Calabrio and CSD Efficiently Connect Deaf Community to Outside World

99.5% Accuracy Rate Takes Guesswork Out of Workforce Management

Apr 18, 2006, 01:00 ET from Calabrio, Inc.

    MONTREAL, April 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Calabrio, Inc., a leading provider
 of contact center workforce management (WFM) solutions, today announced
 working with Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc. (CSD) to reengineer
 its complex and unique contact center operations. With Calabrio's
 technology in place, CSD can now solve costly challenges in many contact
 center locations to more effectively serve the deaf and hard-of-hearing
     CSD is evolving the contact center industry with its innovative "video
 relay service" to communicate with deaf callers, given the growing
 popularity of broadband Internet which enables richer communications beyond
 the usual teletype. This unique service enables callers to more easily and
 quickly communicate through sign language interpreters, 24 hours a day,
 seven days a week. CSD is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing
 a broad continuum of social and human service programs, as well as
 telecommunications relay services.
     But on top of the thousands of calls it receives every day in its video
 relay division alone, CSD's challenges include running dozens of other
 contact centers in a fast-paced environment. Because its call center agents
 are highly qualified and specialized, it needed to ensure it was making the
 best use of that scarce resource. More than simply certified interpreters
 with 5-10 years of experience, the agents also need to be knowledgeable
 about the myriad issues that a person could possibly call about. Like many
 contact centers, CSD usually erred on the side of overstaffing to ensure
 service levels would be met, but this was an expensive strategy given its
 labor costs.
     Benjamin Soukup, chief executive officer for CSD, explained, "We needed
 a much more accurate workforce management system than our homegrown method
 of pulling data from switch reports and crunching numbers on a calculator.
 As a non-profit organization, we always look for affordability as well as
 effectiveness in our solutions. After evaluating several systems, including
 the largest WFM vendors, we chose Calabrio as the one with the best price,
 features, services and support to meet our needs."
     With Calabrio's ability to help its customer achieve an unprecedented
 accuracy of 99.5% and greater, CSD could now take the guesswork out of
 forecasting and scheduling. This precision reduced CSD's need for
 overstaffing, thereby generating immediate savings. By deploying its agents
 more intelligently and efficiently, CSD could ensure that community
 interpreting services would not be compromised from the increased demand
 for video relay interpreting.
     "We are proud to work with CSD in helping them open up the world to the
 deaf and hard-of-hearing community," said Rene LeBel, chief executive
 officer and founder of Calabrio. "CSD is reinventing their industry --
 providing functionally-equivalent telephone access for all deaf and
 hard-of-hearing Americans. With Calabrio, CSD is making the most out of its
 precious resources, to the benefit of the people it serves."
     About CSD
     CSD (a.k.a. Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc.) was established
 in 1975, primarily to provide sign language interpreting services to deaf
 and hard of hearing adults in South Dakota. Today, CSD employs over 3,000
 individuals in offices across the nation, providing a broad continuum of
 social and human service programs, as well as telecommunications relay
 services. CSD is a private nonprofit agency dedicated to providing quality
 services; ensuring public accessibility; and increasing awareness of issues
 affecting the deaf, hard of hearing and individuals with speech
 disabilities. For more information, please visit
     About Calabrio, Inc.
     Calabrio's workforce management solutions are used by companies
 worldwide, such as Blue Cross, Direct TV, MasterCard, MBNA, Sears and
 hundreds more. From our start in 1995 -- and now with offices in Canada,
 United States and Europe -- Calabrio is one of the very first to give
 multi-site and multi-channel management capabilities to today's evolving
 contact centers. Unlike competitors, Calabrio offers an unmatched
 forecasting and scheduling accuracy of up to 99.5% as well as a full range
 of additional capabilities at no extra charge, such as skills- and
 performance-based scheduling, KPIs, payroll integration, and much more. As
 a result, our customers can dramatically improve productivity, employee
 satisfaction and efficiency, which in turn drive customer service and
 profitability. For more information, please visit
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