Chesapeake Bay Commission on Population Growth Requested


Dec 07, 2007, 00:00 ET from Negative Population Growth

    ALEXANDRIA, Va., Dec. 7 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Citing a projected
 increase of millions more people settling in the ecologically threatened
 Chesapeake Bay watershed in the next few decades, Negative Population
 Growth has called on regional Governors to join together to create a
 Chesapeake Bay Commission on Population Growth to set guidelines and
 restrictions on future development in the area.
     In making the request, NPG President Donald Mann cited a recent federal
 report showing that 170,000 people a year are moving into the Chesapeake
 Bay watershed and that population growth is the greatest threat to the
 future of the Bay's ecosystem. Mann stated: "Unless we act soon to rein-in
 population growth the future of this great ecological treasure is doomed."
     Mann cited recent press reports where scientists and environmentalists
 agreed that urban and suburban development in and around the Bay have
 created a situation where "we are going in the wrong direction" when it
 comes to preserving the Bay's treasures.
     In asking the Governors to act immediately to use their executive
 powers to create a Chesapeake Bay Commission on Population Growth, Mann
 declared "the hundreds of millions of dollars in federal, state and local
 funds being invested today in helping to fight pollution and control
 damaging run-off will only prove to be wasted money if millions more people
 are welcomed to settle in the area and exacerbate today's environmental
 problems even more."
     Mann made it clear to the Governors that he applauds the efforts of the
 current Chesapeake Bay Commission, which focuses on environmental threats.
 However, he asserted that group needs to be augmented by a separate
 Commission on Population Growth with the singular purpose of concentrating
 its energies on the Bay's greatest enemy -- millions more people living in
 its environs. As Mann said, "Simply put, we must give the Bay the breathing
 room it needs from continued development so it can have a chance to cleanse
     He noted that today's policies which destroy farmland, forests and
 wetlands that are essential to filtering pollutants before they reach the
 Bay and replacing them with roads, houses, office buildings, and strip
 malls cannot continue. In all, Mann declared, "The Chesapeake Bay is locked
 in a battle for its life with the unrelenting population growth within its
 watershed. We can't sacrifice the future of the Bay to greedy developers."
     Accompanying the letter to the Governors were hundreds of Citizen
 Petitions from NPG members who reside in their states requesting a new
 Commission and reminding them that "a long-term population policy can help
 ensure that the Chesapeake Bay thrives for many decades into the future."
 The petitions are part of a major grassroots Chesapeake Bay Project
 recently launched by NPG that will be extended in the coming months to
 radio, schools and other activities to sound the alarm about unchecked
 population growth and its inherent dangers.
     In addition to the letters to the Governors of Virginia, Maryland,
 Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware and the Mayor of the District of
 Columbia, NPG also wrote to state legislators in those states who represent
 areas within the Chesapeake Bay watershed seeking their support for the new
     Negative Population Growth is a national nonprofit organization,
 founded in 1972 that serves as a network for tens of thousands of activist
 citizens to work together to educate the American public and our political
 leaders about the catastrophic effect of overpopulation on our environment
 and quality of life.

SOURCE Negative Population Growth