Chrysler Brand Debuts Campaign with New 'Engineered Beautifully' Theme Line

May 07, 2007, 01:00 ET from Chrysler Group

    AUBURN HILLS, Mich., May 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Stunning design
 and innovative technology take center stage in the new Chrysler brand TV
 and print ads which break on May 8, featuring the new theme line
 "Engineered Beautifully."
     "More than 80 percent of the Chrysler brand product portfolio is
 all-new or refreshed in the last 12 months with the recent introduction of
 the all-new 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible and the debut of the all-new
 2008 Chrysler Town and Country later this year," said David Rooney,
 Director - Chrysler Marketing and Global Communications. "This is the
 perfect opportunity for us to showcase that there is more behind the sheet
 metal and distinctive style, and that every Chrysler possesses world-class
 quality and engineering at an extraordinary value."
     Additionally, the all-new 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible marketing
 launch is May 8. The Sebring Convertible ads mirror the tone and style of
 the new Chrysler brand creative.
     The all-new Sebring Convertible offers a sleek and elegant design,
 exhilarating performance with excellent fuel efficiency and a spacious
 interior. It also offers what no other convertible has offered before --
 three automatically latching convertible top options: vinyl, cloth and a
 body-color steel hard top, all of which can be retracted with a push of a
 button on the key fob.
     "Chrysler is, and always has been, a brand made by and built for people
 with a passion for great cars," said Rooney. "Products like the 300 and
 Town & Country put us at the forefront of the industry in terms of style
 and design. At the same time, we have made great strides to become
 competitive and even surpass our competition in terms of quality and
 engineering. While we have made great strides, the perception has not
 caught up with reality in the marketplace. Our new communications direction
 will help get that engineering message across."
     At its core, the Chrysler brand stands for stylish products, agile
 performance, refined quality and the confidence of being proud without
 being arrogant. The new Chrysler brand direction will communicate these
 core values through a unique combination of both striking design and
 innovation technology. Overall, Chrysler promises superior engineering and
 stunning designs built around customer's needs ... at a price that will
 surprise and delight. No other manufacturer can make this claim. It's the
 way our vehicles come together that sets us apart. Simply put, Chrysler
 vehicles are ... Engineered Beautifully.
     Following are descriptions of the new broadcast spots, including the
 Chrysler brand spot, Sebring sedan, Sebring Convertible and Chrysler 300
     Technology Throughout (Brand :60)
     This lead spot focuses on the innovative features within every Chrysler
 vehicle and the engineering behind those features. It uses a unique and
 original CGI technique to showcase the technology and engineering behind
 key features that enable Chrysler vehicles to seamlessly adapt to everyday
 driving situations.
     The vehicle is slowed down on the film at the very instant that a
 feature is engaged. The viewer is then taken inside to see the technology
 and craftsmanship that lies beneath. This spot showcases and links together
 the Chrysler 300, Aspen, Sebring Convertible and all-new Town & Country,
 along with shared technology of MDS, ESP and MyGIG. It closes with a shot
 of the Chrysler brand line-up and the new tag line "Engineered
     Taking Care (Sebring sedan :30)
     This spot clearly demonstrates how every Chrysler Sebring sedan is
 meticulously designed and built to meet the everyday needs of customers
 through purposeful technology, not superficial features. It also shows how
 each feature has been designed and incorporated to further enhance their
 driving experience.
     This commercial begins with the customer. The car and its features
 build around the customer piece by piece, via a unique CGI technique, as
 they interact with the various features of the vehicle. At the end, all the
 pieces come together to deliver the best possible driving experience -- a
 beautiful "custom built" Sebring sedan.
     Key To Happiness (Sebring Convertible :30)
     This commercial features a highly energetic and emotional execution of
 the new brand essence. The Sebring Convertible is featured in a stylized
