Business Leaders Converge at Corporate Performance Management Webinar

Longview Solutions, Exelon, and Deloitte Consulting to share best

practices in March 20 Webinar - "Swear By Your Numbers - Not At Them,"

Feb 25, 2003, 00:00 ET from Longview Solutions

    PHILADELPHIA, PA, and TORONTO, ON, Feb. 25 /PRNewswire/ - "Swear By Your
 Numbers - Not At Them," a Webinar for professionals exploring best practices
 in corporate performance management (CPM), will broadcast on March 20, 2003 at
 11:00 am EST. Hosted by Longview Solutions, Exelon Corporation, and Deloitte
 Consulting, the Web seminar, focusing on the benefits of real-time access to a
 single enterprise-wide source of financial data, will enable financial
 executives to explore emerging trends and opportunities in CPM. The Webinar is
 free. To register, click on
     "Given political and economic uncertainty along with the increased need
 for transparency and real-time data, there is only one prediction about the
 financial future that anyone feels confident to make," said Matt Townley,
 President and CEO, Longview Solutions. "Those organizations that will succeed
 are those that evoke the most accurate state of the enterprise to plan for,
 react to, and manage change and volatility from a position of knowledge."
     "Enterprise-wide financial truth raises complex challenges for global
 organizations," said Dave Murray, CFO, Longview Solutions. "It might be easy
 for McDonald's to create a hamburger that tastes the same, no matter what
 country it is served in, but it is not easy for a global enterprise to apply
 the same business rules, accounting principles, and financial reporting
 practices to operations in different countries. To paint an accurate financial
 picture, global enterprises have to put in place a system that compiles
 financial data from geographically dispersed divisions using a myriad of
 technological applications, and a variety of accounting practices, business
 rules, and cultural expectations."
     "Swear By Your Numbers - Not At Them" will address the four tenets for
 today's global CPM:
     -   Demand honest, forthright, true financial data
     -   Prepare for the unknown - today's forecasting mantra
     -   Focus people on the bigger picture
     -   Keep consistent processes at the forefront
     Keynote speakers from Longview Solutions, Exelon Corporation, and
 Deloitte Consulting include:
     -   John Power, VP, Client Services, Longview Solutions
     -   Robert Poggensee, Manager IT Projects, Exelon Corporation
     -   Thomas Childs, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting
     Longview Solutions, Exelon Corporation, and Deloitte Consulting will
 address the trends, the likely scenarios, and the predictions in CPM on
 March 20, 2003 at 11:00 am EST. Register at
     About Exelon Corporation
     Exelon Corporation is one of the nation's largest electric utilities with
 approximately 5 million customers and more than $15 billion in annual
 revenues. The company has one of the industry's largest portfolios of
 electricity generation capacity, with a nationwide reach and strong positions
 in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic. Exelon distributes electricity to
 approximately 5 million customers in Illinois and Pennsylvania and gas to more
 than 440,000 customers in the Philadelphia area. The company also has holdings
 in such competitive businesses as energy, infrastructure services, energy
 services and telecommunications. Exelon is headquartered in Chicago and trades
 on the NYSE under the ticker EXC. (
     About Deloitte Consulting
     Deloitte Consulting is one of the world's leading management consulting
 firms, and is uniquely known for its straightforward approach to solving
 today's most complex business challenges. Deloitte Consultants work hand-in-
 hand with clients to improve business performance, drive shareholder value,
 and create competitive advantage. The firm has 15,000 professionals in 33
 countries, and serves more than one-third of the companies in the Global
 Fortune(R) 500. It is the only consulting firm with five straight appearances
 on Fortune Magazine's list of "100 Best Companies to Work for in America."
     About Longview Solutions
     Longview Solutions makes Corporate Performance Management applications
 for large global companies. Our proven global solution incorporates
 technology, consulting, implementation, and education. It empowers fast and
 accurate business decisions and increases your business productivity by
 providing immediate and reliable access to vital enterprise-wide data. Our
 software, Khalix(R) by Longview Solutions, is an integrated application that
 supports the diverse needs of the CFO, ranging from Management Reporting to
 Planning, Consolidation, and Analysis. Since 1994, Longview Solutions
 headquartered in Philadelphia and Toronto has established a growing list of
 global clients who are leaders in their respective industries.

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