Cable Operators Embrace EMA to Grow Customer Value

Nov 13, 2003, 00:00 ET from Knotice, Ltd.

    AKRON, Ohio, Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- In a mid-quarter progress report,
 Knotice, Ltd., a leading provider of eBusiness Market Automation (EMA)
 solutions to the cable industry, announced that its flagship platform,
 Prospero EMA, had been adopted in more than twenty major cable markets across
 the United States.
     "Cable operators' adoption and deployment of Prospero EMA has been
 steady," said Brian Deagan, Knotice Chief Executive Officer. "Our current
 market penetration represents a significant milestone for Knotice, validates
 our direction, and, I believe, clearly puts us in a position of leadership
 within the industry."
     The Knotice management team credits this success to the distinctive
 approach of Prospero EMA to electronic communications.
     "When we initially talk to operators about outbound electronic customer
 communications, we see a lot of intrigue and support for what we're doing.
 However, we're also finding that some operators are hesitant because they've
 heard of, or personally experienced, some of the potential pitfalls when
 electronic channels like email are not used properly," said Eric Williams,
 Knotice Executive Vice President of Sales.  "We've listened, and have provided
 a truly unique response with EMA Performance.  Each package is designed 100%
 around the broadband consumer, follows established best-practices for opt-in
 communications, and can be in-market within a matter of weeks.  And most
 importantly, it's risk free because all ongoing fees are entirely performance-
     The progress report also contains forecasts of accelerated market adoption
 throughout the remainder of 2003 and well into the first quarter of 2004.  The
 increased expectations are related to the recent release of the EMA
 Performance Packages.  According to Mr. Deagan, "The Pilot, Pro, and Premium
 packages are designed to simplify the process of launching an electronic
 communication program, enabling any cable operator to get exactly what they
 want back from that program. Marketers can decide at a glance precisely what
 they want for their outgoing messaging and what they want to receive from the
 inbound reporting and processing... as well as how each package can help them
 achieve it."
     About Knotice
     Knotice, Ltd., headquartered in Akron, Ohio, is a leading provider of
 eBusiness Market Automation solutions to the broadband industry.  The
 company's focus is to enable broadband operators to better manage and grow
 customer relationships through highly targeted one-to-one customer
 communication.  Prospero EMA, the company's flagship platform, allows
 broadband operators to electronically deliver and manage outbound and inbound
 customer communications, centrally store and enrich household profiles, and
 gain real-time access to actionable customer and market-level data.  Knotice,
 Ltd. is a privately held, profitable company with customers throughout the
 United States.

SOURCE Knotice, Ltd.