Can Detroit teams become first ever to win the Stanley Cup and NBA Championship in same season? posts odds on never before accomplished feat - Dallas and

New Jersey also in the running

Apr 11, 2006, 01:00 ET from

    NEW YORK, April 11 /PRNewswire/ - Never before in the history of the
 NBA and the NHL have teams from the same city captured both the Stanley Cup
 and NBA Championship in the same season. With the Detroit Red Wings (NHL)
 and Detroit Pistons (NBA) both sitting atop their respective league
 standings, odds makers have posted 7-1 odds on the Motor
 City becoming the first to lay claim to the rare double.
     Other cities in the mix, according to the odds makers at the world's
 largest online sportsbook and casino, are Dallas and New Jersey. Dallas'
 odds are 55-1, with the Mavericks sitting third overall in the NBA and the
 Stars fourth in the NHL. New Jersey is a long shot at 225-1. The Nets own
 the sixth best record in the NBA while the Devils are 11th in the NHL.
     "Detroit and Dallas have teams that are among the very best in each
 sport and are no brainers," says Alex Czajkowski, "New
 Jersey is a long shot but they are the hottest team in the NBA right now,
 and with Brodeur in net for the Devils you have to assume they can make a
 strong run for the Stanley Cup."
     Although the double has never been accomplished, a few cities have come
 close. Since 1946 (when the NBA launched) there have been eight seasons
 where teams from the same city have made it to the final of each league.
 The last time was in 2003, when the Devils defeated Anaheim for the Stanley
 Cup while the Nets suffered at the hands of the Los Angeles Lakers. In
 1994, the New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup while the Knicks lost a
 heartbreaking final to the Houston Rockets. On three occasions the NBA team
 ended up capturing the title while their NHL counterparts lost in the
 final. This was the case in 1992, when the Chicago Bulls beat Portland and
 the Blackhawks lost to Pittsburgh, and it also occurred twice with the
 Celtics, who won the NBA crown in 1974 and 1957 while the Bruins fell to
 Philadelphia and Montreal respectively. Three times both the NHL and NBA
 teams lost in the finals in the same season - the Philadelphia Flyers and
 Sixers in 1980, the New York Rangers and Knicks in 1972 and the Boston
 Bruins and Celtics in 1958.
     "I don't think there have been many seasons when the same city had the
 dominant team in both leagues like Detroit has this year. It'll definitely
 be an interesting run and a wild party in Detroit if they can pull it off,"
 added Czajkowski.
     Will any listed city win both the NHL and NBA Championships in the
 2005/06 season?
     Detroit (Red Wings/Pistons)            7-1
     Dallas (Stars/Mavericks)              55-1
     New Jersey (Devils/Nets)             225-1
     No listed city wins both              1-10
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