Canadian Company Receives Final Tender Approval From Rwanda For Vital AIDS Drug

May 07, 2008, 01:00 ET from Apotex Inc.

    TORONTO, May 7 /PRNewswire/ - Apotex Inc., Canada's largest generic
 pharmaceutical company has successfully bid and been awarded a tender from
 the Rwandan Government for the life saving triple combination AIDS drug
 "Apo Triavir". Apotex is the first company to provide this medicine to
 Africa under the provisions of the Canadian Access to Medicines Regime
     The CAMR provides a mechanism for developing countries to address
 critical healthcare needs by importing less expensive generic versions of
 patented drugs. Following the process it has taken Apotex over three years
 to get to this point where a drug can go to thousands in Africa.
     Apotex is the only company in Canada to have worked through the
 complicated CAMR process. The Generic Pharmaceutical Industry has
 recommended that the Federal Government simplify the process of getting
 urgently needed drugs to Africa.
     Apo Triavir is a combination of 300 mg Zidovudine, 150 mg Lamivudine
 and 200 mg Nevirapine and was evaluated and approved under the provision of
 the CAMR by Health Canada. TriAvir fully conforms to all Health Canada
 regulations and requirements for marketing a drug in the Canadian
 healthcare system. As per Canadian regulations, the product can only be
 exported to eligible countries under CAMR and cannot be sold in Canada
 until the relevant patents expire.
     Apotex is producing Apo Triavir at cost, with the price quoted in the
 Tender at 19.5 cents (US) per tablet. The three separate AIDS brand
 products would cost around $6.00 per dose if bought individually.
     "If other critical medicines are to go to Africa in a reasonable
 timeframe, the Federal Government must change the CAMR Legislation. CAMR is
 unworkable as it now stands. Apotex decided to do this because it was the
 right thing to do for the people dying from AIDS in Africa," stated Jack
 Kay, Apotex President and COO.
     The Apotex Group has 6,000 employees in Canada and exports close to 300
 quality lower cost medicines to 115 countries. It is the # 1 pharmaceutical
 company in Canada for R&D with planned expenditures of $2 Billion over the
 next 10 years.

SOURCE Apotex Inc.