CineForm's Prospect HD Used as Online Digital Intermediate for Feature Film 'Dust to Glory'

A Compressed DI Format Running on Affordable Window XP-based PCs

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Jan 24, 2005, 00:00 ET from CineForm, Inc.

    CARLSBAD, Calif., Jan. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- CineForm, Inc. today is
 announcing that its 10-bit visually lossless compressed Digital Intermediate
 software, Prospect HD, working seamlessly within Adobe(R) Premiere Pro(R), was
 used throughout the post-production process to finish the feature film "Dust
 to Glory."  The "Dust to Glory" project represents the first time a feature
 film intended for broad theatrical release has taken the offline EDL and
 conformed using a compressed Digital Intermediate format throughout the online
 workflow, including real-time editing, color correction and final film out.
 "Dust to Glory" is being released by IFC Films, and will hit theatres
 beginning April 1, 2005.
     A film by BronWa Pictures, "Dust to Glory" chronicles the notorious and
 dangerous Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 race in Mexico.  During 40 nonstop hours of
 filming, 250 hours of footage was captured using 55 cameras, including 35mm
 film, 16mm film, HDCam, and DVCam.  The mixed formats were transferred by
 scanning film and digitizing video at Laser Pacific in Hollywood into CineForm
 Intermediate(TM), CineForm's Visually Perfect(TM) 10-bit compressed HD format
 that is part of Prospect HD.  The CineForm Intermediate formatted content then
 became the online source used to finish all editing, color correction and
 titling.  Real-time editing was performed on the BOXX Technologies' HD [pro]
 RT workstation in full-resolution HD using CineForm's Prospect HD working
 within Adobe Premiere Pro software.  Edited sequences remained in CineForm
 Intermediate and were shared via LAN with a second workstation that performed
 color correction using Color Finesse (by Synthetic Aperture) with Adobe After
 Effects(R).  Color corrected material was imported back into Adobe Premiere
 Pro for final editing including titling.  At any point in the workflow
 CineForm Intermediate provided the creative team with digital screening
 capabilities vital for the review process.  The digital intermediate master
 was used to create the Inter-negative that derived the film's release prints
 and also the various versions for video releases.
     (NOTE: After the color correction activities were completed last summer on
 "Dust to Glory," CineForm and Synthetic Aperture have recently finished 10-bit
 color correction support directly within Adobe Premiere Pro using the Color
 Finesse plug-in.  This eliminates the need to use After Effects -- all editing
 and color correction can be performed directly in Adobe Premiere Pro with
 CineForm Intermediate.)
     Dana Brown, Director, Writer, Editor and narrator of "Dust to Glory,"
 explained the team's initial cautious optimism, "When we began the D2G post
 work we were hopeful, yet not convinced, we could successfully use an online
 compressed DI format to complete all of our editing, effects, color
 corrections, and titling.  After all, we didn't think anybody had ever done
 this before.  But by the end of the project our whole team agreed -- the
 effort was an overwhelming success as measured by the superb visual quality of
 the film print."
     Jacob Rosenberg, Online Editor and Supervisor for "Dust to Glory" states,
 "When people see this movie in theatres they won't have any idea how many
 'rules' were broken in delivering such a high-quality HD master for the film
 print.  The CineForm Intermediate compressed format provided flawless
 reliability and stunning visual quality through multiple recompressions,
 holding true to the original source quality.  My job benefited by having
 manageable file sizes, real-time editing performance, and a seamless
 integrated online workflow -- and running on a PC from start to finish!"
     "We're honored to have been selected for this project by Dana and his
 team," said David Taylor, CEO of CineForm.  "Together we all learned a ton
 going through this rigorous process, and we believe the result proves our
 products are up to the challenge of professional theatrical work."
     About Prospect HD
     Prospect HD(TM) for Adobe(R) Premiere(R) Pro is the world's first
 software-based 10-bit real-time high-definition video engine.  Prospect HD
 replaces the arithmetic engine in Adobe Premiere Pro to deliver its real-time
 performance and 10-bit precision without the need for specialized hardware.
 Prospect HD's remarkable real-time performance is achieved through its patent-
 pending CineForm Intermediate(TM) algorithms which access and process high-
 resolution video data on disk in an extraordinarily efficient manner.  From
 the Adobe Premiere Pro capture interface, Prospect HD ingests 8-bit or 10-bit
 HD source material, including HD-SDI and HDV, and converts it in real time
 into the highly-efficient CineForm Intermediate format prior to writing the
 stream to disk.  This workflow reduces the bandwidth normally required to
 process high-resolution content while simultaneously lowering the cost of
 associated storage.  The result is a highly productive environment with
 virtually no need for rendering.
     CineForm developed Prospect HD to run efficiently on the Windows(R) XP
 desktop, offering unprecedented performance in software for professionals in
 film, broadcast, and corporate media at a fraction of the cost of alternative
 solutions.  Its AVI file structure ensures compatibility across a broad range
 of Windows-based applications including Adobe After Effects and Windows Media
     Pricing and Availability
     BOXX Technologies' HD [pro] RT real-time editing workstation is based on
 CineForm's Prospect HD.  A fully-configured editing workstation including a
 dual-Opteron PC, Prospect HD, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe Encode
 DVD, Adobe After Effects Professional, an AJA Xena HD-SDI I/O card, and
 10 hours of storage is available immediately from BOXX Technologies for
 $14,999.  Additional CineForm integrators will announce availability in the
 near future.
     About CineForm
     CineForm, Inc., located in Carlsbad, California, develops software
 technologies and products for use by media professionals in high-resolution
 post-production applications.  CineForm's acclaimed products provide unmatched
 video quality and real-time performance within an editing environment while
 enabling an online Digital Intermediate workflow that runs on affordable
 Windows desktop PCs.  CineForm uses the industry-standard AVI wrapper to
 guarantee file compatibility with dozens of video-related Windows
 applications.  CineForm sells its products to end users through its reseller
 channel and from its website; CineForm also licenses its technologies to other
 video hardware and software manufacturers.  For more information, contact
 CineForm at 760-804-5905 x306, or visit CineForm's website at
     For more information on the "Dust to Glory" theatrical release:
     Michelle Panzer
     IFC Films - 646.273.7207
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