Calling Red Sox Nation! Fabled Franchise Makes Pitch to Boost Home Game Ticket Sales Using StratBridge's StratTix

Team of Williams, Yaz, Big Papi and Dice K sets out to continue record of

consecutive home game sellouts with real-time ticket analysis

Jun 04, 2007, 01:00 ET from StratBridge

    BOSTON, June 4 /PRNewswire/ -- The Boston Red Sox, one of the most
 storied franchises in Major League Baseball, will use StratBridge's
 StratTix ticket analysis software to keep fiercely loyal members of Red Sox
 Nation filling Fenway Park to capacity for home games.
     Winners of the 2004 World Series and off to a scorching start in the
 2007 season, the team of Johnny Pesky, Jimmie Foxx, Pedro Martinez and
 Manny Ramirez boasts the second-best record for consecutive sellouts in the
 league with 335. The team will use StratTix software to pull ticket
 information from different sources to give sales staff a real-time view of
 ticket inventories and trends prior to each home game. This knowledge will
 help the sales team develop strategies weeks in advance or at the last
     "Every Red Sox home game is charged with energy emanating from the
 stands," said Sam Kennedy, Red Sox senior vice president of sales and
 marketing. "StratTix will allow us to see gaps in seating we couldn't see
 before, and it gives us that information in real time. That information
 will keep the energy momentum going for every home game."
     StratTix will provide Red Sox sales staff with a graphical
 representation of Fenway Park that lets them drill down to individual seat
 sales information showing available and sold seating in just two mouse
 clicks. Sales staff will be able to see previously hidden ticket purchase
 patterns and trends within one game, a series or the entire season; track
 the impact marketing campaigns such as advertising, promotions and direct
 mail have on sales, and monitor the effects of price changes on sales both
 visually and quantitatively.
     "Fenway Park is legendary in sports history," said StratBridge Founder
 and CEO Matthew Marolda. "The Red Sox have done an excellent job building a
 perennial contender and feeding fan frenzy in the team. Using StratTix will
 help the franchise provide tickets to fans of all ages, giving more fans a
 chance to root for the team in person. This announcement falls on the heels
 of a press release announcing the Brewers, another first-place team
 enjoying a great start to the season, using StratTix to boost home game
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