Chief Marketing Officer Tenure Improves According to Annual Spencer Stuart Study

Jun 12, 2007, 01:00 ET from Spencer Stuart

    CHICAGO, June 12 /PRNewswire/ -- The average tenure for chief marketing
 officers at 100 leading consumer branded companies increased by a little
 more than three and a half months during the past year and is now slightly
 more than two years, according to leading executive search consulting firm
 Spencer Stuart.
     The study found the average tenure for CMOs today is 26.8 months,
 compared to 23.2 months in 2006, 23.5 months in 2005 and 23.6 in 2004.
 While average tenure has increased, less than one-third of the companies
 (29) have CMOs who have been in their posts for three years or more. In
 addition, 16 percent of the companies have a CMO position that is either
 vacant or there is no such role in the organization.
     "The initial reaction to this year's tenure study is that a number of
 CMOs appear to be staying in their jobs longer, yet there are twice as many
 vacancies in the top marketing role as there were last year," said Greg
 Welch, leader of the Spencer Stuart Marketing Officer Practice. "But you
 have to look beyond the tenure number and understand that marketing is a
 complex function defined differently from industry to industry, let alone
 from company to company. As a result, expectations do vary, so the tenure
 figure needs to be kept in perspective."
     While Welch admits there is still very real pressure for CMOs to
 quickly and measurably deliver brand results, he is quick to point out that
 Spencer Stuart regularly sees a number of CMOs with the skills and
 competencies that position them to thrive in the current marketplace.
 Spencer Stuart's perspective is that long-tenured CMOs typically share the
 following ten skill sets:
     Customer Orientation -- Understands the importance of internal and
 external relations and is able to keep the customer at the center of all
 decision making
     Global Perspective -- Able to adapt to differing ways of conducting
 business regardless of geography
     Influence & Impact -- Builds and maintains positive relationships
 within the organization and is able to harness the power of diverse points
 of view for the good of the company and/or brand
     Hands on Leadership -- Provides a strong sense of direction by managing
 performance and outcomes, yet also able to delegate responsibility
     Creates and Manages Change -- Views change as necessary and understands
 it is vital to individual and organizational growth
     Results Focused -- Able to deliver results on time, every time, without
 compromising quality
     Risk Taking -- Views failures as opportunities for growth despite
 personal risk or exposure and demonstrates this by sometimes making
 decisions with less than complete data
     Strategic Thinker -- Formulates strategies through rigorous assessment
 and is able to balance long and short term needs appropriately
     Team Player -- Leverages the power of the team to address key issues
 and readily solicits and incorporates feedback
     Technical Expertise -- Remains on the cutting edge of the most
 sophisticated marketing tools
     About the CMO Tenure Study
     The data is based on a review of the tenure of chief marketing officers
 at 100 of the leading consumer products companies identified by Spencer
 Stuart and are as of April 1, 2007.
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