Celebrating the Success of OpenLaszlo, Laszlo Systems Charts Its Digital Life Application Strategy

- Builds on the First Year's Success as an Open Source Platform with New Suite

of Licensed Applications -

Oct 05, 2005, 01:00 ET from Laszlo Systems, Inc.

    SAN FRANCISCO at the Web 2.0 Conference, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- On the
 opening day of the high profile Web 2.0 Conference, San Mateo, Calif.-based
 Laszlo Systems, added to the success of its OpenLaszlo development platform -
 originally announced at last year's conference - by previewing a new Digital
 Life suite of licensed applications.  Built on OpenLaszlo, they are designed
 to set a new standard for rich on-line experiences in personal communications,
 content, and community.
     OpenLaszlo, now in its third release, is an open source platform for
 developing Web applications that are as feature-rich and robust as traditional
 client-based programs yet do not require the installation of any new software.
 Worldwide adoption of the platform spans virtually all market sectors --
 including enterprise, government, education and business-to-consumer.
 OpenLaszlo has also been the basis of several strategic partnerships for the
 Company, including one with IBM involving the development of an integrated
 development environment (IDE) for Laszlo, which has been jointly contributed
 to the Eclipse Foundation.
     Further building on its successful open source business model, the Company
 today announced that it would license its own set of applications developed
 using OpenLaszlo technology.  Laszlo Systems' Digital Life Application suite
 enhances on-line personal communications, content and communities, including
 email, voicemail, and sharing of photos, home videos and calendars.  This
 suite will be licensed to service providers for integration into their
 subscriber services.  The first module in this suite, Laszlo Mail, already
 available to millions of subscribers through a major ISP, has gained praise
 from BusinessWeek, PC Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.  Remarked Kent
 Libbey, who recently joined Laszlo Systems as Chief Marketing Officer, "This
 high-polish, feature-rich suite of applications will set a new standard for
 on-line experiences and -- through the portable architecture of OpenLaszlo --
 will allow service providers to extend these experiences to other consumer
 devices, including mobile phones."
     Added Steve Ciesinski, Chairman and CEO of Laszlo Systems, "The two parts
 of our business -- the OpenLaszlo platform and our Digital Life applications
 -- are mutually reinforcing.  Our Digital Life application suite clearly
 demonstrates the depth and breadth of OpenLaszlo as a rich on-line development
 platform.  Meanwhile the open, free nature of the platform means that
 companies licensing our application suite can customize and augment these
 applications without being locked into proprietary technologies."
     Laszlo Systems is proud to be a repeat sponsor of the second annual Web
 2.0 Conference, which is being held from October 5 - 7 at The Argent Hotel in
 San Francisco.  Demonstrations of the commercial release of Laszlo Mail and
 previews of the other Digital Life suite modules will be available at the
 conference.  To book a briefing with Laszlo Systems at Web 2.0, please contact
 The Devon Group.
     About Laszlo Systems
     Laszlo Systems is the original developer of OpenLaszlo, an open source
 platform for building applications delivered through the Web and private
 networks that are as rich and robust as traditional, client-installed
 applications.  OpenLaszlo technology has been widely adopted by application
 and service providers in the consumer, enterprise, education and government
 markets.  Laszlo Systems provides updates, training and support for OpenLaszlo
 and offers rich-experience web-based digital life applications such as Laszlo
 Mail, built on OpenLaszlo.  For more information about Laszlo Systems, visit
     Note to editors: Laszlo is a registered trademark of Laszlo Systems, Inc.
 All other products and brands mentioned are trademarks and/or service marks of
 their respective owners.

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