Chemaxon Announces Free Software for the Academic Community Via the Jchem and Marvin Academic Package

Jul 27, 2004, 01:00 ET from ChemAxon Ltd.

    BUDAPEST, Hungary, July 27 /PRNewswire/ --
     ChemAxon, a software solutions provider for life sciences today announced
 free licenses for Marvin and JChem toolkits for the teaching and academic
 research community with the creation of its Academic Package program.
     ChemAxon's Academic Package is a community driven effort to enable
 students to gain experience with the state of the art tools being used within
 life science and chemical research today. Relevant to all educational
 institutions, with some restrictions, successful applicants will receive free
 licenses to all ChemAxon's toolkits. The program aims to give schools and
 universities the basic tools to develop interactive chemistry teaching
 resources and advanced tools to enable students and staff to perform original
 research from within a single powerful platform.
     ChemAxon's Java based Cheminformatics toolkits include: Marvin for
 editing and viewing chemical structures, reactions and queries, Calculator
 Plugins for prediction of various properties based on structure, JChem Base
 for structure and reaction searching and database handling, JChem Cartridge
 for Oracle(R) database integration, Reactor for structure transformations and
 virtual synthesis, Screen for pharmacophore and structure based screening and
 other tools for the exploration of drug design.
     "We believe there will be 2 main areas of interest; with Marvin and JChem
 Base to deliver cheminformatics platforms for online, offline campus wide
 chemistry teaching and our more focused toolkits to support original
 research" Ferenc Csizmadia, CEO of ChemAxon said, and added, "Our toolkits
 have benefited greatly from the relationships ChemAxon has enjoyed with
 educators and researchers since the beginning and this is a way to giving
 something back."
     About ChemAxon
     ChemAxon is a leader in providing Java based chemical software
 development platforms for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.
 With core capabilities including; structure visualization and management,
 property predictions, virtual synthesis, screening and drug design, ChemAxon
 focuses upon active interaction with users and core portability to create
 powerful, cost effective cross platform solutions and programming interfaces
 to power modern cheminformatics and chemical communication.

SOURCE ChemAxon Ltd.