 setting designed to showcase its beautiful design and advanced engineering.
 The main product features are set in unique type on black art cards to
 maximize impact. The emotional music track provides a consistent undertone
 for the overall message of styling, design, and technology.
     The commercial begins with a shot of the all-new 2008 Sebring
 Convertible -- showcasing its beautiful styling. The new Convertible hard
 top is shown along with the unique art cards to match. We see a few of the
 new technological features of the vehicle as well. These features,
 technological advancements, and stylish design messages culminate to invite
 the consumer to hold the key to happiness.
     Success (300 :30)
     This commercial maintains a consistent tone with The Sebring
 Convertible "Key To Happiness" spot as it features the beautiful Chrysler
 300 in a stylized setting. The main product features are set in unique type
 on black art cards to maximize impact. The emotional music track provides a
 consistent undertone for the overall message of styling, design and
     The commercial begins with a reveal of the distinctive front end of the
 Chrysler 300. As the 300 approaches the city, art cards are displayed
 showcasing the many premium features it has available. The spot culminates
 in a bold statement that captures what the 300 is all about.
     Multiple vehicles (300/PT Cruiser/Sebring Sedan :30)
     Again, keeping with the tone of "Key to Happiness" and "Success" this
 spot features the Chrysler 300, PT Cruiser, and Sebring sedan in
 beautifully attractive and stylized settings that capture the essence of
 what the Chrysler Brand is all about. The main product features are set in
 unique type on black art cards to maximize impact. The emotional music
 track provides a consistent undertone for the overall message of styling,
 design, and technology.
     This commercial communicates the Chrysler Brand leadership in fuel
 efficiency as well as its commitment to building quality vehicles that are
 unique in their distinctive styling and incredible value. No more is that
 present than with the Award-Winning 300, the technologically advanced
 Sebring sedan, and the stylish, yet functional PT Cruiser.
     The television schedule features prime time network and cable shows
 such as Grey's Anatomy, Boston Legal, Ugly Betty, Dancing with the Stars,
 Conan O'Brien, The Tonight Show, NBA Playoffs, Big Break 7, Larry King,
 Anderson Cooper, Nancy Grace, Headline News, Law and Order CI, Law and
 Order SVU and Dog Whisperer. The ads will also appear on other channels
 including TNT, TBS, Food Network, Style Network, ESPN, CNBC, Fine Living
 Network, Bravo and The Golf Channel.
     The print ads follow the same creative direction for a consistent tone
 and message. Product is the star with bold photography on colorful
 backgrounds along with highlighted technology features. The Chrysler print
 ads will run in Automobile Magazine, Aspen Peak Magazine, Car and Driver,
 Food Wine, Forbes, Golf Digest, Golf For Women, Jet, Martha Stewart
 Everyday, Motor Trend, National Geographic, The New Yorker, Road and Track,
 Southern Accents, Sunset, Tennis Magazine, Traditional Home and Travel +
     In addition to the new advertising, the Chrysler brand will showcase
 the all-new Sebring Convertible through two programs done with Hearst and
 Forbes magazines. The Hearst Awaken Your Senses program includes
 advertising, web activity (, product
 displays and test drive components with the grand prize of an all-new 2008
 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. The Chrysler brand is also the exclusive
 sponsor of one chapter of the Forbes 90th Anniversary Issue and Networking
 Special Report covering lifestyle elements surrounding careers,
 entertainment, leisure and design.
     Chrysler Brand
     Driven by award-winning new models, the Chrysler brand has seen a
 dramatic increase in sales, market share and brand image. Since 1990,
 Chrysler brand sales have more than tripled. No other American automotive
 brand has grown as much during the same time frame.
     The Chrysler brand's succession of innovative product introductions
 continues to solidify the brand's standing as the leader in great design,
 purposeful technology and value. With the launch of the all-new 2007
 Chrysler Sebring sedan and the 2007 Chrysler Aspen -- the first-ever
 full-size sport utility vehicle for the brand -- the momentum is sure to
 continue with the launch of the all-new 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible
 and 2008 Chrysler Town and Country.

SOURCE Chrysler Group