Burger King Corporation Announces The Opening Of The Company's 10,000th Restaurant

Nov 06, 1998, 00:00 ET from Burger King Corporation

    MIAMI, Nov. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Burger King Corporation announced today that
 it is opening its 10,000th restaurant in Australia on Saturday, November 7, a
 major milestone in the fast-food giant's development plans. The Burger King(R)
 restaurant, located at Penrith in Sydney, Australia, exemplifies Burger King
 Corporation's dynamic growth, with particular emphasis internationally.
     "Burger King Corporation is committed to growth in terms of new
 restaurants as well as sales per restaurant," said Dennis Malamatinas, CEO,
 Burger King Corporation. "The 10,000 restaurant level is a significant
 achievement, but more importantly we are growing in a focused and disciplined
 manner by establishing critical mass in key international markets where we can
 leverage the success of our brand."
     By focusing on operational excellence, innovation and marketing superior
 taste, Burger King Corporation has been able to drive growth and establish a
 growing presence for the brand around the world. By exiting under-performing
 markets in 1997, such as France, while strengthening the brand presence in
 markets with high growth potential, such as the United Kingdom, Germany and
 Australia, the company has focused on building critical mass and maximizing
 both distribution system efficiencies and advertising dollars.
     As success mounts in North America, Latin America, and Europe, Burger King
 Corporation has seen the momentum build in the Asia/Pacific markets as well.
 The company has opened more restaurants globally there recently than at any
 other time in its history. The growth projections for Australia, the site of
 the company's 10,000th restaurant opening, are similar to those in its strong
 European markets.
     To commemorate the opening, Burger King Corporation has invited customers
 from all over Australia to celebrate this major milestone. As a special thank
 you to Australian customers, all Burger King(R) restaurants in Australia will
 be giving away Cheeseburger sandwiches for 10,000 seconds with no strings
 attached. In addition, customers who visit the Penrith restaurant will not
 only receive a free Cheeseburger sandwich, but also 10,000 free carnival rides
 (over six hours) on the site surrounding the restaurant. To add to the fun,
 there will be celebrities, live music, clowns, and the WHOPPER(R) Hot Air
 Balloon from the United States.
     Burger King Corporation and its franchisees operate 10,000 restaurants in
 all 50 states and in 53 countries and international territories around the
 world. Since the company's founding in 1954, BURGER KING(R) food has become
 synonymous with great flame-broiled taste and the HAVE IT YOUR WAY(R) food
 customization process. In fiscal year 1998, systemwide sales at BURGER KING(R)
 restaurants were $10.3 billion. Burger King Corporation is a subsidiary of
 Diageo plc, one of the world's leading branded consumer products companies.
                               FACTS AND FIGURES
     *  Burger King opened its first four company-owned restaurants in Sydney,
 New South Wales (NSW) in December 1997.  Prior to this time, the only other
 Burger King restaurants in Australia were located at the Melbourne and Cairns
 International Airports and in Hobart in a Shell service station.
     *  These company-owned Sydney restaurants are located at North Sydney,
 Chatswood, North Ryde (Macquarie Shopping Centre) and Manly.
     *  Burger King Restaurants now include Centrepoint (Sydney CBD),
 Shellharbour and Queanbeyan (Regional NSW), Penrith and Maroubra (Sydney
 suburban), Hobart (Tasmania), Melbourne and Cairns airports and 7 in Shell co-
 branded sites in NSW/ACT, as well as the four original Sydney restaurants.
     *  The decision by Burger King Asia Pacific to open company-owned
 restaurants under the "Burger King" brand is seen as its best weapon in the
 war against McDonald's.
     *  Burger King Australia Pty Ltd has plans for massive expansion in
 Australia which will see an additional 30 Burger King restaurants open this
 financial year.
     *  The investment of Burger King Australia Pty Ltd over the next 12 months
