Burger King Corporation Introduces New 99 cent BK VALUE MENU(TM) Customers Have Never Seen Value Like This!

Flame-Broiled Sourdough Burger ... Even Flame-Broiled Chili!

Bacon Cheeseburger, Two Crispy Beef Tacos, Oven-Baked Potato, New Garden

Salad, CHICKEN TENDERS(R), French Fries, Soft Drinks, Onion Rings, and

Old Fashioned Ice Cream Shakes

BK(SM) Takes HAVE IT YOUR WAY(R) To The Next Level

15 'Reality TV' Spots Ready to Air With BK Value Message

Sep 12, 2002, 01:00 ET from Burger King Corporation

    MIAMI, Sept. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Burger King Corporation today announced
 the largest new product ... and new menu ... launch in its history with the
 nationwide rollout of the 99 cent BK VALUE MENU(TM) featuring
 11 great-tasting items -- six of which are new -- available for 99 cents each
 and every day.  The new 99 cent BK VALUE MENU(TM) offers the most extensive
 array of menu offerings under a dollar in the quick service restaurant
 industry, featuring the unique flame-broiled taste for which BURGER KING(R) is
 known  ... including flame-broiled chili.
     (Photo:  http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/19990804/FLW005-a )
     The 99 cent BK VALUE MENU(TM) includes a Grilled Sourdough Burger; a Bacon
 Cheeseburger; 99 cent French fries, onion rings, soft drinks; and three
 flavors of Old Fashioned Ice Cream Shakes; hearty Chili made with flame-
 broiled beef; two crispy Tacos; five-piece CHICKEN TENDERS(R); Oven-Baked
 Potatoes and a new Garden Salad.  The eleven-item menu, along with various
 local dessert options in many markets, is already available at BURGER KING(R)
     "This is a new day at Burger King," said John Dasburg, chairman, chief
 executive officer, and president, Burger King Corporation.
     "For a long time, Burger King has offered America's Most Preferred
 burgers.  Now, we are the value leader in the industry as we offer the highest
 quality products at all prices.  The BK 99 cent VALUE MENU(TM) complements our
 premium sandwiches, such as the Original WHOPPER(R) ... America's Favorite
 Burger*, and America's favorite chicken sandwich ... the new Chicken
 WHOPPER(R) we introduced last spring.  This new 99 cent BK VALUE MENU(TM) is
 an important strategic addition to our overall menu.  It is focused on
 providing outstanding customer value and variety everyday ... and our burgers
 are always flame broiled ... never, ever fried!" Dasburg said.
     "The new 99 cent BK VALUE MENU(TM) offers products for every taste and
 every pocketbook, everyday," said Chris Clouser, executive vice president &
 chief global marketing officer, Burger King Corporation.  "Our new 99 cent BK
 VALUE MENU(TM) brings unprecedented variety to our customers, who can get
 great tasting food for 99 cents to create a meal, add to their value meals or
 enjoy as a quick, satisfying snack.  In fact, there are nearly 700 million
 combinations for the 99 cent BK VALUE MENU(TM), so now you can have it your
 way in more ways at BURGER KING(R).
     "Most importantly, though, BURGER KING(R) stands for great taste and the
 best food.  While there are other value menus, our burgers ... and the beef
 for our chili ... are flame-broiled, exactly the way customers prefer,"
 Clouser said.
     "The 99 cent BK VALUE MENU(TM) was designed over the last ten months in
 conjunction with many franchisees, the National Franchisee Association (NFA),
 including the Marketing Advisory Committee (MAC) and Value subcommittee of the
 MAC.  An overwhelming 95% of Burger King franchisees voted in support of the
 new everyday 99 cent BK VALUE MENU(TM), the largest level of franchisee
 support in the history of Burger King Corporation from its design,
 implementation and now delivery to customers.
     "This 99 cent BK VALUE MENU(TM) is not a promotion.  It is a new everyday
 one of a kind permanent offering," Clouser said.  "This is a market move we
 have been working on for some time and we are now ready to go.  Leadership and
 innovation is what the new BURGER KING(R) is all about."
     "This new menu is all about variety and value," said Clouser.  "It's also
 about our customers who tell us they want more choice and flexibility when it
 comes to their ability to build on their value meals.  Now there is something
 for everyone."
     "Introducing a new menu 11 new products with our quality standards in ten
 months is a significant achievement," said Paul Novak, executive vice
 president, franchisee operations, Burger King Corporation.  "Our franchisees
 and our restaurant crews have been gearing up for this launch for months and
 we are excited and ready.  Over the last ten months, we have developed the
 products, trained our crews and brought the products into our restaurants all
 to allow us to satisfy our customers with a full menu of premium and value
 products featuring our unique flame-broiled flavor.  We are proud of the BK
 system for what they have accomplished working together."
     New menu additions include a variety of items to satisfy every taste:
      *  Grilled Sourdough Burger -- A delicious flame-broiled burger topped
         with crisp lettuce, ripe tomato, ketchup and mayonnaise served on
         grilled sourdough bread.
      *  Bacon Cheeseburger -- A juicy, flame-broiled burger with three strips
         of crispy bacon, cheese, ketchup, mustard and pickles on a toasted
