Cleversafe Releases Next Generation Dispersed Storage Software Into Open Source

Upgraded Version Features New Interface and Dispersed Storage Algorithm;

Now Available for Download at

Oct 16, 2007, 01:00 ET from Cleversafe, Inc.

    CHICAGO, Oct. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Cleversafe, Inc., open source sponsor
 and lead developer of software to create the world's first Dispersed
 Storage(TM) Network (dsNet), today announced it has released the next
 generation of its Dispersed Storage software into open source on its site. Enabling the first completely functioning
 version of Cleversafe's dsNet, this release increases flexibility, ease of
 use, integration and access, leading to a more private, secure, reliable
 and cost effective method for storing and archiving large quantities of
 data on a global scale.
     Cleversafe's latest Dispersed Storage software incorporates an iSCSI
 device interface, which allows any dsNet to appear as a network device on
 the desktop, enabling users to transparently store and retrieve files as if
 they were using a local hard drive. iSCSI is a network storage protocol
 that is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows,
 Macintosh, Linux and Solaris. The Dispersed Storage software release
 initially works on a Linux operating system, with other operating system
 configurations to be released to the open source community later this year.
 Because of its standard iSCSI interface, Cleversafe's Dispersed Storage
 software now easily integrates with many other existing backup and
 archiving solutions.
     "We are excited to release this new version of our software into open
 source and invite all interested developers to participate in the Dispersed
 Storage community. We hope the open source community embraces this exiting
 new paradigm for storing data by getting involved with testing software
 stability and scalability, as well as by identifying initial target
 applications and uses for Dispersed Storage," said Jonathan Zakin, CEO of
 Cleversafe. "We are developing a fundamentally better way to store the
 world's data on a global scale, and believe open source is the optimal
 development model for achieving this goal."
     Current storage backup and archiving approaches rely on multiple
 copies, replication and synchronization technologies, which compromise
 security, add complexity and increase costs. Cleversafe's Dispersed Storage
 software divides data into "slices" using functions called Information
 Dispersal Algorithms (IDAs) and disperses these slices, via secure Internet
 connections, to multiple nodes on a dsNet. Each individual slice contains
 too little information to be useful, but any threshold of the slices can be
 used to perfectly recreate the original data.
     Cleversafe Dispersed Storage software is based on traditional Cauchy
 Reed-Solomon Information Dispersal Algorithms (IDAs) to provide more
 flexibility in determining the width, threshold and reliability of any
 particular dsNet. Developers will now be able to customize the number of
 nodes in their infrastructure, adjust the threshold number of slices
 required to reassemble data and fine-tune the reliability of their dsNets.
 For example, dsNet developers can now configure their systems to use eight,
 16, 32, or even 64 nodes, and can set an appropriate threshold number,
 depending on their specific needs.
     "This release gives the open source community the tools to develop
 Dispersed Storage Networks with heretofore unheard of flexibility,
 scalability and reliability, and we look forward to interaction with the
 developer community to further this exciting technology," said Chris
 Gladwin, chairman and CTO of Cleversafe.
     Dispersed Storage promises to be a more secure, private, reliable and
 cost effective solution than traditional copy-based storage methods.
 Dispersed Storage Networks can tolerate multiple failures of hardware,
 storage locations or administrators, while still keeping data secure and
 easy to reassemble. Because Dispersed Storage does not make copies of data,
 it reduces the amount of overall storage and bandwidth expansion of data to
 10 percent to 50 percent more than original data. By contrast, copy-based
 storage methods have a 300 percent to 400 percent expansion factor, which
 increases cost and synchronization traffic.
     Cleversafe's new upgraded open source Dispersed Storage software is now
 generally available for free download from
     About Cleversafe
     Cleversafe, Inc. is the developer of Cleversafe Dispersed Storage
 software, which uses Information Dispersal Algorithms (IDAs) to separate
 data into unrecognizable DataSlices(TM) and distribute them, via secure
 Internet connections, to multiple storage locations on a dispersed storage
 network. With dispersed storage, transmission and storage of data is
 inherently private and secure. No single entire copy of the data is in one
 location, and only some of the slices need to be available in order to
 perfectly retrieve the data. Data on the network remains private and secure
 in the face of natural catastrophes, or failures of hardware, connection,
 facility or IT management. Moreover, the individual data slices do not
 carry enough information for an unauthorized viewer to determine the
 original content. For more information, please go to
     Patricia Colby
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