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    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Let's face it -- playing
 Santa can be a challenge at best. All too often, attempts at merry making
 prompt the dreaded, last minute "mall crawl of desperation" that usually
 results in spending far more money than you had intended.
     To help Americans gift with ease and confidence this year, ( -- among the world's leading
 purveyors of cable, wire and equipment management solutions, offers this
 unique list of gotta-get-em gadgets and gear that will keep the gift
 recipient duly appreciative all year through:
     -- iPod(R) cord control.  The Cableyoyo(TM) POP is one nifty solution
        designed to store and protect iPod and other ear bud cords. This tiny
        cord winder keeps a headset organized and ready for use, and can be
        fastened to a belt clip, armband, shirt pocket, or bag.  It also has a
        suction cup for stationary use.  earPod is another great iPod headset
        accessory that houses the wires in a plastic round enclosure to keep
        them from twisting and tangling. The felt-lined center compartment on
        the earPod can even store ear buds and plug to protect them from
        damage or getting lost. (Price Range: $4.99 to $9.99)
     -- Wireless laptop mouse.  Many people prefer a laptop computer for
        mobility -- especially those who travel a great deal. But, after using
        the touch pad on a laptop for a few days, wrists, hands and fingers
        ache for a more ergonomic solution.  A Belkin Rechargeable Wireless
        optical mouse is a great gift since it is cordless, works for both
        right and left hand users, and features the popular scroll wheel.
        (Price Range: $49.99 to $ 69.99)
     -- Universal remote control.  Get him a stocking stuffer he 'really' wants
        -- a universal remote control that will allow him to relax to the
        fullest extent in his easy chair. The Logitech(R) Harmony(R) is one
        advanced universal remote that can control all entertainment systems
        with the touch of a button. Its "Web Wizard" feature makes setup
        programming a snap.  (Price Range: $129.99 to $269.99)
     -- Multi-gadget charger.  From cell phones to iPods to your child's
        GameBoy, gadgets reign supreme in many households. But, most need to
        be charged to remain functional.  For that person with so many gadgets
        to charge but so little time, multi-device chargers such as The Power
        Station Traveler(TM), which can charge up to 3 small portable devices
        simultaneously, will allow the recipient to tote an array of fully
        functional electronics with ease. (Price Range: $19.95 to $32.99)
     -- Protective casing. For that person who's particularly "hard" on their
        portable electronics such as cell phones, PDA's and pagers and other
        personal gadgets, the Pelican Micro Case Series(TM) is a great
        solution.  With a variety of fun colors to choose from, these
        polycarbonate watertight, impact absorbing cases protect small
        electronics and other valuables from wear and tear, accidental drops
        and other damage, and are small enough to fit snugly into a backpack,
        purse, briefcase or other carry on.  (Price Range: $7.44 to $ 16.77)
     -- Watts up? Want to save someone some real dough amid rising energy
        costs? Handy devices such as the Watts Up?(TM) electricity meter will
        determine what each standard 120 volt AC electric device will cost to
        operate. No more guesswork about how much it'll cost to power
        something over a short or long span of time. These types of
        electricity meters will quickly display the wattage and the electrical
        usage cost of the appliance. Now "that's" a bright gift idea! (Price
        Range: $72.95 to $195.95)
     -- Top-grain leather tool bags & totes.  Made from high quality leather,
        mom can execute her home improvement or repair project in style! These
        attractive and functional Klein(R) Tool bags come in various sizes,
        allowing for multiple uses and versatility along with long-lasting
        durability.  (Price Range: from $32.43)
     -- Suede deerskin work gloves. These gloves have a soft, form-fitting
        design and pile lining, which make any work comfortable for the hands.
        (Price Range: $35.52)
     -- Label printers.   While a label printer may not be on everyone's "gotta
        have it" holiday wish list, these nifty gadgets are actually a luxury
        that people become die-hard addicts to once they own one. Perhaps the
        most versatile gadget on earth, with dozens of makes and models to
        choose from, label printers have a myriad of possible uses both
        personal and professional. From filing systems to scrapbooking to
        luggage tags to storage containers to love notes, this unexpected gift
        is a sure-fire winner.  (Price Range: $7.99 to $799.99)
     -- Cushioned 7-piece screw driver and nut driver sets. Sets contain a
        convenient selection of popular screwdrivers and nut drivers complete
        with a deluxe Cushion-Grip designed for extra-long, dependable service
        and unbeatable comfort. Color-coded cap identifies hex size. The
        comfortable Cushion-Grip is locked around a solid plastic handle.
        (Price Range: from $50.47)
     -- Art screens. Imagine state-of-the-art technology that, at the touch of
        a button, transforms a wall-mounted painting into a high tech video
        display. ArtScreen(TM) makes that a reality. What once was a beautiful
        piece of art is now a plasma television!  Inside a beautiful hardwood
        frame, the artwork ascends or descends with the touch of a remote
        control. When the screen or television is not in use, an artistic
        image of the purchaser's choosing is displayed within the frame. When
        the artwork is retracted, the video display is visible for viewing
        within the lovely framing. (Price Range: $2,595.00 to $4,395.00)
     Shop for these and other unconventional holiday gifts online at, or call the company toll-free at 1-866-222-0030.