CCHR Calls Surgeon General's Report 'The Stigmatization of Our Children'

Jan 08, 2001, 00:00 ET from Citizens Commission on Human Rights

    LOS ANGELES, Jan. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- The Citizens Commission on Human
 Rights(R) (CCHR), a psychiatric watchdog organization, is calling the "Report
 of the Surgeon General's Conference on Children's Mental Health" yet another
 attempt for snaring billions of taxpayers dollars by a failing mental health
 monopoly, which has consistently failed to find scientific evidence for any of
 the so-called child mental disorders.
     Bruce Wiseman, the national President of CCHR stated, "One of the report's
 main contributors, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), admits that
 after spending $6 billion in research, no causes for mental illnesses have yet
 been established.  They still cannot scientifically prove that any child has
 any of these so-called mental disorders such as Attention Deficit
 Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), yet millions of children are supposedly
 affected by it. The truth is these are nothing but arbitrary labels created by
 psychiatrists to justify their existence and rake in insurance money".
     In 1998, the National Institute of Health convened a three day conference
 on ADHD and the treatments used for it.  The leading experts from across the
 U.S. came to present their data to the panel yet failed to provide any
 scientific evidence to validate ADHD as a neurobiologic brain disorder.
     In 1987, ADHD was literally voted into existence by the American
 Psychiatric Association and inserted in the DSM-IV, the Diagnostic and
 Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, psychiatry's "billing bible" for
 diagnoses and assigning insurance-payment codes.  Within one year,
 500,000 children in the U.S. were diagnosed with the disorder and today the
 number of children diagnosed is closer to 5 million.
     Wiseman states, "Despite the fact that psychiatry cannot scientifically
 validate this so-called "mental disorder", millions of children have already
 been stigmatized with the ADHD label and subjected to what we now know are
 dangerous and mind-altering drugs."  With this latest report, the Surgeon
 General has come out with a blanket statement that one in ten children suffers
 from some sort of mental health problem.  Wiseman asks, "Based on what
 research and more importantly who provided that research?"
     CCHR will be utilizing Freedom of Information Act procedures to obtain the
 supposed science and studies behind this report.  Wiseman says, "The public
 has a right to know what proof the Surgeon General has that millions of
 children have mental disorders -- and what scientific proof there is that
 these disorders even exist."
     According to Dr. Edward C. Hamlyn, Founding member of the Royal College of
 General Practitioners, ADHD is "a fraud intended to justify starting children
 on a life of drug addiction."  The issue of children getting addicted to
 psychiatric drugs is not novel; while the Surgeon General maintains that
 children are suffering from mental health problems, including depression, the
 report makes no mention regarding the Drug Enforcement Administration's report
 on Methylphenidate (the drug used most commonly to treat ADHD).  The DEA
 report clearly states that "The high percentage of attempted suicide is
 consistent with the high frequency of depression associated with stimulant
     With millions of American children already being given these stimulant
 drugs for Attention Deficit Disorder, and growing national concern about the
 fact that children are now selling and recreationally using these psychiatric
 drugs, the Surgeon General's report makes no attempt to correlate these facts
 or for that matter, even mention them.  Meanwhile, the House Judiciary
 Committee thinks the growing issue of children using and abusing these
 psychiatric drugs is alarming enough to launch a national investigation into
 the "theft, illicit sale and any other manner of diversion and abuse of these
     The Surgeon General's report also calls for reducing the "stigmatization"
 associated with mental illness in children.  Wiseman counters, "Who is doing
 the stigmatizing here?  Millions of children are being told there is something
 'wrong' with their brain, though no one can prove it.  They are labeled
 'mentally ill' with diagnoses such as ADHD, a disorder that came into being
 not by science but by majority vote.  Children are then subjected to
 mind-altering drugs in order to change their behavior.  It's pretty clear
 where the 'stigmatization' is coming from.  It's coming from the mental health
 monopoly that stands to profit at the sake of millions of children."
     For more information, or a free copy of CCHR's latest publication,
 "Documenting Psychiatry:  A Human Rights Abuse and Global Failure." call
 800-869-2247 or visit CCHR's website at .
     The Citizens Commission on Human Rights was co-founded by the Church of
 Scientology and Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus, Dr. Thomas Szasz, to
 investigate and expose mental health abuse and psychiatric violations of human

SOURCE Citizens Commission on Human Rights