China's Role in WTC Attack on America is Revealed By Veteran Foreign Correspondent Gordon Thomas

Jan 08, 2002, 00:00 ET from Dandelion Books

    TEMPE, Ariz., Jan. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- China will use the current global
 crisis to launch itself as a new Super-Power and become America's new major
 enemy, according to Gordon Thomas, an internationally recognized expert on
 intelligence matters.
     On September 11, 2001, the same day the World Trade Center and Pentagon
 were hit by terrorists, a Chinese Peoples Liberation Army transport aircraft
 from Beijing landed in Kabul with the most important delegation the ruling
 Taliban had ever received, says Thomas.  He describes the ongoing threat from
 China in his new book, "Seeds of Fire: China and the Story Behind the Attack
 on America" ($25.95, Dandelion Books) available in bookstores, or at .
     "Hours later, CIA Director George Tenet received a coded 'red alert'
 message from Mossad's Tel Aviv headquarters that presented what he called a
 'worst case scenario' -- that China would use a ruthless surrogate, bin-Laden,
 to attack the United States," says Thomas, who has over thirty years of
 experience as a foreign affairs reporter and investigative journalist.
     The Chinese delegation had come to sign the contract with Afghanistan that
 Osama bin-Laden had asked for, that would provide the Taliban with
 missile-tracking, state of the art communications, and air defense systems in
 exchange for the Taliban's promise to end the attacks by Muslim extremists in
 China's north-western regions.
     "China by 2015 will have deployed tens to several tens of missiles with
 nuclear warheads targeted against the US," predicts a CIA briefing paper to
 the Bush Administration, according to Thomas.  "Seeds of Fire" devotes over
 100 pages of never before published official documents pertaining to China's
 global take-over strategies.
     Thomas also exposes the secret dealings between Russia and China.  He
 reveals reasons for the ever-closer relationship developing between Israel's
 Mossad and China's Secret Intelligence Service that enabled America's
 ultra-secret plans to be stolen from Los Alamos.
     Thomas is known most recently for his international best-seller, "Gideon's
 Spies."  He has written over 38 best-selling books that have sold over
 45 million copies in 36 countries.  Dandelion Books has already sold "Seeds of
 Fire" foreign rights to 30 countries with 2 more pending.  Anvil Studios has
 just acquired the film rights for the book.
     "Seeds of Fire" is available at bookstores and at .
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SOURCE Dandelion Books