China8 Project Delivers Goods, Humanitarian Aid to China in Never-Before Seen 4-Dimensional Advertising Medium

Shipping Containers Bound for 2008 Olympic Games Pilot Security Technology

While Offering High Visibility Exposure in China

Aug 08, 2007, 01:00 ET from China8 Project

    SEATTLE, Aug. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- A new, untapped form of advertising and
 goodwill is heading to Beijing for the 2008 Olympic Games. Announced today,
 China8 Project is the brainchild of Washington-based container security and
 tracking technology company Erudite, Inc., and global billboards company
 GBoards. The $4 million multi-faceted project combines Erudite's patented
 container security and tracking technology with GBoards' 4-dimensional
 advertising to provide sponsoring companies access to some of the last
 available advertising space for the 2008 Olympic Games.
     The project also includes an extensive humanitarian effort, as many of
 the project's 2,008 shipping containers will house medical and educational
 supplies bound for rural China.
     "China8 Project brings together three one-of-a-kind ideas -- secure
 cargo shipping, outdoor advertising and goodwill -- to create an
 unprecedented corporate advertising opportunity at the 2008 Beijing Games,
 said China8 Project President Paul Willms. "What makes the project equally
 unique is its mission to give back to the citizens and communities of rural
     China8 Project's mission is threefold: To provide greater security and
 tracking capabilities for the international shipping industry; to utilize
 the shipping container and GBoard's technology as a new canvas for
 4-Dimensional advertising; and to enhance U.S.-China relations through
 trade, humanitarian aid, and the promotion of cultural education and
     Erudite's patented GPS security technology has broad applications in
 the protection of homeland security. Created by Dr. Les Atlas, professor at
 the University of Washington and the nation's premiere scholar in
 ultrasound technology, the technology will be located in many of the 2,008
 shipping containers bound for China.
     "Our nation's ports of call have been identified as highly vulnerable
 to the threat of terrorism," said President and CEO of Erudite John
 Anderson. "Erudite's technology will secure many of the shipping containers
 bound for the Beijing Games creating a worldwide stage to showcase the
 potential our technology has to increase the security, safety and
 efficiency of global trade."
     Together, Erudite and GBoards are working to strengthen trade
 relationships and "extend a hand of friendship to China." The major
 initiatives currently planned by the China8 Project include:
     -- A $500,000 scholarship art contest for middle school students in the
        United States and Canada to cultivate and promote curiosity about
        Chinese culture and the history of the Chinese people. Similar
        initiatives will be held in China to foster a deeper understanding with
        Chinese youth about the people of North America.
     -- The commitment by China8 to contribute 10 percent of its gross profits
        to support the Hope Hospital Project, an endeavor to create 100 new
        hospitals in rural China.
     "The China8 project is the product of this team's drive to push the
 envelope in the way that international business and advertising is done,"
 said Willms. "But we don't want to forget the human side of business. We
 want to harness our enthusiasm in the global market space to make strides
 in how we relate to one another as people."
     For more information, visit
     Heidi Hall: 425-269-9981
     Robert Gara: 206.239.0111

SOURCE China8 Project