Charlotte-based Syntheny Introducing Outsourced Daytime Answering Services

May 06, 2005, 01:00 ET from Syntheny

    CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Charlotte-based call center and
 answering services provider Syntheny has expanded its capabilities into
 daytime answering for medical office customers.  Services are being provided
 through Syntheny's MedLink call center operation in Charlotte.  Syntheny's
 MedLink call center serves over 700 physicians in the Southeast.
     Answering services have generally specialized in providing after-hours,
 weekend and inclement weather support for companies, but with today's
 technological advancements in telephone and Internet connectivity, outsourced
 daytime answering is becoming a new service option for answering service
 businesses willing to invest in the technology.
     In a typical medical office daytime answering scenario, an automated
 attendant will assist patients and other callers to determine the general
 nature of the call (emergencies, prescription refills, billing inquiries,
 etc.).  In most non-emergency cases, calls will be forwarded automatically to
 Syntheny's medically-trained live operators who will either take a detailed
 message from the caller, or transfer the call to the most appropriate person
 within the practice.  Simple, routine requests are then forwarded to the most
 appropriate person in the practice via the preferred method -- Web form,
 pager, cell phone, voice mail, fax or email message.
     "Most medical practices receive hundreds, if not thousands, of non-
 emergency calls throughout the day and there is not always someone available
 immediately within the practice to take the call and handle the request," said
 Syntheny President Francis Allen.  "By outsourcing to a daytime answering
 service, the practice ensures that someone is always available to answer the
 call, determine what the needs of the patient are, and ensure that the call is
 fielded by the most appropriate person in a timely manner."
     In a typical practice without outsourced daytime answering, a caller
 needing a prescription renewed would telephone the practice and speak to a
 receptionist who would transfer the caller to a nurse who may or may not be
 readily available for the consultation.  If the nurse was available, he or she
 may take down the relevant information from the caller and pass the request on
 to a physician for approval.  Someone would later call the patient back to let
 them know that the prescription request had been called in to a pharmacy or
     With daytime answering, a patient needing a prescription refill would talk
 to a Syntheny operator.  The operator, following pre-established protocols
 might enter the patient's request into an Internet-based message form
 specifically designed for prescription refills.  A doctor in the practice can
 then access this form via their Web browser at a convenient time during the
 day, and either approve or deny the request.  The practice doesn't have to be
 concerned about unanswered call transfers, lost messages, consistency of
 message taking, or being available to talk with a patient who has a simple
 request.  The service allows the practice to focus on treating patients in the
 office, and ensures that call-in patients receive the quality service they
     "Daytime answering frees a medical practice up to do what they do best --
 treat patients in the office," says Allen.  "Telephone and Internet technology
 is sophisticated enough today to allow a company to both reduce the cost of
 answering the phone and at the same time improve service to the customer.  By
 combining technology with live operators, we can make sure that the customer
 always gets the right person to handle their request without having to repeat
 their request more than once.  And you get that service without having to have
 a half dozen receptionists, nurses and doctors who are dedicated to handling
 outside callers."
     Syntheny is one of the Southeast's largest answering and dispatch
 services.  The company provides call center and answering services throughout
 North America to mission critical operations such as medical practice groups,
 governmental agencies, businesses and utilities.  Its MedLink Call Center
 serves more than 700 physicians in the Carolinas.  Its CriticalContact Call
 Center provides 24-7-365 telephone support services to a wide range of
 business clients operating throughout North America, including York
 International, Davidson College, Harris Teeter and the Department of Homeland
 Security.  Syntheny is one of 14 call centers in North America certified by
 the Association of Telecommunications Services International, and is the
 winner of the 2003 Charlotte Chamber Amazing Customer Service Award.
      For More Information:
      Francis Allen, President
      (704) 525-9796

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