CBI's Nanoparticles Symposium Added to October NANO Week Lineup

Jul 13, 2004, 01:00 ET from CBI

    WOBURN, Mass., July 13 /PRNewswire/ -- CBI a privately held, world-class
 conference company announces the addition of a two-day symposium on the
 formation and formulation of nanoparticles for biotech and pharmaceutical
 applications to NANO Week's lineup.  "Nanoparticles: Synthesis,
 Functionalization and Applications for Targeted Drug Delivery" will be held
 Oct. 27-28 at the InterContinental Hotel and Conference Center on the campus
 of The Cleveland Clinic.
     "NANO Week is expected to bring hundreds of nanotechnology researchers,
 clinicians and entrepreneurs to Northeast Ohio, and our nanoparticles
 conference will benefit significantly from being part of it," said Katrina
 Zorka, producer of the conference.
     Jeff Schloss, Ph.D., program director of the National Human Genome
 Research Institute, a branch of the NIH, will deliver the keynote address,
 describing the Institute's Nanomedicine Roadmap Initiative to oversee the
 creation of nanomedicine research centers across the United States beginning
 in 2005.
     The nanoparticles conference is the fourth event planned for NANO week
 which will focus attention on both the expanding role of nanotechnology in
 health care and the most attractive business ideas emerging from the world's
 leading nanotechnology research laboratories.
     The Nano-Network, a group of scientists, entrepreneurs and investors who
 share the vision of expanding Northeast Ohio's nanotechnology research and
 commercialization capabilities, is the driving force behind NANO Week.
     For more information on this event or to register, contact CBI
 Registration at 800-817-8601 Fax 781-939-2490 Email cbireg@cbinet.com.  Please
 visit our website at http://www.cbinet.com.
     About NANO Week:
     Cleveland welcomes a world-class line-up of educators, researchers and
 medical practitioners Oct. 25-29 for the first NANO Week.  The week will begin
 with The Cleveland Clinic NanoMedicine Summit Oct. 25-26 at the
 Intercontinental Hotel and Conference Center.  The multidisciplinary
 scientific meeting will feature experts from the fields of cardiology,
 neurology, oncology and orthopedics.  The National Cancer Institute's Nanotech
 Symposium Series Oct. 27-28 will feature presentations by leading scientists
 in nanotechnology and cancer research who share hopes of focusing on the
 potential of nanotechnology to advance the diagnosis, treatment and prevention
 of cancer.  The International Nanotechnology Business Idea Competition at Case
 Western Reserve University Oct. 28-29 will distribute more than $75,000 in
 prize money to the business ideas that can best fill a real need and be
     About the Nano-Network
     The Nano-Network was formed by scientists, entrepreneurs and financiers to
 improve and expand the nanotechnology research and commercialization
 activities and capacities in Northeast Ohio and throughout the nation. More
 information about the Nano-Network and NANO Week is available at
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