Butter Cow Continues Its Presence at the Iowa State Fair

Aug 01, 2002, 01:00 ET from Midwest Dairy Association

    ANKENY, Iowa, Aug. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- The butter cow continues its presence
 at the Iowa State Fair for the 43rd year.  This year, however, the butter cow
 will be accompanied by several characters from the cartoon Peanuts.
 Characters represented will include Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Sally and
 others.  In past years the butter cow has been part of themes such as John
 Wayne and the Last Supper.
     "The butter cow ranks among the top three things people look for at the
 Iowa State Fair," said Kevin Stiles, vice president of marketing and corporate
 communications for Midwest Dairy Association.  "We appreciate the chance to
 partner with Duffy in promoting dairy products and the dairy industry.
 Through fun, innovative checkoff programs like this dairy farmers have been
 successful in creating interest in their delicious and wholesome products."
     The butter cow enables its creator, Duffy Lyon, to pay tribute to the hard
 work and dedication of so many dairy families by promoting butter and other
 dairy products.  "I enjoy, in my own creative way, promoting the dairy
 industry and informing the public of the commitment of many hard-working dairy
 farmers in producing a high quality product," said Duffy.
     Duffy's work takes months of preparation.  She starts out by doing
 research on the breed she will be creating.  She then moves on to the drawing
 board to make several sketches of her design.  With about 500 to 600 pounds of
 butter, enough to make 42,000 cookies, at hand Duffy sculpts it into the life-
 like shape of a cow.
     Duffy's sculptures are known, not only in Iowa, but also in many other
 parts of United States.  Her sculptures have been featured in Life, Time,
 People Magazine, The Today Show and many others.
     Duffy's dual love of sculpting and dairy have come together to form an
 Iowa state fair icon simply known as the butter cow, and she has no plans of
 stopping her extraordinary art.  "I plan to continue making the butter cow as
 long as I can stand on my two feet," said Duffy.
     Midwest Dairy Association invites everyone to come and see the butter cow
 this year at the Iowa State Fair August 8-18, 2002, and watch for next year's
 "butter" tribute to the 100th anniversary of Harley Davidson.
     Midwest Dairy Association is a non-profit organization funded by dairy
 farmers to build demand for dairy products through advertising, marketing,
 nutrition education and research.  During the past three years, cheese and
 fluid milk advertising programs were responsible for selling an additional
 1.5 billion pounds of milk annually, according to USDA reports.  Since the
 national program began in 1984 per capita consumption of dairy products has
 grown from 519 pounds to approximately 600 pounds.
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SOURCE Midwest Dairy Association