         sesame seed bun.
      *  Flame-broiled Chili -- A serving of all-American chili made with famed
         BURGER KING(R) great-tasting, flame-broiled beef.
      *  Oven-Baked Potato -- A hot, freshly baked potato served with sour
         cream, butter and chives.  The potato can be topped with cheese for an
         additional charge.
      *  Two Crispy Tacos -- Seasoned ground beef, lettuce, cheese and salsa
         all wrapped in two crispy, golden tortillas.
      *  Garden Salad -- A blend of iceberg and romaine lettuce, ripe tomatoes,
         shredded carrots and red cabbage, served with crunchy croutons and a
         choice of five KRAFT(R) dressings, including a reduced fat option.
      "The Grilled Sourdough Burger and Bacon Cheeseburger are bigger than the
 competition and are preferred because they are flame-broiled," Clouser said.
 "And they allow us to reaffirm the quality of our burgers as we recently
 learned in a nationwide independent survey that consumers vote BURGER KING(R)
 restaurants as the 'Best Place for Burgers.'"**
      *  Five-Piece CHICKEN TENDERS(R) -- Five pieces of all white meat chicken
         tenders with seasoned breading and a choice of dipping sauce -- BBQ,
         sweet & sour and honey.
      *  99 cent Onion Rings -- Delicious crispy Onion Rings served with our
         original Zesty Dipping Sauce.
      *  99 cent French Fries -- A generous portion of hot, crispy golden
         French Fries.
      *  Old Fashioned Ice Cream Shakes -- Rich shakes made with real ice
         cream, available in three delicious flavors: vanilla, chocolate or
      *  99 cent Soft Drink -- Your favorite ice-cold soft drink.
     As a perfect complement to the food items on the new 99 cent BK VALUE
 MENU(TM), many markets also feature fresh desserts all at 99 cents.  Items
      *  NESTLE(R) TOLL HOUSE(R) Cookies -- Two freshly baked chocolate chip
         cookies served warm.
      *  Apple Pies -- Freshly baked apple pie served warm.
      *  HERSHEY'S(R) Sundae Pies -- A sundae pie with rich vanilla ice cream
         topped with chocolate fudge and pieces of real chocolate.
      *  99 cent Frozen COKE(R) or CHERRY MINUTE MAID(R) -- An icy, cold,
         whipped treat.
     Burger King Corporation will showcase fifteen new "Reality TV" advertising
 for the new 99 cent BK VALUE MENU(TM) starting September 15th.  In the ads,
 the new menu board "speaks for itself" -- literally!  Deutsch, Inc. created
 television ads, which feature the voice of actor/comedian Adam Carolla, take
 reality TV to the next level by capturing the public's uncensored reactions to
 a talking 99 cent BK VALUE MENU(TM) board.
     The ads "star" ordinary people and capture their reactions as they
 interact with the "talking" menu board.  A real BURGER KING(R) menu board with
 a speaker and hidden camera appears at everyday locations like an elevator,
 the zoo, a golf course, the San Diego Marathon, and other surprise locations.
 Comedian Adam Carolla provides the voice for the 99 cent BK VALUE MENU(TM)
 board as he "talks" to unsuspecting passersby about the 11 great items on the
 new 99 cent BK VALUE MENU(TM).   The spots refresh the HAVE IT YOUR WAY(R)
 message at BURGER KING(R) and emphasize the variety of the new value menu by
 telling viewers that, "now you can have it your way in more ways."
     In addition to the television spots, the advertising campaign will include
 radio -- also featuring the distinctive voice of Carolla -- and print
     "We have tested these reality TV ads in focus groups across the country
 with outstanding results," said Rick Dow, senior vice president, marketing
 programs and sales.  "The ads are an amusing way to deliver our message about
 value at BURGER KING(R).  We have fifteen of the 30- and 15-second spots ready
 to go, starting Sunday, September 15."
     Burger King Corporation was founded in 1954 and created the American icon,
 the HOME OF THE WHOPPER(R), in 1957.  The company and its franchisees operate
 more than 11,450 restaurants in all 50 states and 58 countries and territories
 around the world, with 91% of BURGER KING(R) restaurants owned and operated by
 independent franchisees.  Since the company's founding in Miami in 1954, the
 BURGER KING(R) brand has become recognized for great flame-broiled taste and
 HAVE IT YOUR WAY(R) food customization.  BURGER KING(R) restaurants were
 recently voted "Best Place for Burgers"*.  In the fiscal year ending June 30,
 2002, the BURGER KING(R) system had system-wide sales of $11.3 billion.
 Burger King Corporation is a part of Diageo (NYSE:   DEO), the international
 food and drinks company.  To learn more about the BURGER KING(R) system,
 please visit the company's website at http://www.burgerking.com .
     * Based on a nationwide preference survey conducted November -- December
        2001 by an independent research firm.
     ** The "Best Place for Burgers" is based on a June 2002 telephone survey
         of adults 18 and older who have eaten in a fast food hamburger
         restaurant in the previous 30 days.
     ***Based on a June 2002 nationwide telephone survey conducted by an
         independent research firm of adults 18 and older who have eaten in
         fast food hamburger restaurants in the previous 30 days.
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