CBS to Broadcast New Elizabeth Smart Special Featuring a Powerful, Exclusive Interview With Ed and Lois Smart

'Elizabeth Smart: America's Girl,' to Be Broadcast Saturday, Oct. 18

on the CBS Television Network

Oct 17, 2003, 01:00 ET from CBS Television

    NEW YORK, Oct. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- In an interview to be broadcast as part
 of a CBS special, ELIZABETH SMART:  AMERICA'S GIRL,  Ed and Lois Smart recount
 from the set of the upcoming television movie, "The Elizabeth Smart Story,"
 the details of the events surrounding their daughter's abduction and her
 miraculous return to her family.
     The special will be broadcast Saturday, Oct. 18 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on
 the CBS Television Network.
     "Most children, when they're abducted, they're dead within 24-72 hours, so
 that time frame became so incredibly important," says Ed Smart, revealing what
 was going through his mind and the mind of his wife, Lois Smart, when they
 first learned that their daughter was missing.  "And what can we do to find
 her?  And how are we going to stop this?  And what can you do to stop this?"
     As the days turned into months, the Smart's devotion to finding their
 daughter never wavered.  "We never gave up hope, but the thoughts go through
 your mind," says Lois Smart, adding, "It had been a very long time.  And to
 say that that never crossed our mind, I think, is not possible."
     The special chronicles the mysterious disappearance of Elizabeth Smart
 through exclusive interviews with family members as well as with individuals
 who played a vital role in Elizabeth's return.  The special also details how
 the Smarts were under suspicion by the police and how Elizabeth's sister, Mary
 Katherine, came to the stunning realization of who took Elizabeth.  In
 addition, the Smarts reveal for the first time details of how they discovered
 Elizabeth had been found.
     The special will also feature never-before-seen footage of the Smarts as
 they prepare to watch their story re-created in "The Elizabeth Smart Story,"
 to be broadcast as the "CBS Sunday Movie", Sunday, Nov. 9 (9:00-11:00 PM,
 ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.
     ELIZABETH SMART: AMERICA'S GIRL also includes interviews with actors Dylan
 Baker and Lindsay Frost, who portray Ed and Lois Smart in the film and who
 share their thoughts on what it was like to meet the Smarts and re-create
 their story for television.
     Recalling the day their journey to find Elizabeth finally came to end, Ed
 Smart says he received a cryptic call and was told to come directly down to
 the Sandy City Police. "As I entered the door, there was this row of police
 officers all standing at attention watching me as I came in," says Smart, who
 believed he was there to identify someone. "And they opened the door  ...  And
 there's this girl sitting on this sofa with her arms folded, sitting very
 quietly. This girl was not the Elizabeth I knew. It was a girl who had grown
 tremendously. And she was  ...  almost in shock. And I just thought well, I'm
 gonna make a fool of myself but I can't help it. And I went over there and I
 grabbed her. And just started crying and crying and crying  ...  And then I
 thought  ...  is this really her? And I just, you know, held her back for a
 second. And I said, 'Is it really you, Elizabeth?' And she said, 'Yes dad.'
 And the tears were non-stop."
     Lois Smart was at home, still unaware Elizabeth had been found when Ed
 called with the news.  After her eldest son Charles drove his mother to the
 police station, Lois Smart walked into the room and saw Elizabeth for the
 first time.  "She was sobbing and I was crying. It was a shock to see her
 again, because she had grown  ...  It was like a different girl had come back.
 But her spirit was there. That sweetness was there," she recalls.
     After their emotional reunion, the Smarts tried to reclaim their lives but
 found themselves flooded with book and movie offers.  Commenting on their
 decision to become involved in a movie project about their experience, Lois
 Smart says,  "After she (Elizabeth) came back to us, people started knocking
 on our door, handing us book proposals, movie offers  ...  telling us we want
 to tell your story.  This was nothing that we had intended to do." Ed Smart
 adds, "But it went from that, from handing them out, to almost threatening."
 As a result, the Smarts decided to tell the story of what truly happened to
 them and how they never gave up hope in their quest to find Elizabeth.
     Ed Smart continues, "When the bottom line comes, we believe that Elizabeth
 was helped  ...  through the media, through these people, through our
 families, through the community, through the nation, through all of those
 prayers that really brought her back."
     ELIZABETH SMART: AMERICA'S GIRL was produced by CBS EYE too Productions.
 Margery Baker is executive producer.
     Note: 48 HOURS will return to its regularly scheduled time period on
 Saturday, October 25.

SOURCE CBS Television