CityNAP Becomes Texas's First 100% Green Data Center

Mar 06, 2007, 00:00 ET from CityNAP

    SAN ANTONIO, March 6 /PRNewswire/ -- CityNAP, San Antonio's first
 carrier neutral Network Access Point (NAP,) fulfills 100% of its energy
 needs using CPS Energy Windtricity. The partnership between CPS Energy and
 CityNAP now makes CityNAP the first 100% green-energy supplied Data Center
 in Texas, and one of just a few in the county. Additionally, CityNAP has
 taken extra steps in reducing its power consumption requirements by
 upgrading its florescent lights and HVAC systems to conform to the latest
 energy efficiency standards laid out by the EPA.
     After formally opening its doors this fall, CityNAP is making a clear
 statement to the community and industry at large. "It's something that
 we've discussed from the beginning, as centers such as ours are very
 necessary but consume a great deal of power. We want to be good a corporate
 citizen and though this is a big step we felt it's a step we just had to
 take," said Frank Robles president of CityNAP. The news of the announcement
 has already gotten people in the industry to stand up and take notice. "We
 are working on some projects currently that involve similarly-minded
 companies, which is very exciting as these kinds of actions create a ripple
 effect that reaches farther than anyone could imagine," said Mr. Robles.
     With clients that include some of the worlds top technology companies
 Mr. Robles should know what he is talking about. "Sustainability and green
 business practices make good business sense! People who are not cognoscente
 of these issues are certainly going to be scrambling for solutions later."
     Windtricity spokesperson Julia Jones considers what Mr. Robles has done
 to be "above and beyond" and is hopeful that CityNAP's commitment will "set
 a precedence here in San Antonio". "Not only do we thank CityNAP for its
 support but we hope that this announcement challenges the rest of the
 business community to do the same."
     CityNAP is also now recognized as an EPA green power partner. "EPA
 applauds CityNAP for joining more than 650 Green Power Partners who are
 making leading purchases of green power," said Bill Wehrum, acting
 assistant administrator of EPA's office of air and radiation. "Green power
 can be one of the easiest ways for an organization to reduce greenhouse gas
 emissions and other environmental impacts associated with conventional
 electricity use."
     About CityNAP
     CityNAP is revolutionizing business capabilities in San Antonio, Texas.
 CityNAP San Antonio is a point of convergence for multiple fiber optic
 networks and provides unrivaled security, power, infrastructure
 flexibility, and customer service. The Tier 1 Network Access Point provides
 premier collocation and interconnections in a neutral market place to
 accommodate business needs.
     About CPS Energy's Windtricity
     Windtricity is a product of CPS Energy that offers customers the
 opportunity to offset their energy usage with wind generated energy. Since
 2000, Windtricity customers have off set 23,987.9 MWh of their energy from
 wind power produced right here in Texas. To find out how you or your
 business can offset it's usage with wind power, visit and
 start supporting wind energy today.
     About the U.S. EPA's Green Power Partnership
     EPA's Green Power Partnership encourages organizations to purchase
 green power as a way to reduce the environmental impacts associated with
 conventional electricity use. The Green Power Partnership currently has
 hundreds of Partners voluntarily purchasing billions of kilowatt hours of
 green power annually. Partners include a wide variety of leading
 organizations such as Fortune 500 companies, small and medium sized
 businesses, local, state, and federal governments, trade associations, as
 well as colleges and universities. For a full listing of EPA's Green Power
 Partners and information about buying green power, visit the Partnership's
 Web site at .