CCHR New Exhibition Exposes 6.2 Billion Psychiatric Pills Given Children Each Year

Celebrities Speak Out Against Legal Drug Pushing

May 23, 2001, 01:00 ET from Citizens Commission on Human Rights

    LOS ANGELES, May 23 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 1600 people joined
 politicians and celebrities on Sunset Boulevard Friday evening to celebrate
 the grand opening of a new permanent Exhibition exposing psychiatric abuse.
 The exhibit includes a 10 feet high pill bottle representing the more than
 6.2 billion psychiatric pills foisted off on 6 million children nationwide.
 Attending the opening was Lisa Marie Presley who stated: "I believe
 psychiatrists are creating an epidemic by labeling children with bogus mental
 disorders and then putting them on drugs.  This is abhorrent to me."
     The Exhibit is part of the new international headquarters of the Citizens
 Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a psychiatric watchdog group co-founded in
 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus, Dr.
 Thomas Szasz.
     Speaking at the gala event was Golden Globe award-winning actress Jenna
 Elfman who highlighted the harm done by psychiatrists to great artists such as
 Nobel Prize Winning author, Ernest Hemingway and Judy Garland.  Hemmingway
 committed suicide after being subjected to more than 20 electric shock
 treatments.  As a child star, Garland was placed on psychiatric drugs to
 control her weight and battled the effects of these powerful mind-altering
 drugs until her death.
     Ms. Elfman spoke of the tragedy of millions of American children -- many
 of whom are our future artists -- being placed on similar psychiatric drugs.
 "I have absolutely no doubt that if the psychiatry of today was around when I
 was a child, I would be labeled with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
 (ADHD).  I hated sitting still, always was on the go, speaking my mind -- and
 not necessarily waiting my turn to do so -- and I couldn't care less how many
 pencils I lost.  Today, psychiatrists would put me on drugs for that.  How on
 earth have we allowed psychiatrists to get away with calling this a mental
 disorder?  It's time to let people know who psychiatrists really are: legal
 drug pushers," she stated.
     The exhibit, which features several sections on the disastrous effects of
 psychiatry's intervention in our schools, is a compelling account of the real
 story of psychiatry.  It issues a public warning about psychiatry
 precipitating soaring illiteracy, crime, homelessness and drug abuse in
 society.  The exhibit's documentary-style photographs, images and information
 chronicle the 300-year history of psychiatry's failures and abuses.  It
 graphically displays some of psychiatry's most brutal techniques and their
 bizarre origins.
     Today, the mental health system is a multi-billion dollar industry that
 has created a culture in which normal childhood behaviors and difficulties are
 fraudulently labeled symptoms of mental illnesses, thus justifying hooking
 millions of kids on drugs.  Additionally, there are up to 150 deaths each year
 from violent restraint procedures in institutions and up to $40 billion in
 psychiatric health care fraud committed annually.
     Speaking from personal experience, New York mother Patricia Weathers, told
 the attendees that after withdrawing her 10-year-old son, Michael, from
 psychiatric drugs, she was threatened by Child Protective Services with a
 charge of medical neglect.  To protect Michael, Mrs. Weathers took her story
 to the public arena through Good Morning America, the CBS Evening News, A & E
 Investigative Reports, and USA Today.  She has become an inspiration for
 parents across America who are fighting similar battles.  According to Ms.
 Weathers, "Michael and I are not alone; there are hundreds of mothers and
 children like us.  And they desperately need help.  CCHR is the most
 knowledgeable, courageous and dedicated advocate for parents who are being
 subjected to the sort of psychiatric terror that Michael and I have lived
 through.  We can take back the reins from psychiatry, and for the sake of our
 children and families, we must."
     Other notable international speakers included:
     Russian archivist and historian, Anatoli Prokopenko who was commissioned
 by the former Russian President, Boris Yeltsin, to investigate punitive
 psychiatry's complicity with the KGB in incarcerating millions of political
     Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Brightmore from the United Kingdom
 who opened the fraud and crime portion of the exhibition.  In his address,
 Brightmore reported that last year a mental health practitioner was jailed for
 a crime every 48 hours.
     Rev. Leonard Jackson, Associate Pastor of the First AME Church, Los
 Angeles addressed the audience on CCHR's work in exposing psychiatry's
 apartheid abuses.  A message was also read from Dr. Ben Ngubane, Minister for
 Arts, Science and Technology of South Africa about the Exhibit exposing how
 psychiatry created the fires of racism in South Africa.
     Ms. Jan Eastgate, President of CCHR International and the keynote speaker,
 said,  "CCHR was formed in 1969 at a time when the victims of psychiatry were
 a forgotten minority, warehoused under terrifying conditions and dying in
 institutions around the world.  Public accountability and external oversight
 of psychiatry's practices were non-existent.  It was a world in which
 psychiatry's victims had no voice.  In 1969, CCHR became that voice.  CCHR's
 mandate is to bring an end to abusive psychiatric practices and to see that
 human rights and dignity are returned to all."
     Ms. Christie Van Cleave, Vice Chair of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce,
 also welcomed CCHR International to Sunset Blvd. and congratulated it for
 being part of the remarkable renaissance in Hollywood.
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SOURCE Citizens Commission on Human Rights