Canadian Department of National Defense Uses Technology from Nexor To Deploy Secure Military Messaging Solution

- Military Message Handling System Ensures Confidentiality, Integrity And

Guaranteed Delivery of Email Across Canadian Armed Forces -

Oct 30, 2002, 00:00 ET from Nexor

    NOTTINGHAM, England, Oct. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The Canadian Department of
 National Defense (DND) is deploying a secure Military Message Handling System
 (MMHS) for personnel involved in the exchange of confidential mission-critical
 information, categorized by the military as 'secret messaging'.
 The infrastructure, which uses technology from Nexor, will guarantee message
 confidentiality, integrity and delivery and will be deployed across all
 Canadian Armed Forces' bases, supporting up to 10,000 users.
     US-based General Dynamics Decision Systems, chosen by the Canadian DND to
 oversee and manage the integration project, selected Nexor to deliver the
 functionality required to provide secure interpersonal, organizational and
 role-based messaging using Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products.
 Integrated within the existing Microsoft 2000 / Exchange 2000 environment, the
 MMHS delivers email confidentiality, content integrity, non-repudiation,
 access control and security domain checking.
     "Managing the confidentiality of email within this environment is of the
 greatest importance," explains Humphrey Browning, Head of Technical
 Consultancy at Nexor.  "Any MMHS must be built around a 'fire and forget'
 mentality; the assurance that once a message is sent it will be actioned
 within a specified time period and that during transit it is secure from third
 parties.  In addition, any messaging system has to be highly reliable and
 fault tolerant.  Nexor has used COTS products, originally designed with
 military messaging in mind, ensuring features such as speed of service,
 accountability and reliability are maintained."
     The system incorporates advanced security labeling techniques to ensure
 the accurate classification of information and that the associated security
 procedures and policies for encryption, authorization and access control are
 automatically executed.
     Secure roles-based messaging is conducted on an individual basis, this
 eliminates the need for users to hold multiple cryptographic keys for each
 role they perform.  By limiting the number of cryptographic keys held by
 individuals, the technology limits the opportunities for the integrity of the
 service to be breached by lost or mismanaged keys.  Nexor S/MIME security can
 also generate tokens for third party applications such as guard or gateway
 solutions.  This ensures that vital security checks such as virus scanning of
 content filtering can still be carried out, despite the message being