Canopus Introduces Xplode Professional

3D Video Effects Software Plug-In Package Includes Over 600 Effects And

Increases Productivity Through Support for Third-Party Graphics Accelerators,

An Intuitive Interface and Advanced Rendering Capabilities

Apr 23, 2001, 01:00 ET from Canopus Corporation

    LAS VEGAS, NAB, April 23 /PRNewswire Interactive News Release/ --
 Canopus(R) Corporation (booth S4154) today announced Xplode Professional(TM),
 the latest product based on the company's powerful Xplode video effects
 technology. This advanced 3D video effects software plug-in for Adobe
 Premiere(R), Ulead MediaStudio Pro(R) and Canopus Edit applications, includes
 over 600 effects, an intuitive interface for effortless effects creation and
 customization, and advanced rendering and overscan handling capabilities to
 allow video professionals to create stunning, professional-quality video
 content quickly and easily. For near real-time performance, Xplode
 Professional takes advantage of hardware acceleration through supported
 third-party graphics boards.
     "Xplode Professional features, including the intuitive SmartConfig
 interface that lets users customize effects quickly, are designed to enhance
 creativity and radically reduce production time," said Chuck Buelow, vice
 president of sales and marketing at Canopus Corporation. "Our goal is to
 continue to develop tools such as Xplode Professional that let video editors
 spend more time creating unique video content and less time learning the
     Key Features of Xplode Professional
     Hardware Acceleration Support
     Xplode Professional takes advantage of hardware acceleration through its
 support of NVIDIA-based graphics boards with a TNT or better chipset to
 deliver near real-time performance of multiple complex transitions and
     Overscan Handling
     Xplode Professional offers users an overscan handling option that
 eliminates distortion, or noise, in the overscan area, so playback of effects
 on a TV screen is clean, smooth and professional.
     Advanced Rendering
     Canopus has added an advanced draft-rendering mode to speed up production.
 Users can select the draft-rendering mode on the fly for near real-time
 preview of effects (at a lower resolution) during production.
     Canopus SmartConfig Intuitive Interface
     Xplode Professional' SmartConfig intuitive interface dramatically reduces
 the learning curve allowing users to easily and quickly adjust transitions to
 specific needs. The global transition settings feature allows users to change
 the render mode and overscan handling on all transitions at one time, cutting
 production time significantly.
     Exciting Effects
     Xplode Professional has over 50 effects groups and 600 preset effects to
 choose from. Each effects group has its own settings, which can be easily
 customized. For added creativity, the keyframe feature lets users set specific
 points within the transition to change the rate or motion during the
 transition. The keyframe feature has a number of presets like bounce, pause
 half way, slow-down and speed-up. Users can easily customize and save
 keyframed effects into the preset list, giving them an abundant reserve of
 custom effects. Additional features include:
     -- Shadows - Xplode Professional overcomes the difficulties associated
        with shadow effects and allows for a superior level of realism. With
        this feature, a shadow is cast with reference to the position of the
        light source and moves smoothly with the transition giving a very
        natural look to effects.
     -- Lighting - Configurable lighting allows editors to adjust where light
        is coming from, along with the color, glare and intensity, for more
        realistic lighting effects.
     -- Soft Borders - The adjustable soft border feature lets users feather
        the edges of an image within certain effects.
     3D, Moving and Still Image Import
     Users can easily import 3D objects from Lightwave(R) and 3D Studio Max(R)
 to Xplode Professional to create customized 3D effects. Video and still images
 can also be imported to Xplode Professional through support of AVI, BMP, GIF,
 WMF and JPG formats.
     Xplode Professional supports Windows 98/ME and 2000 and will be available
 in May 2001 from Canopus and its authorized distributors and VARs for a
 suggested retail price of $399. Canopus will announce an upgrade program for
 current Xplode, Rexfx(TM), and SoftXplode(TM) customers soon. Additional
 product information is available on the company's Web site at
     About Canopus Corporation
     Based in San Jose, Calif., Canopus Corporation manufactures award-winning,
 non-linear video editing products for video professionals and enthusiasts.
 Canopus' DV editing, MPEG-2 encoding and 3D DVE products combine innovative
 hardware and software designs to set new standards. Canopus Corporation's
 parent company, Canopus Co., Ltd., with headquarters in Kobe, is Japan's
 largest maker of video editing and graphics products. For more information
 contact Canopus at 408-954-4500 or visit their Web site at
     NOTE:  Canopus is a registered trademark and Xplode and Xplode
 Professional are trademarks of Canopus Corporation.  All other trademarks and
 registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.
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