take advantage of higher bandwidth
 applications and more advanced SAN management capabilities."
     Spectra Logic
     "Spectra Logic is pleased to endorse the Brocade SilkWorm 3800.  The
 features and functionality Brocade has built into the SilkWorm family of
 fabric switches allows our customers and integrators to build more intelligent
 SANs that are safer, more secure, and easier to manage.  Our participation in
 the Brocade Fabric Threads Developer Program allows us to collaborate early on
 as new features and functionality are released to ensure interoperability with
 the leader in SAN infrastructure.  This allows us to provide better tested and
 more integrated storage area network solutions to our customers," said Hossein
 Zia-Shakeri, Spectra Logic Vice President of Advanced Engineering.
     "The SilkWorm 3800, Fabric Manager, and Advanced Fabric Services offer an
 intelligent platform for storage networking," said Derek Gamradt, CTO of
 StorNet.  "While 2 Gbit/sec allows for higher throughput, the new management
 features enable customers to gain the full benefit of their investment in
 compute, storage, and personnel resources.  The enhanced security features and
 frame filtering capabilities will allow us to provide the highest levels of
 data access control for our customers."
     "Tivoli has been working in partnership with Brocade to ensure that Tivoli
 products can facilitate heterogeneous SAN environments within the context of a
 larger enterprise infrastructure.  Through this partnership, Tivoli is pleased
 to certify the SilkWorm 3800 as Tivoli Ready for Tivoli Storage Manager,
 allowing our customers to simplify the management of their storage resources,"
 said Jose Iglesias, Director, Tivoli Storage Products, IBM Software Group.
     "XIOtech is pleased to support the Brocade Intelligent Fabric Services
 Architecture and the newest addition to the Brocade product family, the
 SilkWorm 3800," said Richard Blaschke, Executive Vice President of Marketing
 for XIOtech.  "We are working closely with Brocade to deliver next generation
 SAN solutions that benefit our mutual customers to enable higher performance,
 enhanced security, and ease of management."
     VERITAS Software
     "VERITAS Software and Brocade have developed industry-leading
 SAN-management tools, helping customers easily administer SAN configurations
 through a single console," said Robin Purohit, Vice President of Product
 Management, Availability Product Group, VERITAS Software.  "VERITAS SANPoint
 Control(TM), which integrates with our storage virtualization platform, will
 support Brocade's new 2 Gbit/sec switch, a technology that speeds the movement
 of data in SANs."
     Yankee Group
     "Brocade continues to identify and deliver on the essential elements
 required for delivering the advanced fabric services needed to support the
 unique demands of the new storage enterprise," said Jamie Gruener, Senior
 Analyst, Storage, Yankee Group.  "By delivering intelligent fabric
 capabilities such as hardware enforced zoning, Brocade is providing customers
 with the kind of security necessary to protect vital business information."
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