Cartoon Network and the FDA to Launch Year II Expansion of SPOT THE BLOCK Nutrition Awareness Campaign on Monday, April 7

Original Rap Song, Online Game, Desktop Downloadables and New Videos

Highlight 2008 Additions to Co-Branded Healthy Eating Education Initiative

for Kids

Apr 03, 2008, 01:00 ET from Cartoon Network

    ATLANTA, April 3, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Building upon its 2007 inaugural
 public education campaign SPOT THE BLOCK, Cartoon Network working with the
 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today announced an all-new 2008 expanded
 edition of the online and on-air promotion to launch Monday, April 7. New
 creative elements targeted to kids, tweens (ages 9-13) and families include
 an original rap song, a customized online game, multiple desktop character
 downloadables and brand new streaming videos that serve to encourage young
 people to use the Nutrition Facts Label on food packages to make healthier
 food choices. SPOT THE BLOCK also will be featured in Cartoon Network's
 "Get Animated" interactive U.S. tour, which will present a giant puzzle
 game challenge for kids as well as updated take-home information for
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     The fully refreshed and redesigned Website,, will
 work in tandem with new SPOT THE BLOCK customized public education on-air
 spots to be featured regularly on Cartoon Network throughout 2008. The
 fully animated spots showcase characters from popular original programs
 like the Emmy-winning Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Camp Lazlo,
 Chowder and The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, and were created to
 promote good nutrition, portion control and a healthy eating lifestyle. The
 SPOT THE BLOCK project is a first-of-its-kind partnership between Cartoon
 Network and the FDA and was originally introduced on Feb. 14, 2007.
     "Our goal with SPOT THE BLOCK from the beginning was to build gradually
 on our campaign messages so that kids have time to develop a consistent
 habit of properly reading and understanding nutrition labels on the food
 they enjoy," explained Janice Hamilton, President of JMH Education, the
 agency that created the program on behalf of the FDA. "Naturally, we want
 the program to be entertaining as well as informative, so we're delighted
 that Cartoon Network has created new videos, a new game and a new colorful
 format for the Web site that will engage kids as they learn about such
 issues as calorie count, serving sizes and portion control."
     "We're extremely honored to continue as the FDA's media partner for
 communicating these important nutrition messages to kids and families,"
 said Alice Cahn, Cartoon Network vice president of social responsibility.
 "For several years now, our mission through our 'Get Animated' outreach
 programs is to teach and inspire kids to get healthy, get active and get
 involved. SPOT THE BLOCK gives kids and parents the information they need
 to make good choices about what they eat and how much of it they should
 enjoy at any given time. And using our most popular characters to deliver
 the message helps make it fun and personal."
     During its 2007 introductory year, SPOT THE BLOCK stressed the
 importance to kids of regularly finding and reading the nutrition labels on
 packaged food and drinks, and taking note of listed serving sizes, as food
 packaging often contains multiple servings.
     This year's extended SPOT THE BLOCK messages include "Size Up the
 Calorie Count," which encourages kids to investigate the following: What is
 the serving size? How many servings are in the container? And how many
 calories are in a single serving? The program presents the following
 benchmarks: 40 calories per serving is low, 100 calories per serving is
 moderate, and 400 calories per serving is high.
     An additional 2008 message is "See What's In It for You," designed to
 help kids get the most nutrition from the calories they eat, which will
 help with healthy weight management. A checklist kids should start using as
 they consider their food choices includes looking for the percentage daily
 value listed beside each nutrient to determine if a food is high or low. As
 a guideline, 5% daily value or less is consider low while 20% daily value
 or more is high. Kids also will be encouraged to limit food high in certain
 fats, cholesterol and sodium that may have a negative impact on optimum
 health, and inspired to select foods that provide enough of desired
 nutrients including potassium, fiber, vitamins A & C, iron and calcium that
 they need to reach their health goals.
     A major highlight of the 2008 SPOT THE BLOCK campaign is an original
 downloadable nutrition-focused song, "Dishin' the Nutrition." Kids can drop
 the song into their iPods or MP3 players and print the lyrics so that they
 can sing along at any time. Another new feature to the Website is a series
 of eight favorite Cartoon Network characters with SPOT THE BLOCK messages
 that can be downloaded as colorful computer wallpaper. Later this spring,
 the Website will introduce an additional new online game that will both
 entertain and challenge kids to keep lessons from SPOT THE BLOCK top of
     Cartoon Network will produce and run two new animated public education
 on-air spots this year to complement the two original spots created last
 year. The first new spot, "CALORIES! YO!," includes a rhythmic, tuneful
 song performed by favorite Cartoon Network original characters that
 stresses the first key message, "Size Up the Calorie Count." The second new
 spot, "NUTRIENTS! YO!," features an animated song and dance number to
 inspire kids to "See What's In It for You."
     The online destination for SPOT THE BLOCK,, will
 offer all 2008 campaign elements and many from 2007, allowing kids the
 opportunity to engage with the FDA's key messaging, play the interactive
 games, and to interact with the tools that enable them to better understand
 the Nutrition Facts Label on their favorite foods.
     Launched in February 2005, Cartoon Network's GET ANIMATED provides
 on-air, online, print and off-channel programs to teach children the value
 of a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, good eating and
 helping others. Featuring the network's roster of popular cartoon
 characters, GET ANIMATED currently includes multiple animated PSAs, a
 mobile tour, community programs and its 2006 Rescuing Recess initiative.
 For more information, please visit .
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