ChemAxon Supports Open Source Chemical Inventory Application for Universities

Nov 14, 2005, 00:00 ET from ChemAxon Ltd.

    BUDAPEST, Hungary, November 14 /PRNewswire/ -- ChemAxon, a software
 solutions provider for life sciences, announced the free provision of
 licenses for university users of an open source chemical inventory web
 application provided by is an open source project initiated by Dann
 Vestergaard and Claus Stie Kallesoe as a thesis project at their Post
 Graduate IT Diploma studies. Dann Vestergaard has experience as a LIMS
 supporter in a Danish Pharmaceutical Company but is now a full time
 programmer. Claus Stie Kallesoe is trained as a Medicinal Chemist and has
 been working with Discovery Informatics in a Danish Pharmaceutical company
 since 2000.
     Chemicalinventory is a web application that manages the chemical stock in
 a laboratory-, production- or other facilities, where chemicals must be
 safely stored, easily found and tracked. This inventory solution is relevant
 to any facility which stores chemicals and is currently (since 2003)
 productive at The Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences with 70 users.
     The structure input, search and visualization components of
 Chemicalinventory are provided by ChemAxon's Marvin editor and viewer and
 JChem Base chemical search and database management tools. As a developer
 toolkit, with a full application programming interface (API), these tools are
 optimal for integrating into larger solution applications where ongoing
 development is a key to the application utility.
     ChemAxon's support for the chemical inventory application allows
 university users to receive free licenses to enable the application in their
 laboratories. The free provision to universities is a part of ChemAxon's
 'Powered by Academic Package' program where any educational establishment can
 receive licenses and support for all ChemAxon products at no charge. Launched
 last year the program has so far attracted over 270 participants. For more
 information or for applying to license ChemAxon's toolkits for
 Chemicalinventory or your academic teaching or research please visit
     To find out more, download or join the development of Chemicalinventory
 please visit or visit the
 location at
     About ChemAxon
     ChemAxon is a leader in providing Java based chemical software
 development platforms for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.
 With core capabilities including structure visualization and management,
 property prediction, virtual synthesis, screening and drug design, ChemAxon
 focuses upon active interaction with users and core portability to create
 powerful, cost effective cross platform solutions and programming interfaces
 to power modern cheminformatics and chemical communication. For more
 information please visit

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