Calkins Racing Team Welcomes New Sponsor

May 18, 1998, 01:00 ET from International Star Registry

    INDIANAPOLIS, May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Wishing upon a star paid off for Buzz
 Calkins, Bradley Motorsports IRL driver, this year for the Indianapolis 500.
 Calkins gained a unique sponsor, the International Star Registry.
     Calkins is ready to qualify for the Indianapolis 500 with a newly designed
 car.  "My goal at this point is to win the Indianapolis 500 and another IRL
 championship," said Calkins.
     Calkins' new sponsor, International Star Registry, is a direct response
 firm based in Chicago that allows a client to name a star.  All star names are
 listed in the master registry which is published and listed with the U.S.
 Copyright Office in Washington, D.C.
     "Sponsoring a car at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been a goal for
 us for a while," said Rocky Mosele, vice president and director of marketing
 for International Star Registry.  "We are happy to be a part of Buzz Calkins'
 race team this May."
     International Star Registry is also sponsoring a Star Car Fund.  This fund
 helps support and promote young race car drivers around the U.S.
 International Star Registry will donate $24 to the fund for each star gift
 package sold through the Indianapolis 500 weekend.
     Calkins and International Star Registry have also been involved with the
 not-for-profit organization, Natural Ties.  This group increases the awareness
 for full participation in college communities by creating friendships between
 young adults with and without disabilities.  Natural Ties founder and
 president, Pat Hughes Jr., will bring five students from the organization to
 visit Indianapolis during the qualifications and race weekends.  Calkins has
 provided continued support for this not-for-profit organization since 1995.
     "Buzz embodies our mission by regularly including people with disabilities
 in his life," says Hughes.  "By opening himself up to new friends and new
 challenges, he shows us that anybody can include people with disabilities."
     Invincible Sportswear is providing all clothing and patches for Buzz
 Calkins and his racing team at this year's running of the Indianapolis 500.
     "We are very excited to have the opportunity to be a part of Buzz Calkins'
 Bradley Motorsports team," said Eric Colton, president of Invincible
     For more information on Buzz Calkins and Bradley Motorsports,
 International Star Registry or Natural Ties, please contact Maria Miller at
 317-554-6364, Michelle Greenwalt at 317-554-6362 or Kay Millar at

SOURCE International Star Registry