Chip Foose Customized and Signed 'MAKERZ' Edition Ford Mustang to be Auctioned by RIDEMAKERZ to Benefit Children's Charity

New Car-Customizing Retailer To Offer Special RZ 2007 Foose Stallion Ford

Mustang RIDE For Auction On Ebay to Benefit the Progeria Research


Sep 06, 2007, 01:00 ET from RIDEMAKERZ(TM)

    ST. LOUIS, Sept. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- RIDEMAKERZ(TM), the first-ever
 car-customizing experience for kids ages 6 to 106, announced today it will
 auction five MAKERZ Edition Ford Mustangs on Ebay to benefit the Progeria
 Research Foundation (100 percent of the proceeds will be donated).
     Only 100 MAKERZ Edition RIDEZ were made, which have never been sold in
 shops. Designed by Chip Foose, legendary car designer and host of TLC's
 popular TV show "Overhaulin'," it is RIDEMAKERZ' first-ever MAKERZ Edition
 RIDE and has been created to commemorate the July opening of the first
 RIDEMAKERZ mall-based Shop at the Mall of America. Of the 100 manufactured,
 five are being auctioned on Ebay, and the remaining are being given to
 RIDEMAKERZ crewmembers and VIPs.
     Foose designed, signed and individually numbered the RIDEZ. The auction
 of these collectible Chip Foose MAKERZ Edition Mustangs will begin on Sept.
 10 (ending Sept. 19) with a starting bid of $.01 and no reserve.
     In addition to designing the MAKERZ edition, Foose personally selected
 the five RIDEZ to be auctioned. He chose numbers "67" and "68" to celebrate
 the 1967 and 1968 model years when Ford introduced the Mustang GT with the
 American muscle car design, and he selected "05," "06" and "07" to
 recognize the 2005, 2006 and 2007 model years when Ford re-introduced the
 classic body style.
     "What a fun and worthwhile opportunity," said Larry Andreini, ZEO (CEO)
 of RIDEMAKERZ. "The Ford Mustang GT is a classic American muscle car and
 having Chip Foose personally choose from among our 649 million customizing
 options to create, sign and number his own one-of-a-kind Mustang RIDE is
 very exciting. Auctioning them on Ebay for such a good cause, however, is
 what makes this so fulfilling and a dream come true for RIDEMAKERZ."
     Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome ("Progeria" or "HGPS") is a rare,
 fatal genetic condition characterized by an appearance of accelerated aging
 in children. Children with Progeria die of heart disease or stroke at an
 average age of 13 years.
     "I lost my sister Amy to Progeria, so the Progeria Research Foundation
 is a cause very near and dear to my heart," said Chip Foose. "I am so
 grateful that RIDEMAKERZ is donating the proceeds from this unique event to
 help such a worthwhile cause."
     Ford Mustang GT Replicas
     Each MAKERZ Edition Ford Mustang RIDE is a precision die-cast plastic,
 custom-painted and varnished car of approximately 1/18th scale. The
 detailed paint job is inspired by the Foose Stallion with its
 silver/gunmetal colors, original Chip Foose blue hockey sticks design, red
 pin-striping and the official Foose logo printed on both sides.
     Each RIDE is also equipped with custom Wheelz, Treadz, working
 headlights and tail lights and RIDEMAKERZ SONICPOD(TM) (activated by
 depressing the hood vent). This is the ultimate display piece to celebrate
 one of the world's most prized muscle cars.
     In addition to the MAKERZ Edition, RIDEMAKERZ is offering 100 Limited
 Edition Ford Mustang GT's with the Foose Stallion paint scheme, which can
 be purchased for $35 online at The Limited
 Edition RIDEZ feature the exact same body as the MAKERZ Edition, but are
 not signed or numbered, and have a reversed paint scheme identical to the
 real life Ford Foose Stallion Mustang.
     Currently in the midst of a highly-successful inaugural year,
 RIDEMAKERZ has opened Shops at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach, S.C.,
 and Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minn. Two additional Shops are slated
 to be opened by the end of the year -- one in Indianapolis, Ind., at
 Castleton Square and the other in Fredericksburg, Va., in Spotsylvania
 Towne Center.
     The RIDEMAKERZ Experience
     RIDEMAKERZ is a new retail experience where "Customizers" visit the
 ultimate car-customizing shop where they can CHOOSE, SONICIZE, MOTORIZE,
 accessorizing their RIDEZ, Customizers then create Personalized License
 Plates and receive their own Certificates of Title and unique RIDE
 Identification Numbers (RIN), which can be used to view and interact with
 their RIDEZ online at
     Combining body styles and colors, tires and wheels, lights and sounds,
 accessories and decals, company officials estimate there are more than 649
 million possible unique combinations -- not including decal placement.
     "The RIDEMAKERZ experience is pure fun," says Andreini. "Our process is
 designed to spark creativity, encourage collaboration and build
     Customizers can enjoy the complete RIDEMAKERZ experience and leave the
 shop with a car ranging in price from $12 to $28, depending on body and
 paint style chosen. Radio remote control can be added for an additional
 $25, and custom accessories range in price from $2.50 for grill guards,
 spoilers and hood scoops to $5 for a set of monster tires and chassis to
 $10 for a Street-Glow light kit to $15 for a deluxe "Muscle Kit" that
 includes a blown engine, spoiler, side pipes, muffler tips and roof vent.
 With more than half-a-billion combinations, there is a tricked-out RIDE for
 everyone's budget. RIDEZ measure approximately 10 to 12 inches long, about
 the size of a shoebox, and right around 1/18th scale.
     Additionally, no matter where you are in the country,
 extends the car-customizing fun. Online customizers can trick out and
 purchase their own RIDEZ and they will be shipped, or they can customize
 RIDEZ for free and email them to friends. They can also learn about car
 history and alternative fuels in the RIDERZ ED section and join the
 RIDEMILEZ CLUB where they will receive special screen savers, have a chance
 to win limited edition RIDEZ and be among the first to receive RIDEMAKERZ
     RIDEMAKERZ' mission is to have great fun making cool RIDEZ -- with the
 ultimate vision of contributing to the positive development of kidz.
 Inspired by Build-A-Bear Workshop(R), a partner and investor in the
 concept, RIDEMAKERZ is about the joy and fun of creating something great,
 something artistic, something unique and something original. RIDEMAKERZ
 recently opened two stores -- one at Broadway at the Beach in Mrytle Beach,
 S.C., and at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minn. Two additional store
 openings are planned for later this year at Spotsylvania Towne Center in
 Fredricksburg, Va., and one at Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis, Ind.
 For more information visit
     PRF is the only non-profit organization established to find the cause,
 treatment and cure for Progeria -- a rapid aging disease that causes
 children to die, usually by their early teens, from heart disease or
 stroke. In just eight years, PRF has done a tremendous amount to help save
 these children, and in 2003, accomplished the first part of its mission by
 identifying the gene that causes Progeria. Recent studies have also
 uncovered a drug that may be a treatment for this devastating disease, and
 PRF is now working to raise funds for a first-ever clinical drug trial at
 Children's Hospital Boston, which began in May 2007. Please visit for more information.