Caldera Ships Caldera Volution - The First Comprehensive Linux Systems Management Solution

Caldera Moves Linux Towards the Enterprise with Linux-neutral,

Web-based, Remote Management

Jan 16, 2001, 00:00 ET from Caldera Systems, Inc.

    OREM, Utah, Jan. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Caldera Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:   CALD),
 today announced the release of Caldera(R) Volution(TM) ("Volution"), a
 comprehensive Linux management solution that reduces the cost of implementing
 and managing Linux systems.  With Caldera Volution, administrators can use
 policies and profiles to manage thousands of Linux systems, without having to
 individually manage or touch each.  Volution is distribution-neutral --
 designed to work with all major Linux distributions, and provides broad
 management functions.  To read industry reaction and what Volution users are
 saying visit
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     Volution will significantly benefit ASPs, ISPs, hosting companies, systems
 integrators and network administrators -- anyone needing to manage multiple
 Linux servers and desktops.
     "The lack of Linux management solutions has been a barrier impeding Linux
 adoption in enterprises," said Bill Claybrook, research director for Linux and
 UNIX of Aberdeen Group.  "Caldera Volution is a significant entry into the
 Linux management space because of its comprehensiveness and Linux neutrality.
 Enterprise administrators need a Linux-neutral solution to help them manage
 constantly changing Open Source software."
     Caldera Volution is a Web-based remote management solution that allows
 administrators to manage Linux systems from anywhere at anytime.  It is
 directory-based utilizing the inherent strengths of LDAP directories.
 Directories provide two major benefits:  They give administrators a place to
 not only store information, but a logical and intuitive way of managing
 network resources.  Volution supports three major LDAP directories, Novell's
 eDirectory, OpenLDAP and iPlanet.  OpenLDAP and eDirectory ship with the
     "The strength of Caldera Volution is in its ability to manage all the
 Linux systems at a specific location as a discrete unit," said Patrick M
 Ebert, manager of technical services and support at HON Industries, one of the
 world's largest manufacturers of office furniture.  "We expect it to
 significantly reduce the cost of managing the Linux systems on our WAN.  As a
 beta site we felt that Caldera Volution would help us successfully manage our
 environment.  We are implementing it throughout our enterprise: a wide area
 network with 300 Intermec 5055 wireless industrial touch screen PCs across
 18 locations."
     Key Features
     --  Supports all major Linux distributions
     --  Secure Web-based management console
     --  Electronic software distribution -- installs and removes applications
         on remote Linux systems
     --  Hardware and software inventory
     --  Health monitoring of Linux systems
     --  Linux printer configuration
     --  Scheduler/Global event system
     --  Policy-based management
     --  Customizable machine profiling
     --  Data repository based on an LDAP V3 directory
     "In addition to its comprehensiveness, Caldera Volution distinguishes
 itself in other areas," said Ransom Love, president and CEO of Caldera
 Systems.  "Our model is to empower administrators.  We believe administrators
 want and need control of their Linux systems.  We're also shipping Volution in
 nine additional languages which shows it's ready for deployment in small to
 large businesses worldwide."
     Pricing, Availability and Support
     The suggested list price for Caldera Volution is US $2995.  Volution ships
 with the Volution software, Novell eDirectory and OpenLDAP, a secure Web
 server and licenses to manage up to 10 nodes.  Additional nodes are sold
     All international versions of Caldera Volution will be available within
 30 days.  They include: Chinese -- simplified and traditional, French,
 Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese.
     To purchase Caldera Volution dial 1-888-GoLinux, visit or e-mail
     Multiple support options are available from Caldera Systems or your local
     For more information about Caldera Volution visit
     What they're saying about Volution
     Ted Shelton
     Senior Vice President of Business Development
     "Borland congratulates Caldera on the release of their Volution systems
 management solution.  We firmly believe the availability of enterprise-ready
 applications like Caldera's Volution will lead to wider adoption for Linux,
 and we look forward to working with Caldera to make Linux a productive
 development and deployment environment."
     Computer Associates
     Allan Anderson
     Vice President Brand Management
     "CA and Caldera share a common goal to produce viable solutions for
 utilizing Linux in corporate environments.  Through Unicenter TNG and
 Caldera's Volution companies can rest assured that a comprehensive enterprise
 management solution is readily available.  We look forward to providing
 management solutions to our mutual customers."
     Georg-Simon-Ohm-University of Applied Sciences Nuernberg
     Thomas Ulrich
     System Administration
     "Caldera Volution currently is the only available management solution for
 Linux and perfectly fits our needs. Using the software distribution and other
 administration features (e.g. hardware-alerts), this product enables us to
 manage our large Linux computer pools -- doing so entirely Web-based and
 without the need to take care of every single system."
     Legend Computer, Ltd.
     Chen Weiqiang
     R&D Engineer
     "Caldera Volution is a practical product with extensive capabilities.  A
 true network management tool, it gives administrators power over software
 distribution, hardware and software inventory, and system health monitoring.
 We see that it will effectively reduce the total cost of ownership for
 implementing Linux networks."
     Novell, Inc.
     Ed Anderson
     Director of Product Management, Net Directory business unit
     "The integration of eDirectory with Caldera Volution offers exceptional
 value and performance to customers seeking secure and flexible management of
 their Linux networks.  As the world's most largely deployed directory service,
 eDirectory provides a solid foundation for eBusiness.  With the ability to
 support all standard access protocols and to work across all leading operating
 systems, eDirectory is the only directory that can eliminate barriers between
 network resources, enabling the Internet, intranets and extranets to work
 together as one Net.  Novell is pleased to partner with Caldera in delivering
 a secure, powerful and cost-effective tool for managing Linux networks."
     Caldera Systems, Inc.
     Caldera Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:   CALD) is a "Linux for Business" technology
 leader in developing and marketing successful Linux-based business solutions,
 including its award-winning OpenLinux, NetWare for Linux, Linux technical
 training, certification and support -- with free 30-day phone support and
 on-site consulting.  Caldera OpenLearning Providers offer exceptional
 distribution-neutral Linux training and certification based on Linux
 Professional Institute (LPI(TM)) certification standards.  Caldera Systems
 supports the open source community and is a leader in, and advocate of Linux
 Standard Base (LSB(TM)) and LPI(TM).
     Caldera, Inc. was co-founded in 1994 by Ransom Love.  Caldera Systems,
 Inc. was founded by Ransom Love in 1998 to develop Linux-based business
 solutions.  Based in Orem, UT, Caldera Systems has offices and 1000+ resellers
 worldwide.  For more information, see or in the US call
 888-GO-Linux (888-465-4689).
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