Clark University's Greening of Industry Network International Conference Nov. 16-19

Focuses on Education, Global Climate Treaty and Industrial Transformation

Nov 12, 1997, 00:00 ET from Clark University

    SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Nov. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- The upcoming global climate
 change treaty, environmental education for the 21st century and the
 environmental transformation of industry will be the main themes of the sixth
 international conference of the Greening of Industry Network at the University
 of California at Santa Barbara Nov. 16 through 19.
     Some 300 delegates representing academia, business and government -- from
 North America, Asia and Europe -- will discuss such crucial issues to
 environmental sustainability as the development of green products, the future
 of environmental policies in the United States and the financing of
 environmental change in business.
     Among the speakers at the conference will be Fred Hansen, deputy
 administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, who will discuss
 "Reinventing Environmental Regulation and the U.S. EPA" on Nov. 18.  A special
 session, "Rio to Kyoto -- Industrial Transformation and the Climate Change
 Treaty," will look at the connections among industrial activities,
 international relations and the U.S. position on the Climate Change Treaty to
 be signed in Kyoto in December.
     The Greening of Industry Network, with offices at Clark University in
 Massachusetts and the University of Twente in the Netherlands, is an
 international group of researchers, business leaders, government policy makers
 and activists committed to the environmental, economic and social well-being
 goals of sustainable development.  Among the Network's activities are yearly
 conferences, held in different countries, designed to create dialogue among
 those with a stake in environmental sustainability.
     "When you look at environmental problems, just about all of them are
 caused by our industrial activities -- the things we make, use and throw
 away," says Kurt Fischer, U.S. Network director.  Fischer, a research
 professor at Clark University, adds, "Looking at industry and environment in
 this way, we're all part of the problem and potential solutions -- business,
 government regulators and consumers alike.  The Greening of Industry Network
 conferences are unique in that they are virtually turf-free of issues,
 allowing for a very open dialogue in a neutral forum."

SOURCE Clark University