Can an Online Exchange Thrive in Your Industry? The Yankee Group Analyzes E-Marketplace Viability in Key Industry Segments

Jul 17, 2000, 01:00 ET from Yankee Group

    BOSTON, July 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Much has been written about the boom and
 bust of the e-marketplace phenomenon.  Over the past 18 months, the many-to-
 many electronic marketplace (e-marketplace) concept has inspired hundreds of
 start-ups to insert themselves as value chain intermediaries.  Global economic
 powerhouses, grounded in the world of bricks, mortar, oil, gas, cars, planes,
 and trains, have also joined the e-marketplace gold rush.
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     In a recent Report, the Yankee Group's BtoB Commerce & Applications (BCA)
 Planning Service identifies and analyzes six criteria that it believes can
 measure business-to-business e-marketplace viability within an industry.
     The Report presents both the criteria and methodology used to analyze
 industries as well as a list of segments ranked from most to least e-
 marketplace-friendly.  Computer and electronic manufacturing, utilities, paper
 manufacturing, truck transportation, and transportation equipment
 manufacturing gained the highest e-marketplace viability rankings among
 industries analyzed.
     "Yankee Group analysts tried to approach this exercise as an unbiased
 discovery process.  We identified viability criteria by assessing current
 technology capabilities and historic inter-enterprise process challenges.  We
 then rated industries according to these criteria and tallied the results,"
 explained Jon Derome, a senior analyst in the Yankee Group's BtoB Commerce &
 Applications Planning Service.
     According to Derome, supply chain inefficiency, fragmentation, and power-
 player participation were a few of the criteria used to assess e-marketplace
 viability.  "Important conditions need to exist in order for an online
 exchange to thrive.  The six e-marketplace viability criteria help identify
 those conditions," said Derome.  "Although the ranked list we generated is
 interesting, it is a snapshot of a specific set of conditions.  The real value
 of an e-marketplace viability study is identifying and explaining criteria
 that can be used to analyze online exchange potential."
     This Report, titled BtoB E-Marketplace Potential: Six Online Exchange
 Success Criteria, is available immediately from the Yankee Group's BtoB
 Commerce & Applications Planning Service.
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