Clean Hydrogen Producers solidifies license contract worth (euro)400 million

Aug 17, 2007, 01:00 ET from Clean Hydrogen Producers

    GENEVA, Switzerland, Aug. 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Clean Hydrogen
 Producers (OTC:CHPO.PK) has today signed an agreement with GRUPO
 IBEREOLICA, outlining the planning, permitting and appraisal of CHP's Solar
 Water Cracker technology in Spain and Mexico.
     Ibereolica is a significant multi-national alternative energy company
 based in Madrid, Spain, with established operations in wind farming and
 solar energy. Over the next five years, Ibereolica plans to roll out
 multiple mass solar energy generation plants, taking advantage of the
 excellent conditions in Spain and Mexico for such projects.
     The pre-sale agreement details terms that grant Ibereolica an exclusive
 license right to promote, install and manage solar energy plants in Spain
 and Mexico, using the CHP Solar Water Cracker, for a period of 20 years.
     CHP has received a non refundable prepayment for the license of
 (euro)500,000 and this will be booked as revenue by CHP. This recognizes
 the degree of commitment from Ibereolica in the 20 year agreement and the
 strength of the working relationship between the two parties.
     The CHP Solar Water Cracker is a system which concentrates sunlight,
 increasing the heat of a furnace to the point where it "cracks" a molecule
 of water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen can be sold or run through
 a fuel cell to generate energy. This energy can then be sold back to the
 grid. Hydrogen and electricity is produced at a cost - both financial and
 environmental - that is substantially below that of existing technologies.
     The technology is protected by multiple patents in multiple countries.
 The agreement represents a significant breakthrough for CHP. In addition to
 providing a revenue injection, collaboration with Ibereolica will
 accelerate the process leading to production of fully operational solar
 energy units utilising the Solar Water Cracker.
     Ibereolica, founded in 1999, is an established provider of wind energy.
 Its three wind farms in Zamora and its share in Parque Eolico El Moral are
 forecast to produce 300 million kWh of electricity in 2007, and Ibereolica
 has a further 800MW in promotion in Spain and overseas.
     In Solar energy, Ibereolica has 14 power plants of 50MW each under
 permitting. Each plant costs (euro)250 million. To develop its presence in
 solar energy, Ibereolica has undertaken an extensive search for appropriate
 technologies, culminating in location of CHP's superior Solar Water Cracker
 system. Estimated royalty revenue for CHP from the projects under
 permitting in Spain alone could exceed (euro)400 million in 10 years.
     In Mexico, where Ibereolica has a 100MW wind energy project under
 permitting, the reduced installation cost of CHP's technology will allow
 the company to enter the solar energy arena, and solicit and build numerous
 solar projects.
     David Gomez, CEO of Grupo Ibereolica, said: "We believe that CHP's
 technology, if successfully developed, could represent a very big milestone
 for renewable energies. It combines the cost efficiency of wind farms with
 the advantage of being both predictable and adjustable thanks to hydrogen
     He added: "It is one of the few renewable technologies that aren't
 sensitive to the stability of power lines. This permits widespread
 implementation, even in areas with weak electrical infrastructure.
     "Certifying a prototype with CHP could reduce Ibereolica's project
 installation costs by a factor of three, and enable us to comfortably
 surpass 1.000MW installed capacity. We are happy to have the license for
 Spain, a leading country in renewable energy. This combined with Spain's
 privileged solar radiation makes for a very promising business
     About Clean Hydrogen Producers:
     CHP is a development-phase alternative energy company. Its research is
 leading to full scale solar energy production in the form of hydrogen or
 electricity. The particularity of CHP is to be able to crack the water
 molecule via solar energy into hydrogen and oxygen, for a much higher
 energy conversion rate from solar into electricity. The system is
 efficient, cheap in production, modular and allows storage of energy for
 later release. The company is based near Geneva, Switzerland.
     CHP website:
     About Grupo Ibereolica:
     Ibereolica is an alternative energy company based in Madrid, Spain.
 Over the next five years, Ibereolica plans to roll out multiple mass solar
 energy generation plants, taking advantage of the excellent conditions in
 Spain and Mexico for such projects.
     Grupo Ibereolica website:
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