Callaway Golf Introduces Hawk Eye(R) Tungsten Injected Titanium Irons - The Best Titanium Irons Callaway Has Ever Created

Sep 13, 1999, 01:00 ET from Callaway Golf Company

    CARLSBAD, Calif., Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- In a technological breakthrough
 designed to help golfers take control of their iron shots and inject more fun
 into their games, Callaway Golf Company (NYSE:   ELY) announces the introduction
 of Hawk Eye Tungsten Injected Titanium Irons.  Each of these revolutionary new
 irons is injected with the exclusive new Callaway Tungsten Weight Matrix, a
 heavy mixture of tungsten and other metals that creates a precisely placed,
 extremely low center of gravity to help golfers hit shots with optimum
 trajectory and maximum forgiveness.
     Created as the premium companion to the best-selling Great Big Bertha(R)
 Hawk Eye Titanium Woods, the Hawk Eye Tungsten Injected Titanium Irons also
 are loaded with the superior design features and playability benefits that
 golfers worldwide have come to expect from Callaway Golf.  The new Hawk Eye
 Tungsten Injected Titanium Irons are now available in select golf shops across
 the country, replacing the Company's previous line of Great Big Bertha
 Tungsten*Titanium Irons.
     Designed by Callaway's Senior Executive Vice President and Chief of New
 Golf Club Products Richard C. Helmstetter and his team, the Hawk Eye Tungsten
 Injected Titanium Irons have a number of significant new design features.
 Each Hawk Eye Iron is cast from titanium with an interior weight cavity that
 runs inside the length of the clubhead's sole and extends upward behind the
 center of the clubface.  Small, uniformly sized tungsten spheres are placed
 low and deep in the weight cavity, which is then injected with a dense molten
 metal.  This molten metal surrounds each of the tungsten spheres and locks
 them in place as the mixture cools, melding into our exclusive Callaway
 Tungsten Weight Matrix.  In a Hawk Eye 5-iron, the super heavy Callaway
 Tungsten Weight Matrix constitutes only 27 percent of the clubhead's volume
 while accounting for 45 percent of its weight.
     "In the modern game, in irons, control is what you want," Mr. Helmstetter
 said.  "You want the ball to hit and stop, not hit the green and roll like a
 driver.  The Hawk Eye Irons were designed to produce that trajectory,
 flighting the ball high and landing soft.  This is a direct result of using
 the Callaway Tungsten Weight Matrix to create a substantially lower center of
 gravity in these irons compared to any other irons we've ever designed.  For
 example, the Hawk Eye 5-iron has a center of gravity that is approximately
 24 percent lower than both the Great Big Bertha Tungsten*Titanium and Big
 Bertha X-12(R) 5-irons.  And because the weight is spread across the sole of
 the club, there's greater resistance to twisting on off-center hits for added
     The Callaway Tungsten Weight Matrix allows Callaway Golf to position the
 center of gravity in the best possible location in each of the Hawk Eye
 Tungsten Injected Titanium Irons.  In the long irons, the Callaway Tungsten
 Weight Matrix creates the lowest center of gravity in any iron design in the
 Company's history to help create a high ball flight.  In the short irons, the
 Callaway Tungsten Weight Matrix is fine-tuned to provide a slightly higher
 center of gravity to enhance control and optimize trajectory.
     As with every new Callaway Golf product introduced since the Company first
 revolutionized the industry with the original Big Bertha(R) Driver, Hawk Eye
 Tungsten Injected Titanium Irons have been designed to be demonstrably
 superior to, and pleasingly different from, any comparable golf club on the
 market.  Hawk Eye Tungsten Injected Titanium Irons conform to United States
 Golf Association Rules.
     "We are going to great lengths to illustrate the benefits of our new Hawk
 Eye Irons to consumers and the trade," said Bruce Parker, President of
 Callaway Golf Sales Company.  "These irons present a challenge to us, because
 even though they are by far the best-performing titanium irons we've ever
 made, the lion's share of the technology involved is hidden inside the
 clubhead, and is therefore not visible.  We are confident that once golfers
 hit the Hawk Eye Irons, they will easily see and feel the performance benefits
 we have built in."
     Other design features of Hawk Eye Tungsten Injected Titanium Irons include
 a new sole design and an elegant new look for the clubhead.  Hawk Eye Irons
 feature a four-way cambered sole to help reduce digging on shots from the
 fairway.  This feature also helps the clubheads to glide more easily through
 thick rough and sand.  Golfers will also notice the striking, more traditional
 appearance of the Hawk Eye Irons, including a sandblasted face and a thinner
 topline.  Of course, Hawk Eye Tungsten Injected Titanium Irons also include
 proven Callaway Golf design features such as S2H2(R) (Short Straight Hollow
 Hosel) and Tru-Bore(R) Technology for unmatched perimeter weighting and feel.
 Hawk Eye Irons also utilize the patented 360-degree variable undercut channel
 to help move weight toward the perimeter of the clubhead for solid feel on
 every shot.
     Hawk Eye Tungsten Injected Titanium Irons are available in 1-iron through
 9-iron with pitching, approach, sand and lob wedges.  The complete line of
 Hawk Eye Irons will be available in both right- and left-handed models, as
 well as Ladies' Gems.  Shaft options include the new Hawk Eye Graphite series
 in light, regular, firm and strong flexes, Ladies' Gems Graphite, and the Hawk
 Eye Steel uniflex shaft.  The suggested retail price for the new Hawk Eye
 Tungsten Injected Titanium Irons with graphite shafts is $1,249 for a set of
     Hawk Eye Tungsten Injected Titanium Irons are available in selected retail
 shops across the country.  For more information and for photographs, visit the
 company's Web site at
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