Classroom Mind-Altering Psychiatric Drugs - 'The Path of No Return'; Doctor Offers Seminar on Non-Drug Solutions

Aug 22, 2001, 01:00 ET from Citizens Commission on Human Rights

    LOS ANGELES, Aug. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is being issued by the
 Citizens Commission on Human Rights:
     "When you have to use mind-altering drugs to teach in the classroom, then
 you've gone down the path of no return," said Connecticut mother, Sheila
 Matthews.  She was responding to a law that was unanimously passed in June by
 the Connecticut General Assembly, which prohibits school personnel from
 recommending the use of psychiatric drugs for children with learning or
 behavioral problems.
     There are very few families or teachers whose lives have not been
 interrupted in some way by the widespread drugging of school children with
 prescribed, mind-altering drugs.  In the U.S. alone, six million children are
 being prescribed these drugs for supposedly educational and behavioral
 diagnoses that medical experts say are based on "junk science."
     What are these children really "suffering" from?  What do these drugs have
 to do with learning?  Are these drugs safe or even necessary?  Concerned
 parents have repeatedly asked these and other questions.
     A free seminar is being held by international medical expert, Dr. Mary Ann
 Block, in Hollywood on Saturday, August 25, between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. to
 answer these questions.  Dr. Block uses non-drug solutions to treat mental and
 physical symptoms that psychiatrists label as "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
 Disorder" (ADHD) and "Learning Disorders" (LD).  Her latest book, "No More
 ADHD," debunks theories that these so-called disorders are caused by "chemical
 imbalances in the brain" and helps parents with 10 simple steps to improve a
 child's attention and behavior without drugs.
     Psychiatrists misleadingly argue that their "ADHD" diagnosis requires
 "medication" in the same way that diabetes requires insulin treatment.  On
 this, Dr. Block, is adamant:  "Let me clear this up right now.  ADHD is not
 like diabetes and [the stimulant drug used for it] is not like insulin.
 Diabetes is a real medical condition that can be objectively diagnosed.  ADHD
 is an invented label with no objective, valid means of identification.
 Insulin is a natural hormone produced by the body and it is essential for
 life.  [This stimulant] is a chemically derived amphetamine-like drug that is
 not necessary for life.  Diabetes is an insulin deficiency.  Attention and
 behavioral problems are not a [stimulant] deficiency."
     Dr. Block points out, "The psychiatrist does not do any testing.  The
 psychiatrist listens to the history and then prescribes a drug."
     Criticism of these psychoactive drugs is rife, with accusations that
 psychiatrists invent mental illnesses at the expense of children's well-being
 and even lives.  "Red flag" behaviors teachers have been told to watch out for
 in "ADHD" kids include: "looking disheveled: zipper down, shirt tail out,"
 "failing to respond to discipline," "forgetting and losing things; not
 remembering assignments," and "rushing through things."
     A Washington Post article in July reported that while traditionally new
 drugs are manufactured for existing disorders, in the case of psychiatry, the
 business is "seeking new disorders for existing drugs."  Carl Elliot, a
 bioethicist at the University of Minnesota, stated, "The way to sell drugs is
 to sell psychiatric illness."
     Nearly a dozen state laws or resolutions have been passed over the past
 two years to curb excessive labeling and drugging of schoolchildren, largely
 due to an intensive public awareness campaign spearheaded by the Citizens
 Commission on Human Rights (CCHR).
     Ms. Jan Eastgate, International President of CCHR, which is hosting Dr.
 Block's seminar at its 6616 Sunset Blvd. headquarters, says, "It takes courage
 to speak up when all one hears from psychiatrists and psychologists is that
 drug treatment is a proven and perfectly safe method of handling a child's
 educational difficulties, that parents would be irresponsible in not drugging
 their child, and that psychiatric 'medical' opinion is based on irrefutable
 science.  As many parents have found to their tragic loss, the worst thing to
 do is to ignore their instincts and give in to the psychiatric propaganda.
 This seminar answers parents' questions."
     Dr. Block, a mother who took up medical training at age 39 after her
 daughter's physical problems were incorrectly prescribed psychiatric drugs --
 bluntly asks: "If there is no valid test for ADHD, no data proving ADHD is a
 brain dysfunction, no long-term studies of the drugs' effects, and if the
 drugs do not improve academic performance or social skills and the drugs can
 cause compulsive and mood disorders and can lead to illicit drug use, why in
 the world are millions of children, teenagers and adults... being labeled with
 ADHD and prescribed these drugs?"
     The answers are in Dr. Block's seminar.  As an additional warning, Dr.
 Julian Whitaker, founder of the Wellness Institute and acclaimed author
 states, "Do not, and I scream do not, trust psychologists, psychiatrists and
 the current drug-pushing culture of modern education.  There are superior
 alternatives and Dr. Mary Ann Block has a book full of them."
     For further information, contact CCHR International, 6616 Sunset Blvd.,
 Los Angeles, CA, 90028; telephone (800) 869-2247.  CCHR also has a free
 permanent exhibit that explains more about the drastic impact psychiatry and
 psychology has had on our schools and children's lives.
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