Call for Journalists to Enter the Embrace Award for Accurate, Responsible and Sensitive Reporting of Urinary Incontinence

Mar 29, 2006, 00:00 ET from Eli Lilly and Company from ,Boehringer Ingelheim

    INDIANAPOLIS and INGELHEIM, Germany, March 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ --
 The Embrace Award, a global initiative which recognises accurate, responsible
 and sensitive reporting of urinary incontinence (UI), is open for entries from
 journalists around the world. UI is described by the World Health Organisation
 (WHO) as a widespread global disease and one of the last medical taboos,(1)
 affecting one in every three women at some time in their lives.(2,3) This
 debilitating medical condition imposes a significant emotional and physical
 burden on women who suffer from it,(4) making them afraid to undertake
 everyday activities such as playing with their children, laughing with their
 friends or simply leaving their home for fear of an accidental leak.
     The Embrace Award is open to consumer and medical journalists from print,
 on-line and broadcast media outlets from around the world. Entries will be
 accepted on all topics relating to the causes, types, prevalence, management
 and impact of urinary incontinence.
     An independent panel of leading journalists and incontinence experts will
 be judging the entries:
     *  Professor Philip van Kerrebroeck (NL), University Hospital, Maastricht
     *  Jeanette Haslam (UK), Physiotherapist, Association for Continence
        Advice & Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Women's Health
     *  Dr Ulrike Hennemann (Germany), Chief Editor and CEO, Medical Tribune
     *  Dr Thomas Stuttaford (UK), Medical Correspondent, The Times
     *  Adriana Hammeken (Mexico), Broadcast Journalist, TV program 'What Women
        Keep in Secret'
     Jeanette Haslam, member of the Embrace Award judging panel, comments: "The
 award is an excellent opportunity for journalists to be recognised for their
 efforts to help increase understanding and awareness of UI. Coverage in the
 media will encourage sufferers to seek help from healthcare professionals and
 break down the taboo that still surrounds UI."
     The winning journalists will be rewarded with an opportunity to visit
 places where some of the female Nobel Prize Laureates have lived: Washington
 D.C., USA (Toni Morrison); Paris, France (Marie Curie) and Oxford, UK (Aung
 San Suu Kyi). These three outstanding women excelled in their fields; inspired
 others through their words, discoveries, determination and compassion, and
 challenged people with their ideas. Much in the same way, the winning
 journalists will have helped to challenge perceptions about UI.
     For more information please visit or contact the
 Embrace Award Secretariat at The closing date for
 entries is 01 June 2006.
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SOURCE Eli Lilly and Company; Boehringer Ingelheim