 will be in excess of $50 million and will create over 2,000 new jobs.
     *  Research carried out in Australia revealed the Burger King brand has a
 staggering 80 percent awareness level with those surveyed, even though no
 Burger King restaurants existed outside of the Melbourne and Cairns
 International Airports.
     *  Burger King Australia Pty Ltd. has appointed Ammirati, Puris, Lintas as
 its advertising agency in Australia.
     *  The new Burger King restaurants will primarily be promoted on cinema
 advertising and local press relevant to the locations.  Television advertising
 in NSW markets began in mid-September 1998.
     *  David Chapman is the President of Burger King Asia Pacific.  Prior to
 joining Burger King in 1996, he was CEO of W.D. & H.O. Wills.  Before that, he
 ran Pizza Hut in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
     *  The Burger King brand name was not available for use by Burger King
 Corporation in 1971.  The company chose an available Pillsbury pancake mix
 brand name, Hungry Jack's, in its place.
     *  The first Hungry Jack's restaurant (a Burger King restaurant) was
 opened in Australia in 1971.
     *  There are 32 Hungry Jack's/Burger King franchised restaurants in NSW;
 35 in WA; 29 in SA; 44 in Vic; 42 in Qld; 4 in ACT; 2 in the NT and 1 in Tas.
     *  Hungry Jack's is the fifth largest fast food brand in Australia with
 sales of $270 million in 1996/97.
     *  Burger King Corporation was formed in 1954 in Miami, Florida by James
 McLamore and David Edgerton.
     *  Burger King Corporation has 320,000 employees worldwide.
     *  Burger King Corporation has 10,000 restaurants worldwide, more than 800
 of which are company owned.
     *  Burger King restaurants are found in 53 countries and international
 territories around the world.
     *  Burger King Corporation was the first fast food chain to introduce
 dining rooms.
     *  Drive thru was introduced in 1975 and now represents more than 50
 percent of Burger King Corporation's business.
     *  Worldwide Burger King system sales for fiscal year 1998 were $US 10.3
 billion, up 7 percent on the previous year.
     *  Burger King restaurants sell 1.5 billion WHOPPER(TM) sandwiches per
 year or 4.1 million per day.
     *  Burger King restaurants serve approximately 1,400 customers per
 restaurant per day or approximately 14.0 million customers systemwide daily.
     *  In the fiscal year of 1997, Burger King Corporation achieved its
 highest ever share of the US burger market in the company's history of over 21
     *  Burger King Corporation is owned by Diageo plc, whose portfolio of
 brands include Guinness, Haagen-Dazs, Old El Paso, Smirnoff, Baileys Original
 Irish Cream and J&B Rare Scotch Whisky.
     *  Australians spend one third of their food budget on take-away food or
 in restaurants.  In the US, the percentage is over 50 percent but Australia is
 catching up quickly.
     *  The number of meals eaten by Australians outside the home has increased
 by 57 percent from 2.5 billion meals in 1992 to almost 4 billion in 1996.
     *  Australians spend 33 cents on every dollar they spend on food, on fast
 food (It's 48 cents in the US - Australians' percentage is the same as the US
 was in the 1970s).
     *  Australia has approximately 20,000 cafes and restaurants.
     *  Australia has approximately 16,000 fast food and take away outlets.
     *  In 1996 Australians spent approximately $13 billion eating out.
     *  The fast food market is valued at approximately $7 billion in
     *  The U.S. fast food market sales are projected to be approximately $105
      Source:  National Restaurant Association.
     *  The U.S. has over 40,000 hamburger restaurants.
     Source:  Recount, 1998.  A service of NPD Food Service Information Group,
 Rosemount, IL
     *   There are over 240,000 fast food outlets in the US.
     Source:  Recount, 1998.  A service of NPD Food Service Information Group,
 Rosemount, IL
     U.S. QUICK SERVICE                            AUSTRALIA QUICK SERVICE
     RESTAURANT MARKET                Vs           RESTAURANT MARKET
     Valued at approximately $105 billion           Approximately $7 billion
     Over 240,000 outlets                           Approximately 6,000

SOURCE Burger King Corporation